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People already do not read the newspapers to see what happened, but to understand what is happening, said the journalist Ricardo de Querol. In a course of social journalism who developed several speakers and launched the Florida International University, Chandra Foundation and solidarity for development, this EL PAiS journalist spoke to students the importance of what happens to people and their experience as editor-in-Chief of society. That section of the newspaper is the great social debates today as euthanasia, environmental issues, science, education, new technologies and to the events when they relate to modern society. To put these issues in first line, journalists have had to develop the ability to make you feel the reader who is not so alien to what happens to people in other countries of the world. In the case of the environment, this has been relatively easy.

Today there is a sensitivity on these subjects and understanding about the effects of our model of consumption in many of the disasters that we see on television. But when it’s the hunger and poverty, has been more difficult, said the journalist. It has had a positive effect change the formula of bombarding the reader with figures by the tell what happens to a person or a group of people. Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo said in another Conference journalist and University Professor: people only interested in what happens to other people. When people salutes you, do not speak of theories or atmospheric pressure or abstractions. Include what you ate, what they did.

We should remember the business dimension that has the journalism. If it does not attract the reader, not sold. If not sold, it can not be printed. If the intention is to draw the reader into the themes of environment or on social issues to which we attach importance from civil society, the journalist must have the ability to sell your item.

Constant Learning

Some mortals pass through this world as glowing lights, while others make it as black shadows. D. Chopra while we are given the opportunity to stay in this dimension, we must be awake, attentive to what it represents. We are as well stated, transformation, transformers and the processed. We are our own Alchemist commissioned transmute molecules constantly lifeless in the live incarnation of ourselves. This is the creator and magic act that we perform. We cannot, nor should we waste the opportunity granted life, which manifests itself with the help of a perishable physical vehicle (our bodies), subject to all the possibilities of their destruction, often up to uncontrollable, serving us in an environment that often do not handle in relation to time and its duration. When we least expect it comes our time final and thus all that learning, attention, that we must not neglect.

In the background are alchemists and we must take into account that performs the work of this, be committed to our transformation, more when he is signaled that the Alchemist is invisible, works behind the scenes and few are interested in discovering who they are. Your home is not neither in space, or at the time, but in eternity, where there are no limits, beyond that which is called memory. Every day that gives us the opportunity of being awake, to use our time, your environment, interrelationships with everything that we’ve been taking, which provides an invitation to determine that we have both grown spiritually, we both know each other, we have discovered and worked in pro of our authenticity, how we have been seizing the opportunity of life bequeathed and quantified in yearshow much we know, that we have determined, identified our imperfections, the reason for this, which have been available in our evolution, how much we’ve identified with our mission. At this stage in his life, not the slightest doubt that there will be transited into time and space, probably will have determined what is real, what is illusory, that represent emotions, friendship, happiness; importantly learn to share, serve, help, love; It will have determined the scope, the role of personality, how we have been acting, which represents the opportunity to live, what is suffering, attachment, anger, rage, rancor, hatred as well know how to use the time that we bequeathed.

African Journalist

Some journalists have learned the lesson and have been able of make them hollow to social issues relying on the media people’s lives. These depend on funding that is supported, particularly advertising for many companies, some of them for purposes that fall in contradiction with some reports. Excellent film the informant reflects the dilemma may face that a journalist. Banks, tobacco, pharmaceutical, automotive, oil companies, etc, pressed and used his position to dissuade the media from publishing information that harms its image. One way to deal with this situation is to have a solid editorial line supported by a diversification in sources of funding to maintain their independence. The lecturer had the case of a journalist who traveled to Africa to draw up a report on the work of a Spanish NGO devoted to donate clothes to countries of the South. When the journalist discovered that the textile industry in the African country had sunk by the invasion of foreign clothes and didn’t know how to act in such a situation, his boss told him that it was his responsibility to inform.

