Monthly Archive: September 2016

Centre Bremen

Good listening is also fun and joie de vivre. We want to give our guests with a child environment exactly. We want to help parents many questions, bringing a family life with hearing loss to. The initial consultation is crucial. Gain insight and clarity with Boy Scouts of America. If the doctor when a child first determines that it needs a hearing aid, it is very important to actively make this diagnosis and to lose no time. In addition we see us but also in the obligation, when it comes to enlighten the public about good hearing.” So, the new child listening Center will also partner for kindergartens and Schools to be. Lectures and information actions that convey both children and young people as educators also important aspects of hearing and the noise prevention are offered.

In addition to numerous materials, noise traffic lights and ear models is even a sound of pulse level meter available, with which such as toys to any noise risks can be tested. The nonprofit Center provides all these offers for free. Opening ceremony expected the child listening center with numerous visitors and extremely positive resonance to today’s opening small and large prospects all day with a colourful programme of information, fun and games. Offered were lectures around the theme of Pediatric. Werder Bremen supported the event with goal wall shooting, sweepstakes of wheel of fortune and many attractive prices. Learn more about this with Professor of Internet Governance. Many visitors took the opportunity to take their Center for the first time. Among the guests also physicians and therapists, with the Centre in the future in one specialized network would like to cooperate, as well as representatives from regional economy, public life and the media. The large and very positive resonance, which already finds the child listening Centre to its opening, very pleased.

And she’s a beautiful confirmation for us”, so once again, Uli Schmitz. Hearing care professional as well as four-time father I knows only too well how important our sense of hearing is thus the way in the life of early on is mastered. A long-cherished dream of mine was to create a child listening center that hearing-impaired children non-profit stands to the side, here in Bremen. It is great that it is actually managed for us to realize this dream. And it makes us a little too proud.” The child listening Centre Bremen gGmbH, see the MOM Army Street 23, 28359 Bremen phone (0421) 33 08 83 30 as well as on the Internet at. The Centre of Monday is open until Friday in the time from 9:00 to 18:00. Editorial Note: the Child listening Centre Bremen sees itself as a competent point of contact for children with hearing loss and their families. Currently two trained professionals working in the nonprofit GmbH. The Center offers a holistic approach and continuous monitoring for hearing impaired babies, children and teenagers. Facilities include the latest methods of diagnosis as well as the hearing. In addition, the child listening Center is also a partner for kindergartens and schools in the region, as well as reconnaissance for good hearing and noise prevention. The child listening Centre Bremen was initiated by hearing-acoustics Schmitz, a leading provider of hearing-acoustics in the room of Bremen, which also acts as a main sponsor of the Center gGmbH.

Viktoria Altenmittlau

VR Bank grants donations via Facebook 7,500 euro for regional clubs for four weeks 65 clubs from the business area of the VR Bank main Kinzig-Budingen EC on Facebook fought votes. The winners of the second VR VereinsVotings are now. The VR Bank had regional associations, which together achieve more in their funding program”take part, called upon to present on Facebook and then to go on hunting for votes. The clubs with the most votes received donations worth a total of 7,500 euros. That small clubs can move large, the animal protection Association demonstrated velvet paws Nidda.

As an association with the fewest members in the category of charitable institutions/organizations garnered the most votes the Velvet paws and now received the advertised donation worth 1,000 euros. Klaus Heilmann and Mark Langlitz Bank main Kinzig Budingen EC congratulated the Club personally, and handed over the symbolic cheque to Sylvia Wittmer and Janina Grauling. Two ended up ranked in this category the volunteer fire brigade of Barg, the Forderverein of Kita IMP Valley and the volunteer fire brigade of Ortenberg Bergheim on place three and four behind left. The category of cultural associations was highly competitive, here the music club Viktoria Altenmittlau had the nose in the head-to-head with the mixed choir of Barg at the end of the front. The men’s singing club harmony Bernbach was delighted with the third and the theatre company the mill spirits Hirzenhain about fourth place. Among the sports clubs, the KSG Ober-seemen prevailed. A good result achieved also the SG Hesseldorf hamlet new village with the second place. Three finished the SG Altenhasslau/Eid buttocks and the fourth place of the SV Bushido Erlensee.

KLJB Eichstatt Youth

16 MdL praise the political practice week of youth and KLJB from March 3 to 8 accompanied 16 young adults almost a week 16 Landtag of all the groups for their work and were particularly close insights into the politics. They participated with them in Committee, group and plenary sessions and experienced it firsthand how land policy. “” It was peak, super informative and great, even to get to know the personal pages of the members “, praises participant Christina Landtag Haak (22) by the KLJB Diocesan Board of Passau the project live” the youth of Bavaria and the Catholic Landjugendbewegung (KLJB). From 3 to 8 March accompanied 16 young adults almost a week 16 Landtag of all the groups for their work and were particularly close insights into the politics. They participated with them in Committee, group and plenary sessions and experienced it firsthand how land policy.

The 20-year old Nicole Fleischmann from Greding (youth, Diocesan Association Eichstatt) reported: Parliament live provides unique opportunity to see how politics practically works. Now, I also know that members basically have a 24-hour job. There is no such thing as a lunch break, worked in the”. “On the other side, the 16 members of Parliament much out of touch with young volunteers from youth and KLJB learned: I am impressed by the great interest the great openness and clear perspective on political issues by Franzi.” (MdL Annette Karl, SPD, about Franzi Bauer, KLJB Munich and Freising) to learn that the youth is very politically interested other than sometimes their reputation,. The Vroni was always interested in the subject of energy, has through her studies there insane idea and was very interested in all issues.” (MdL Tobias Reiss, CSU, about Vroni Hadley, KLJB Eichstatt) The chinesischer KLJB Diocesan President of Eichstatt, Vroni Hadley, pleased once again that she could introduce their interests: it was great that Tobias Reiss about the energy concept of KLJB Bavaria already knew and we go into the detail could continue to discuss these issues and to see what is in practice it.