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First Knowledge, Later Profit

Success is a vacant term. Its true meaning must be determined by each individual. Because? Each one of has in them its proper vision of what it means success. On the other hand the success opposite only can be defined only by a thing: it is when we specialize in them in the small things of the life and not in most important. It leaves to explain me.

If somebody to manage our resources with an acceptable return this will be probably the choice made in detriment of proper you to learn to manage its resources. If some thing to happen with this person you lose the return that it provided. You can not agree to this, but she now sees for this another angle. Let us assume that you already are operating in the market per some years without really reaching a consistency of longed for profits. If somebody offers one to it ' ' newsletter' ' with market tips that provide the return that you long for, which you will be its natural trend? At least the majority of the people it would be inclines to change the laborious effort to continue the process of learning for instantaneous solution. But if you will be able to notice that the gotten profit a gotten time will be in the past forever to the step that the used knowledge to obtain the profit could be used innumerable times in the future, will have great possibility to take the decision correct. The famous Chinese proverb illustrates this well: ' ' He gives a fish for a man and you he will have killed its hunger per one day, Teaches this man to fish and you will have killed its hunger forever ' '.

My position is that you learn to fish, therefore nobody will take off this of you. This does not mean that you cannot accept the favour fish when this to happen. I am only saying that all the other options me seem to have plus a temporary character, even though these softwares robots that make operations in the market automatically, can function for some time or in determined situations, but not permanently. Marcelo Gonalves Gameiro (Forex to trader since 2004) email:

Movement School

MST Francielle de Camargo Ghellere1 SUMMARY: The organization of the educational system as we know in them presents a bias of the education the service of the capitalist system, affirming in its speeches for the promotion, to be an efficient measure to develop the transformation of the society, that more is worried in guaranteeing the permanence of the individual in the school of what an education in fact with quality, believing that the fact of all to be inserted in the pertaining to school environment assures a life more good, disrespecting the proper citizen, its life, its half and its culture. The transformation thus, if becomes difficult, almost impossible. Inverting this logic, the Movement of the Agricultural Workers Without Land? MST, that has for character to be a social movement, not only fights for the land, but also, for a society joust, ‘ ‘ it takes for si’ ‘ the occupation of the land and if appropriates of the education, forming its proper concept of one education for the transformation of the society, creating an opinion much more beyond this existence, directed toward some dimensions of the human being, without losing the main focus, therefore understands that the education of its pairs is basic also to endorse the fight for the land and consequently for a society more joust. Thus, they had finished for constituting a specific category to its yearnings, that are the schools of the MST, that possesss a proper organization of its especificidade. We consider with this work to socialize the study that we carry through in the school of the MST, during the supervised period of training, aiming at to contribute for a bigger quarrel concerning practical pedagogical the existing ones in the pertaining to school institutions to the school that we want, that is, notes for a possible education for social transformation.


Her name – Tosca. Fly and bring me the sorrow, grief, a prominent devchinu. Let it be your jack Vietnamese twist, let the servant of God for me, the servant of God (name) is suffering. Let the grieving would be missed, my name is from the language would not take. Whether rain, hail will, no words of my cherished not interrupt. My words to be. Case be made.

In truth I said. Amin.Zagovor on the skin, so dear to you sew in the store to buy a spool of black thread and a coil of white. (Must buy a waning moon.) Threads are needed to put in his pockets. White, a usually black, to the left. Then you need to go to the cemetery among the graves to find the grave where buried a woman with your name.

Black coil need to put at the feet of the deceased, a white – in the head. Leave a coil at the cemetery for a period of nine days. After that, white threads (A few stitches) to sew on the right cuff of a shirt of your beloved, and black – in the left leg (on bottom). Then attach the shirt to pants and say: At the cemetery, the cemetery, the grass grows dry, the grass is not grass, a bitter anguish. Bitter anguish, bitter as separation, more boring than boredom. I sewed a bitter sorrow, the grave, now and forever the servant of God (name) to himself, the servant of God (name).

Enterprise Internet

creation of sites with each year of the Internet as a worldwide global network, becoming wider and wider, increasing the number of users increases, the amount of information posted on the web. First, the Internet was a network for communication scholars from universities of different countries, then, with the global proliferation of personal computers, it has become a tool for communication and exchange of information for millions of ordinary townsfolk, but now the Internet active entrepreneurs trying to build your business. In the current situation every self-respecting company is committed to create at least a page on the Internet, the so-called online business card. In this case, by publishing this "Masterpiece" for free or paid hosting, forget about it for years, despite the fact that the design phase in portions of the site got addresses and phone companies, and possibly even a price list. And that final you receive as a result? Find specific and relevant information (what actually is intended to Internet), it gets outdated price lists non-existent or had moved the company, which has long since forgotten about the existence own site. The truth is not all that bad.