The more sensitive and delicate information, greater rigour is required by the journalist. It can be hard and vindictive, but journalist should keep a certain distance. It can be tricky when a company calls you angry by a true information. But it is much more complicated when they call you to tell you that your data are false and grab that, commented Ricardo de Querol. Thus, journalists at risk of falling into the buenismo posed confusing desires with reality that seek to describe. New technologies have opened up channels for the participation of civil society in information flows.

But the journalist is the responsibility of maintaining a distance to follow a rigour that gives credibility to what counts in the life of the people. And the term social journalism you could remove the second word, as people and society are subjects that journalism and history. Carlos a.

Undermining Authority

Also accuses Gorka Ramos of disobedience and injury. Ramos, journalist d, was arrested in the protest of the 15-M and has already been released. Esteban Gonzalez Pons has asked clarification on the arrests of journalists and the APM and the FAPE call on police to respect journalists. #periodistadetenido and #GorkRamos are trending topic on Twitter. The outraged denounce police charges and ask for the resignation of Camacho. Journalist Gorka Ramos, who was arrested Thursday after police charge against the outraged at a rally outside the Ministry of the Interior, has been released with charges, accused of crimes of disobedience, bomb attack on authority and injury. Ramos, editor of, has declared that police hit her on the waist, threw me to the ground, gave me a kick and I stopped. The journalist, who has spent the night in police station, obtained the freedom passes p.m.

this Friday. Ask for clarification as to the arrest of journalists following the arrest of Ramos while covering the protest of the 15-M movement in Madrid, the Popular Party, the the Press Association of Madrid (APM) and the Federation of associations of journalists of Spain (FAPE) have asked to clarify its arrest and procedures be speeded up for his release. Meanwhile, #periodistadetenido and #GorkRamos hashtags are, this Friday, trending topic on the Twitter social network. In addition, members of the 15-M movement have requested the resignation of the Interior Minister, Antonio Camacho, and the delegate of the Government in Madrid, Maria Dolores Carrion, being held responsible for the actions of the riot, which resulted in 4 arrested (including journalist) and 20 injured.The police sobreactua where should do so in a release sent to the media, Deputy general Secretary of communication of the PP, Esteban Gonzalez Pons, points out that, under this item, the police is committing serious errors because not acting when it should do so and sobreactua where should not do so.

Book Antiqua

Some verbs good to use in your resume are the following: defended; aligned; delivered; implemented. Presentation while the content is extremely important, the presentation of this content plays an important role in the recipe. People like to see things that look good and the leaves of life are not one the exception to this rule. Your resume must be presented coherently in the page. Make sure that the margins are properly aligned. Choose an attractive source such as Book Antiqua in 10 pts. or something a little stronger as Tahoma at 9.5 points. There are many other sources more attractive than Times New Roman, which seems to me to be very boring.

Once you complete your life this worksheet, checklist. Not enough to see it on the screen. He print it will give you a better idea of looks like the leaf of life in general. Rules of grammar and spelling if there are two things that they will send your resume directly to the Recycle Bin are the errors of spelling and grammarians. I acknowledge that we are not perfect but (and there’s always a but) your resume must be perfect. If you know that you’re not good in this area, then get someone else that is good for you to review. It is also a good idea to have someone different to you who read it to capture small dramatic errors.

Do you aren’t sure how to spell it something? is there to help you. Do you need another different word? There is no problem visit for synonyms. There are countless resources at your fingertips. Back have been the days of heavy textbooks, the internet allows you access to all the information you need. The because not include hobbies on your sheet of life leave your hobbies outside of your resume. w#v=onepage&q=Patrick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard The Center for Discovery. Simply indicate that read or run is a hobby is not very convincing. Over time, the human resources director will learn about you. If really it is not something unique, throw your resume.

