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Economic Dynamics

Summary: Inside of an organization one analyzes simple of any process, product and service, provides a harmful error in the economic evaluation. Although the absolute analysis, to be simplest, the same one becomes difficult in the understanding of the real nature of the process. Therefore we have that to have an analysis in diverse dimensions and to change the absolute conception for the relative one. The diverse economic systems are based on the beginning of the man power and means of production (tools, machines and raw material). However this vision limited not express to the current trend where we need to also evaluate the product and service commercialized in relation to the quality and price (cost-benefit), the relative qualification of the man power and aspects referring to the place and observed time has been them pillars of a new economy. The current models are static, where one is functioning, it does not mean that the same it will take care of in another place. The models must be dynamic, that is, to keep the balance we need to put into motion.

In this case from a point the positive paper of a model can confuse another 0 variable of negative form. It is there that the strategy enters to have constant changes to keep the economic stability. All economic system will have in mind Acumulo de Capital (Profit) or Growth of Market, never the two at the same time. Each one will be defined by the commander of the organization. The wealth of a nation is on the individual wealth of its markets, where she is on to the performance of its man power and relative quality of its products. economic Dynamic Word-key, cost-benefit, formation of prices and relative analysis. It lowers the complete article to continue reading.

Alfredo Armando Aguirre

Today the isolation and loneliness, feel more in megacities. Some might remember it from "small town, big hell" of Payro, or that Peyton Place (The Caldera of the devil). More those are possibilities latent in all human relationships. I'm finishing. I reiterate that most solutions glimpse the side of improving the quality of life of small towns, which by the side of the megalopolis. This is not to idealize or small towns, nor demonize the big cities, but one, emp.

Anyway I repeat, that the constraints to "shrink" megacities, are very difficult to remove and who feel harassed by the deteriorating quality of life for them, can begin to ponder the decision, always hard, partying to some of these small communities, where opportunities, we have tried to suggest in this development. (May 13, 1996) Note: Published in "La Reforma", General Pico, La Pampa Province, on 27, 28 and May 29, 1996, Nrs. 23 434, 23 435 and 23 436. "I KNOW ANOTHER COUNTRY …" (For the "reinvention" of Argentina) by Mr. Alfredo Armando Aguirre If I share with the readers of this page friend, the following considerations, it is because I know that there is another Argentina. A to Argentina is closer to our everyday practical lives, that what we radiate journalistic cliques, academics and politicians from the city of Buenos Aires, often becoming echoes of what radiates from the cliques of large cities on the planet. I thank whoever it was, which prompted me to physically visit the country for about forty years.

First Knowledge, Later Profit

Success is a vacant term. Its true meaning must be determined by each individual. Because? Each one of has in them its proper vision of what it means success. On the other hand the success opposite only can be defined only by a thing: it is when we specialize in them in the small things of the life and not in most important. It leaves to explain me.

If somebody to manage our resources with an acceptable return this will be probably the choice made in detriment of proper you to learn to manage its resources. If some thing to happen with this person you lose the return that it provided. You can not agree to this, but she now sees for this another angle. Let us assume that you already are operating in the market per some years without really reaching a consistency of longed for profits. If somebody offers one to it ' ' newsletter' ' with market tips that provide the return that you long for, which you will be its natural trend? At least the majority of the people it would be inclines to change the laborious effort to continue the process of learning for instantaneous solution. But if you will be able to notice that the gotten profit a gotten time will be in the past forever to the step that the used knowledge to obtain the profit could be used innumerable times in the future, will have great possibility to take the decision correct. The famous Chinese proverb illustrates this well: ' ' He gives a fish for a man and you he will have killed its hunger per one day, Teaches this man to fish and you will have killed its hunger forever ' '.

My position is that you learn to fish, therefore nobody will take off this of you. This does not mean that you cannot accept the favour fish when this to happen. I am only saying that all the other options me seem to have plus a temporary character, even though these softwares robots that make operations in the market automatically, can function for some time or in determined situations, but not permanently. Marcelo Gonalves Gameiro (Forex to trader since 2004) email:

Martial Arts

Hello again to all the fans of martial arts, this time I bring a brief but substantial account of something that, in one way or another, we know; the journals or publications of martial arts. As said in the previous article, the public that it is affine of martial arts is very limited, more even if we compare it with that like video games, gossip, football or even wrestling, since there are plenty of journals dealing with those topics. But if, if there have been serious publications on these topics and here speak a little of them: Black belt: Revista American there is trafficking in only martial arts, since the Decade of the 60s being one of the more ancient and above all respected, founded by Mitoshi Uyehara; its size and thickness compared to the of the of vanities, and has the backing of virtually all the important associations of United States, providing it with great resources, philanthropic, advertising and especially economic. It comes in English and sometimes it can come to our country with months delay but really worth the penalty. They have interviewed virtually all teachers of renown who stop in e.

