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A Voluntary Service Overseas

and what you should not forget if you dare the experiment a volunteering worldwide is a considerably breathtaking, important but also preparation intensive story. As well, you should start in a timely manner prior to the planned departure with the preparations. See more detailed opinions by reading what CDF offers on the topic.. Fundamentally, there are 2 possibilities: you are organizing 1 if you vielZeit and willingness to take risks to bring your volunteering itself, then you can organise your volunteer service abroad themselves. You should note however many details, like for example uberlegteAuswahl of the place of use, as well as the implementing organization safety & hygiene field insurance vaccinations quality standards of the Organization and its partner organizations for visas and legal regulations in the country of use. Because you usually don’t know the implementing organization in the country, remains always a certain risk.

2. You choose a sending organisation a proper sending organisation will help you to find a proper place of usage and supports you in your Preparations. So, you can rely on the experience of the sending organisation and thereby do no fatal error in the preparation of your voluntary service abroad. Thus you can prepare intensively on your own lodging, without time pressure. It offers a good advice in the run-up to the volunteers for example the sending organisation world vision and offers all current steps and information to prepare your voluntary service through a personal online information center for a good cause. No matter which way you will choose, large should be written things like the safety abroad as well as their health. Not everywhere in the world live people in peaceful countries that can guarantee security. Therefore, it is an important issue, to be informed, where it just not advisable is to go. To do this, you get comprehensive information, also on the website of the Foreign Office, by his organization for the security and health of the volunteers should have priority! Have fun with your volunteering! Thomas Albrecht

Germany Families

Keel with an innovative Internet portal new approaches – In October 2009, the tourism agency Schleswig-Holstein (TASH), sh-urlaubsreif.de launches a large-scale Internet campaign. It aims to strengthen the interests of families at the holiday destination of Schleswig-Holstein. TASH, who is responsible for the statewide tourism marketing for Schleswig-Holstein since 2001, registered on the official page, always greater interest from potential holidaymakers. This is 2010 Ene mene now for the campaign, meck and we’re gone! “. The cross-media campaign includes many interactive activities and by ambient advertising (so where are families like E.g. Indoorspielplatze), and numerous measures in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. With this idea, the TASH ensures innovative impulses in the far more conservative advertised tourism segment.

At the heart of the advertising campaign for the target group families is an interactive online sweepstakes to a family holiday in Schleswig-Holstein in the spring 2010th Mayan families from all over Germany to the travel can apply from 1 October to 31 December 2009. “Under the motto of Ene, mene, meck and we’re gone!” you can shoot a video and justify why all people they necessarily should win a trip to Schleswig-Holstein. All candidate videos will be presented at and can be evaluated there. Among the 10 highest ranked films, a prominent jury determined the best video and thus the winner family. Visitors to the Web site can customize E-cards depicting the landscape of Schleswig-Holstein, to friends and send acquaintances, and include a link to your own or a favorite video. The site is supported sh exhausted by its own YouTube channel and presences on Twitter and Facebook respectively under the keyword”.

The idea of the marketing team of TASH was implemented by the Kiel advertising agency new communication which prevailed concept with the fresh cross-media in a pitch. Our primary objective in this campaign is the target group of families there to pick up, where she are informed about possible destinations. Over 80 per cent of family vacationers take advantage of the Internet and the platforms of social networks now for their holiday planning”, explains Soren Mohr, Managing Director of the advertising agency of new communication.

Wheel Travel

The most popular destination in Central America is bicycle and MountainbikeTouren in Costa Rica Costa Rica. Especially the many national parks with an incomparably rich flora and fauna, the mighty volcanic peaks, the tropical rainforest, and the fantastic beaches along the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean attract visitors. The small Central American country Costa Rica inspired by the wealth of possible cycling and mountain bike tours. On the many small, you can cycle wonderful paths and trails through the hinterland, the various types of terrain are varied. On adventurous trails to drive through the middle of the rainforest, the numerous volcanoes offer good downhill, unspoilt beaches offer comfortable cycling. Either you take your bike, what is possible with most airlines, or you looking for a local landlord from wheels.