Trip Economical

Paris, the most visited destination in the world, cradle of fashion, perfumes, cinema, cafes, offers attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, traditional cafes and bars on the banks of the Seine, the Avenue of Champs Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Mouse, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Sacre Coeur Basilica, the place de la Bastille, among many others.Undoubtedly the capital of France is one of the sites that all have dreamed to visit ever. Paris currently offers a wide range of entertainment and cultural which do not have any waste. There are events for all tastes and recitals of the most varied. For those who decide to travel in a more cost-effective manner can have shows and outdoor exhibitions, mostly free or visit a wide selection of museums open to the public. Festivities such as the Fete de la musique, which is free and free air is a cute shape of the Parisian music and have fun at the rhythm of different musical styles.

Eating can be more accessible if not the classic places for tourists visiting all the time. You can search for locations away from the centers where you will find best prices and many times better quality of food than in the typical cliches. The small bars and pattisseries are an excellent choice when it comes to eating very rich and economic. There are also Street jobs which are not wasted any and it is an obligatory stop during the day. As for accommodations, there are booking portals online offering cheap accommodation at very affordable prices. Many of them do not charge a booking fee or cancellation fees. It is convenient to rely that displayed images real, videos of what hotels and comments of other travellers who have gone.

An interesting alternative are the hotels or bed & breakfast. The latter offer breakfast and usually very well located. Hostels are ideal for young people or people without children who only used the room for the basics, so that its price is low. Search on these sites take care of your membership and respect to your neighbours to achieve a good coexistence and why not some friends! As you can see, Paris has much to offer and many things within reach of a reasonable budget so have fun exploring this magnificent city!


I failed 17-3-08 while my will undertook to write a small daily article (with the exception of weekends due to family obligations) last Friday. Errare humanum est. But today is Monday and here I am, and I need not what to talk about. For example, of the rice. It seems a trivial matter, what he says idiot, fool, idiot babeante nonsense. It is not. Demonstration.

Yesterday I went out to eat at family, like the gentlemen on Sunday. Culinary request: rice with lobster. Reflection: what thief is rice. By itself it is a tasteless. If we get together with tasty condiment, it appropriates its flavors as a small. Reminds me of those white glove rateros (economic crimes, call them) who know how to join the money to snatch them their taste and finish turned into phenomena of the economics and business. By making a simile: I have actions, artificially elevate their value and sell them at their best.

Years later I complain, I processed, I condemn, but the Justice dropped the band and I absolve by prescription of the offence. As rice. Let’s see who dares to put in jail the hundreds of granite that know as God.

Increase Production

In the truth, with the competitors very next and the technological factors influencing the good course to the organizations, any alternation will be able to decide or to change the organizacionais systems of the companies, then comes to the necessity of the employees to be motivated and guided adequately for these alternations. Currently, the production systems are obliged to move. The new expectations of the customers and the intense competition are provoking drastic changes related the production in mass for a bigger personalization of the products and rendering of services, this personalization has exclusive focus in the productivity and emphasizes the quality. To fight for the high productivity and high quality demands a new productive boarding. The traditional model of production in mass this being surpassed for a model directed toward customer as resulted, the emphasis of the administration incited in the rigidity, uniformity, specialization and centralization, yields place to a new estiagem of production making with that the process and the high productivity pass for one would reengenharia motivacional, this would reengenharia motivacional, this would reengenharia represents a jump clearly to produce with quality.

I can conclude that, if the company takes it would reengenharia motivacional serious by means of ace the necessities of the proper company and of its employees, the increase of the motivation in the system of production of the company will be amazing without speaking in the increase of the productivity and the quality, that will be consequent factors of all this process. I understand that the motivation can be constituted in an adequate methodology the preservation of good employees, inside of the organization, and the good use of this knowledge will be able to bring improvements in favor of the survival of the organizations in the competitive market. We decide, however, that the necessity of inclusion with prominence in the steps of would reengenharia inside motivacional visualizing the motivacional process with central question of the companies, not only this permanently come back toward the obligator use of ' ' technology and of informao' ' , but this also directed toward the maintenance of an organized environment that is, above all, inspirer.

