Alfredo Armando Aguirre

Today the isolation and loneliness, feel more in megacities. Some might remember it from "small town, big hell" of Payro, or that Peyton Place (The Caldera of the devil). More those are possibilities latent in all human relationships. I'm finishing. I reiterate that most solutions glimpse the side of improving the quality of life of small towns, which by the side of the megalopolis. This is not to idealize or small towns, nor demonize the big cities, but one, emp.

Anyway I repeat, that the constraints to "shrink" megacities, are very difficult to remove and who feel harassed by the deteriorating quality of life for them, can begin to ponder the decision, always hard, partying to some of these small communities, where opportunities, we have tried to suggest in this development. (May 13, 1996) Note: Published in "La Reforma", General Pico, La Pampa Province, on 27, 28 and May 29, 1996, Nrs. 23 434, 23 435 and 23 436. "I KNOW ANOTHER COUNTRY …" (For the "reinvention" of Argentina) by Mr. Alfredo Armando Aguirre If I share with the readers of this page friend, the following considerations, it is because I know that there is another Argentina. A to Argentina is closer to our everyday practical lives, that what we radiate journalistic cliques, academics and politicians from the city of Buenos Aires, often becoming echoes of what radiates from the cliques of large cities on the planet. I thank whoever it was, which prompted me to physically visit the country for about forty years.