Through the efforts of the developers of search engines such sites are filtered and fall into the lower rows in search results, but they also are not omnipotent, and there is such a thing as "Information noise" – a lot of useless information, in fact, among which the end user to have to find that grain of truth that it requires. The situation takes on an entirely different tone, if the company plans to offer not just a site-representation, but actually selling the site. Never mind that it will sell – some goods or services, as long as he brought the company new customers and new orders. And here "Information noise" is absolutely not relevant, if only because the site is invested real money and sometimes quite substantial. Many companies involved in creating and promoting web-projects will ensure the increase Enterprise resource, and some actually do it. But tell me, what site sells accessories for the car, the visitor who was looking for a bike rack? Companies who choose to place the site on the Internet it must be remembered that the site – it is not just a picture that can hang on the wall. A good web design can be compared to a car, it is regularly necessary to "fill" new information "to change the oil, filters and brake pads.

" Otherwise, the site and "rots" on the side, regardless of how much money it will vlozheno.Tak how is should look like the site so as not to make the company the information collection? The first site should be of interest to the end user, and of course it must be profitable to the owner. For the user on the site must be located an interesting, useful and relevant to current information. For owner of the resource requires that the site came to new customers or make purchases online. Hence the conclusion – you need to do a site to satisfy the user and bring benefit to the owner. This can be achieved through creative website design and deployment of effective and interesting content. In conjunction with the marketing of the target audience, literate advance for your desired keywords and constant updating, such resource subsequently will untwist itself, bringing the owner of all the big profits. Let's not turn the Internet into a giant cesspool comprehensive information! Advertising agency 'ABC-Media'


We are not thinking in a mode of direct democracy. In the background, the representative variant has materialized the possibility of the dictatorship of the majority. Hence the urgent need to build spaces that deliberate and influence or determine policy decisions. That is, should be raised political subjects open to diversity and tolerance, with enough power acquired and derived from the deliberative practice. I have said that democracy is always a possibility in road where no freezes an institutional order and where the law is not a simple instrument of mineralization of the past. Policy, view as well, is not more than a continuous practice, an incessant transformation marked by new actors citizens decision-making. There is a hegemony, ignoring in this Instant old ideological factors, can refer to political parties, as monopolistic practices of representative democracy.

Shaping practices in the emerging social sectors that deliberate will occur sooner or later to let know that you ended at the end an abusive predominance. Element identification at all, which produces common sense will always appear. Incompleteness of every emerging industry will find joint, one which may be incidental to the exercise of a movement power, one that can be medium-range for purposes of slow chasing or even the birth of permanent bases on which continue to maintain diversity. To achieve this requires the creation of new subjective demands that join through a system of democratic equivalents. It is not alliances, but a process of modification of the identity of the acting forces. This requires no wrestling in terms that would adversely affect the direct interests of other possible forces to the joint and that remains the confrontation of various positions.

Ernesto Laclau, virtual father of the term radical democracy ensures that democracy is radical because each of the plurality of identities deesa terms is in itself the principle of its own validity, without this need to be sought on a positive basis that would establish the hierarchy or the meaning of them all, and which would be the source or guarantee of its legitimacy. Is true that facing the new world that appears before our eyes studying democracy and seek to innovate in it has become an essential task. The association between the emerging factors certainly criticise knowledge and prejudices, realise the unsustainability of the old paradigms and outgoing clarity will boost the exercise of decision-making. One of the features will be immediately putting on suspicion of arrogance of experts, also called party leaders. The citizen of the global world will not, therefore, a being isolated politically, because it will have furthered many of which deal with. The Association shall imply that each who becomes representative of himself. Passive citizens that we see in the 20th century democracy will come, by force, to its extinction. The political returns. The policy will cease as a privilege. The old complicity are breaking. The old foundations are sinking. Democracy will be intercultural in pluralistic societies. A confrontation so severe as that occurred between classical democracy and modern democracy is what configures the scenario. It now is between representative of the 20th century and the Industrial age democracy and democracy to which we don’t put adjectives but we simply call the 21st century.