Chuck Glasses

The newspaper of largest circulation in Europe, the German ‘Bild’, will be released in 3-d format next year and will give away a pair of glasses to see the photos and ads.With a circulation of 3.8 million journals, the popular Journal of Germany announced Thursday that, for now only on the date indicated, images and ads may only see correctly with the use of 3D glasses. The newspaper is printed in the usual way, by what texts can be read as normal, while images, without glasses, will be altered.Also in the online edition of the journal,, the videosclips, games and movies will be available in 3D version. Five years ago, first circulated in the world a newspaper whose photos and notices were in 3D. It was a special edition of La Derniere Heure whereby their owners wanted to prove that everything was possible thanks to new technologies and newspapers, far from disappearing, van is to reinvent itself. A year later, for its Edition number 1,000, the Rolling Stones was showcased with a cover in 3D that did not need to be seen with glasses, thanks to the technique of lenticular printing, which consists of three and up to five overlapping images that give the feeling of satin in a stereoscopic image.

The acceptance of the public was quite high and amid the announcement of the arrival of television in the third dimension and the possibility to watch the matches of the World Cup in this format, other newspapers and magazines is encouraged to copy this experiment. Playboy, for example, sold a number of special in May of this year and before the commencement of the World Cup, The Sun announced that one day he would go 3D. While every newspaper was pocketed with goggle (newspapers of Europe), the cost was the same. The turn is now for the German tabloid of largest circulation in Europe, Bild, to next Saturday August 28 printed 3.8 million copies in third dimension. The texts of the articles can be read ordinary, but those who dare to put disposable glasses will enjoy a unique experience.

According to the French version of PC World magazine, readers can get the best results if after placed lenses maintain the pages of the newspaper to 50 centimeters from the eyes in a well-lit area. Although each of these media has only experimented once with the third dimension, is believed that the success of Bild and in a future next other newspapers as the press of the Netherlands (Netherlands) shall become final to further boost this trend who conquered the big screens, television and now the paper. With Chuck in 3D format.

Wall Street Journal

Who has not experienced anxiety, stress or fear reactions to having to deal with a situation. Furthermore, think that this learning is superior to which life itself can give, because the interpretation of roles (role manager, leadership role, role of employee, etc.) can be used as a method to the exploration of unknown worlds and to broaden the scope of their own I. It focuses on the productive, spontaneous appearance and creator of learning. So say that the foundations of psychodrama are creativity, spontaneity and action, and in the beginning was the action Faust (Goethe). Already in 1957 Moreno said of the pedagogic psychodrama that vision of the points of view of others, to act the role of others, either onstage or in real life (Moreno, Wall Street Journal, NY 1957) an individual’s ability to represent different roles, as entrepreneur or worker (Moreno, psychodrama and group psychotherapy.

1966). its purpose is to provide actor unay through the interpretation of roles is studied the psychodrama is applied and still applies in many areas of life, from the therapeutic, to the field of health, social, education, training and up in the company. In this last has been used as an adjuvant in staff selection processes through the role-playing, or to improve the relationship between the work team or the whole of the workers of a company, using the techniques of the Sociometry, and thus is achieved to improve the working environment, making emerge latent in the Group conflict situations and give a solucionnueva and effective. Psychodrama applied to the company is used as a training technique for executives, leaders, mentors and trainers. It facilitates learning with an active and collaborative methodology of the skills that will be needed to interact and communicate effectively with individuals and/or groups inside and outside the company, as well as other companies. Among other skills that you can develop and train: leadership, teamwork, the resolution of conflicts, social skills, improve communication, assertiveness skills, creating and directing teams, emotional self-knowledge and management of emotions that interfere within the company, etc also highlight another important utility of psychodrama that is its use as a technical tool active, applied in various groups of teamwork and professional development, to achieve a fitness of the person to the professional role and therefore also a greater integration of the worker within the company.