Some tour operators offer their own, high-quality rental bikes. In the surroundings of San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, there is a Variety of tours, for example around the Vulkane Irazu and Poas, or through the Orosi Valley. Partly also roads on the volcanoes, such as for example on the Irazu Vulkan, with the corresponding level of the condition do everything possible. The town of Arenal volunteers himself as a base for bike tours. A relaxed bike tour leads on a paved road through the tropical forest around Lake Arenal.

With the mountain bike you can up to the National Park of the volcano Arenal ride, but it is on the way to not be possible with the bike in the Park. The Cerro De La Muerte (death peak) is the highest mountain on the Panamericana highway. On a distance of 45 kilometers is approximately 2800 to cope with altitude. Only do not deter let by the name. The region of Samara on the Nicoya peninsula suitable also for cycling. On pristine beaches along the coast of the Pacific Ocean Crest is, in the hilly to mountainous hinterland come even sportier drivers at their own expense. Or how about the Ruta de los Conquistadores? This is a well known mountain bike race in Costa Rica, where it applies in just four days from the Pacific coast to reach with the Irazu Vulkan as the highest point in the Caribbean and many more challenges on the way. In the Manuel Antonio the rain forest and the surrounding mountains offer Park a perfect backdrop for every cyclist. You can discover hidden waterfalls, biking on narrow jungle trails, and enjoy the beautiful coastal landscape. With a little luck, you experience also the diverse fauna of the national parks, such as colorful birds, Coati, howler monkeys and other exotic creatures. Tours at sunset, with unbeatable views of the Pacific Ocean are also very special.

XIII Capital

The luxurious green dress and a magnificent panorama of the mountains make Almaty different from other cities. Orchards, groves, parks, boulevards, flower gardens cover more than eight thousand hectares of urban area. The name comes from Almaty words – an apple. It was here that his country has found the famous Oporto Almaty. Some sources claim that in ancient times it was on this spot, on the famous caravan route – the Silk Road was a trade settlement of Almaty. In the XIII century it was destroyed by a horde of Genghis Khan. And in 1854 near the ruins of the ancient city there was a city faithful. In Soviet times the city was renamed Alma-Ata, and from 1929 to 1997 Alma-Ata was the capital of Kazakhstan.

Almaty residents live at an altitude of 550 to 1950 meters above sea level. Almaty is located in the heart of the Eurasian continent to the south-east, 77 east longitude and 43 north latitude. Climate – from continental to subcontinental. South and north of the city are located in different climatic zones. Almaty occupies an area of about 300 thousand square meters. The city's population of over 1.5 million people.

The southern capital of Law is considered the cultural center of the country. In Almaty, there are 270 cultural organizations. Including 14 theaters, concert halls, 7, 2, Philharmonic, 11 bands, 13 bands. In Almaty, there are 32 museums, 20 art galleries, 39 libraries, 2 Houses children's creativity. 115 monuments of history, architecture and monumental art. There are 9 theaters, circus, 920 sports facilities. Almaty – the city's most charming girls. Our stunning beauties come in every year finals of the World contest "Miss World". And that will inevitably come a long-awaited time when the diamond crown on the right will be the capital of seven rivers. Astana – Kazakhstan's capital Astana is a symbolic expression of our openness, both East and West, as the South and North. This city is located in the geographical center of Eurasia. In Astana, representatives of more than 100 nationalities. The number of people in the capital of More than 500 thousand people, population growth is due to interregional migration. Now the area of the city is 200 square meters. km. The climate is continental. Long winters with abundant snow cover. Average temperature January -14 (-18) C with frosts to -40 C. In late March, starts late, but awesome beauty of spring, at which time the steppe is particularly beautiful in bloom irises and tulips. Moderately hot summer full of heavy rain and clear sunny days. The average July temperature is +20 (+24) C