u. because personalities like Steven Seagal, Jeff Speakman, Dan Inosanto, the Gracie brothers, Frank Dux, etc. Black belt: it should not be confused with the previous, is also called Budo international in other countries, is of Spanish publication and its editorial director is the aristocrat of martial arts Alfredo Tucci. Besides being also one of the most ancient is also the most respected and similar in size to the black belt. Trafficking in broad themes always Arts martial, both Eastern and Western, to Mexico also comes with several months of delay. They have interviewed personalities of the stature of Cintya Rothrock, Larry Tatum, Ji have Jae, Huang Aguilar and virtually all the great teachers who have gone to Europe.

Research Research

Moreover, it was established relation enters the consigned prescription collected of the collection of the garbage tax and the volume, efficiency and effectiveness of the garbage collected in benefit of the contributors. c) Statistician: Method that implies use of numbers, percentages, statistical analyses, probabilities. Almost always associated to the quantitative research. In the case in analysis, the data colectados in the field, had been quantified in tables of separate form and in accordance with the nature of these data. It was essentially from this procedure that was obtained to quantify the customers of the EDM, townspeople, the colectada prescription and the pointers of retraction and treatment of the garbage.

It are of the methods above indicated for this work, the author stops to operacionalizar these methods used the techniques of documentary research directa and indirecta, that seguidamente they describe. 2.2. Techniques of Research Research are a set of shares, proposals to find the solution for a problem, that have for base rational and systematic procedures. The research is carried through when a problem is had and it does not have information to solve it. According to Lakatos and Marconi (2003: 155), research it is a formal procedure, with method of reflective thought, that requires a scientific treatment and if it constitutes in the way to arrive the reality or to discover partial truths. In accordance with the same authors, exist the following techniques of research: Of documentation directa e; Of documentation indirecta.

2.2.1. Technique of documentation directa the Technique of documentation directa – he consists of the data-collecting in the proper place where the fenmenos occur. These data can be gotten in two ways: Intensive comment directa and extensive comment directa, understanding each one of them another reality. Intensive I.Observao directa: Comment – technique of colecta of data to get information, using the directions for the attainment of determined aspects of the studied reality.

Personal Growth

And how many other people will have do not leave to the street to exhibit their deficiencies, because they are not of bread, but love. Perhaps the moment arrives at which we find in the corners paupers of hugs, of caresses, consolations, with signboards written with irregular letters and misspelling: I do not have hugs and although he is harder, I prefer to request them before to rob them . Tengo a hungry heart and I only request words or a little attention. By God! , that somebody treats like a human being. And while, possibly, we have money very well, eaten very well, affection and everything will very well rot to us not to share it. Once I read that only we will take of this life which we have given. It sounds paradoxical, but it is a great truth. If we did not share we are prevailing to cover its basic needs to that need really it.

And that is unforgivable. You remember have heard speak sometimes of which the ones that they have to pay the tithe? We have the ethical, human obligation, and moral, to aid to those who we pruned, collaborating with a part of our gifts, and with the goods that gives the life to us, or in the form of economic aid, or of a part of our time, our abilities, or even a little sacrifice. It is of human and divine justice. To give and to receive. We are good administrators of our temporary possessions. It is of law, of comradeship and brotherhood, to share a part of the things with which we have been benefitted, or by our effort or thanks to the gifts whereupon God has flattered to us. Other people cannot enjoy than we enjoyed.

And I exclusively do not talk about to give money, since that can be a form to try to silence brings back to consciousness: I also talk about to share our food, our virtues, our capacities, our knowledge and experiences, our time, our love We are in hard, difficult times, and in the next years she can worse be. We are going to need to us more than ever. We must bring to light the charity, the generosity, solidarity, the empathy, the soul: we must make reality whichever these words entail; we must loosen up the capacity to console, to remember how he is that to welcome in us in the underprivileged ones, to distribute, to participate in the situation of the others with intention to help to improve it, to hang the ego in a hanger and to put the task heart to us, to remove the Christ in disuse, and to exercise us in that to make small great miracles. I feel it: no longer I have left more words to follow rogndote that you give to love and compassion. Francisco de Sales. Founder of the Web for people interested in psychology, the espiritualidad, the improvable life, the Self-knowledge and the Personal Growth.