Chuck Glasses

The newspaper of largest circulation in Europe, the German ‘Bild’, will be released in 3-d format next year and will give away a pair of glasses to see the photos and ads.With a circulation of 3.8 million journals, the popular Journal of Germany announced Thursday that, for now only on the date indicated, images and ads may only see correctly with the use of 3D glasses. The newspaper is printed in the usual way, by what texts can be read as normal, while images, without glasses, will be altered.Also in the online edition of the journal,, the videosclips, games and movies will be available in 3D version. Five years ago, first circulated in the world a newspaper whose photos and notices were in 3D. It was a special edition of La Derniere Heure whereby their owners wanted to prove that everything was possible thanks to new technologies and newspapers, far from disappearing, van is to reinvent itself. A year later, for its Edition number 1,000, the Rolling Stones was showcased with a cover in 3D that did not need to be seen with glasses, thanks to the technique of lenticular printing, which consists of three and up to five overlapping images that give the feeling of satin in a stereoscopic image.

The acceptance of the public was quite high and amid the announcement of the arrival of television in the third dimension and the possibility to watch the matches of the World Cup in this format, other newspapers and magazines is encouraged to copy this experiment. Playboy, for example, sold a number of special in May of this year and before the commencement of the World Cup, The Sun announced that one day he would go 3D. While every newspaper was pocketed with goggle (newspapers of Europe), the cost was the same. The turn is now for the German tabloid of largest circulation in Europe, Bild, to next Saturday August 28 printed 3.8 million copies in third dimension. The texts of the articles can be read ordinary, but those who dare to put disposable glasses will enjoy a unique experience.

According to the French version of PC World magazine, readers can get the best results if after placed lenses maintain the pages of the newspaper to 50 centimeters from the eyes in a well-lit area. Although each of these media has only experimented once with the third dimension, is believed that the success of Bild and in a future next other newspapers as the press of the Netherlands (Netherlands) shall become final to further boost this trend who conquered the big screens, television and now the paper. With Chuck in 3D format.