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Company Kettler

Company KETTLER KETTLER History of the firm's output at market simulators KETTLER occurred simultaneously with the formation of this market. That is why the production company has acquired a KETTLER fame and popularity. The company was founded in 1949, the exact founding date is January 15, 1949. For over 55 years until early 2005. head of the firm was Heinz Kettler. Production of home fitness equipment has been initiated with 1969-70. Head office Head office is located in the City of Ense-Parsit (district of Dortmund). Factories are located in Werle, Stone, Vunstorfe and other cities.

In factories KETTLER has about 3,500 people. Assortment of products for home use, manufactured by Kettler is extremely large: different types of simulators, equipment for table tennis, children's camps, garden furniture. Used in the production as his own invention (patented in the European market) and Europe's best achievement. All fitness equipment manufactured in Germany, sports and tennis accessories, as well as bars and pancakes for strength training equipment manufactured in other countries. The motto of the firm are the words' This German quality '.

KETTLER Dealers are located in all European countries, Russia, Baltic States, the United States, Taiwan, Korea, New Zealand and Australia. The credibility of the product from the brand KETTLER KETTLER manufactures only high quality products, which is why the company gained widespread acceptance in Europe and worldwide. Products in the European market the brand KETTLER firmly holds the lead. Representation KETTLER long open in the U.S., the leading country in production of sports equipment. This proves the fact that the firm's position KETTLER very strong around the world. Incidentally, the U.S. ranks first in number of products purchased from KETTLER. High-quality products KETTLER trust people all over the world. Goods-oriented firms for people who have high demands for quality sports equipment. Price policy for products KETTLER As product prices KETTLER, then they are justified by the highest quality products.

Soccer Ball

Soccer ball – this is the universe. If scientists believe NASA (do not believe they have no reason), the universe is shaped like a soccer ball, consisting of a slightly curved pentagons in space. That is, it – our universe – does not infinite, or infinite infinity of very different: coming out of the universe-ball, the researcher will be in it the same, only exactly the opposite direction. Ball game – the oldest team game mankind. Several thousands across the globe there versions of the game, reminiscent of modern football. Soccer balls, ie balls for the game legs were made of leather, bark, silk, straw, leaves, resins, bovine, porcine, cow bladders. Balls were of different sizes and densities.

Manufacturing technology of football has changed in the 19th century with the discovery of vulcanized rubber. See more detailed opinions by reading what Center for Responsible Business offers on the topic.. Since then, football was an inflatable rubber camera. Football myachsostoyal from the camera and leather tires. Tire collected from 18 panels. Most modern footballs are made of 32 panels waterproof, 12 of which have a pentagonal shape, 20 – hexagonal. In 2006, Adidas, the company first stepped on this principle, creating a 14-panel ball Teamgeist. Sheathed soccer balls have long been the skin. The skin, however, is not suitable material for the ball that bounces on the damp ground.

The skin absorbs the moisture. In currently used material PU (polyurethane) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The inner layer between the camera and the tire is a soccer ball lining. On its thickness depends on the quality of the ball. The modern ball has to four or more pads of polyester or pressed cotton. Standard size and weight football were established in 1872: the amount of 68.6 to 71.7 cm, weight of the ball can vary from 368 to 425 grams. In 1937, the mass of the ball was increased to 410-450 grams and has since remained unchanged. There are 5 size soccer ball. The first two dimensions are used to promote and educate children from four years. The third size is less than 340 g and 61 cm They are children of 8 years. Fourth the size – for children aged 12 years or for mini-soccer: 369-425 grams, circumference – within 63,5-66 see footballs fifth the size is greater than all others combined. Fifth the size of a soccer ball is for official competitions under the auspices of FIFA throughout the world. Fifth the size: it has a circumference of not more than 70 cm (28 inches) and at least 68 cm (27 inches) at the start of the match does not weigh more than 450 grams (16 ounces) and not less than 410 grams (14 oz) weight indicated for dry ball, a pressure equal to 0.6 -1.1 atmosphere (600-1100 g / sq. cm.) Sports equipment

Tennis Tournaments

What is a tennis tournament? Tennis tournaments – a form of competition, in which tennis players are fighting in teams or individual competition for prize money, which is usually not small, because the tennis itself – is expensive. Dunlop tennis balls or other sports clothing tennis are very expensive, but their quality is high as usual, so the prize funds grow from year to year. In order to organize a big tennis tournament before just want to invite him to play the players who have a certain reputation in these circles. Just ask them to lure a big prize, and the next thing is, the standard procedure. Any investor owns priperetsya advantage in at least some competition, in which he wishes to take part. Perhaps the state is considered fundamental principle in the organization of at least some competition. As I recall, in the Russian era, widely practiced that way referred calls to the tournament.

With this specific number of investors invited from secondary schools. Often densely probably led to a situation if formed according to the category interest who were able to ignore the followers of unnecessary secondary schools, eliminating unsafe according to the view of investors, and unnatural to form a part of a conspiracy charge. Professor and junior tennis tournaments held before the auspices of the ITF, guarantee equal rights for all investors. Withdrawal writes only the men of tennis, in which the investor has no points in the ATP rankings in no way has the ability to priperetsya. But he has the advantage to enroll in the day before the tournament and take the source in the role, if seats become unsubstituted in qualifying. Perhaps the role of state certifies to the tournament as the highest permitted number of powerful investors, but does not eliminate the ability for the debut of all others. In different contests deadlines orders have a good chance there different, but they are manifest beforehand for any kind of tournaments, and all investors have the probability of find out in advance.

Tourism Ecosettlements

'Four years later, there will be a garden city! " – So read poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky, written in 1929. The concept of the proposed LLC Plazna 'on a plan of the creators decide on the construction of new towns and ecosettlements in record period, which dramatically for the better are different from the time period, which is described by Vladimir Mayakovsky. Eco-settlement – an issue that interested in a variety of sectors of society. He is also interested in hard workers, and intelligentsia. This topic is relevant for those people who just need a shelter, and for those people who want to be healthy, and for those people who have kids.

It is possible that eventually involved in setting up ecosettlements become a kind of fashion trends, seeking modern 'land Sannikova' – a certain type of adventure tourism. This flow of social life can take the best of large-scale construction projects of the Soviet era, and the degree heated emotions will be comparable to the alloy on the rivers, skydiving, rock climbing and speleology. Would it be hiking, which is difficult for the human body and the risk or is it just becomes a way to play a winning combination for people who want to change their living conditions – time will tell. About that obstacles may arise before the first participants ecosettlements says general director 'Plazna' Vladimir Shumovskii. – Vladimir V., you say that it is possible to build eco-settlement even in the taiga. And I imagine this oil painting: Brigade enthusiasts traveling in trains and trains going to build a new Future … They sing with a guitar, some songs remembered from the same BAM.