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Technological Development

In accordance with the Civil Code copyrights belong to the organization, unless otherwise approved in contract, but if you create a copyrighted work organization within three years is not patent-pending technology, the author has every right to patent it himself. In such situations, intellectual property owners not stick spanner in the authors because kommertsializovyvat the product they can not. That's kind of a brain drain. They are followed by the patent holders, these are people who have received a patent, it need not necessarily be the author, because he may assign his right to obtain a patent. Further there are patent attorneys who on the basis of a patent attorney.

For foreign nationals involved patent attorneys need to Russian own citizens at will. Patent attorneys – it's often former employees of Rospatent, they know all the rules and methods of filing patents and work with them makes life easier . Next come the heirs to whom move on the basis of contracts of donation, and so on right to ownership of the right patents. State in certain situations, yet can not afford to patent its technology by the authors. This happens in cases when the very patent technology has information vital importance to national security. Further, society itself, upon the expiry of the possession of a patent becomes the owner of this technology, which contributes Scientific and . A patent is valid for twenty years from the date of filing, in some cases its effect can be prolonged for another five years, and then patent the technology is given to the public for consideration. It turns out that the patenting of the technology, there are four members – the society, state, author, patent holder. The author, a man invented a new technology, the new method has honor and respect, and the main cash flow from intellectual property flows into the pockets of the patent. Rightly or wrongly, I think rightly, because often the author does not know what the market, marketing, production, how to get the product where to get the money, without a good manager can not do.

The Lion

" Since then, took a long time, and we gradually got used to that business itself is good or bad can not be that bad or good business people do. The ones who decided one day that work for themselves, to answer for themselves, have your business – far better than working 'on the uncle. " Better than watching as your idea of business benefits to others. Better than to know what you honestly earned hundreds of rubles will get the lion's share of your boss. The owner of firm at which you work.

Because – it's his business. And you will receive only the salary. Which is never enough. And increasingly, come to mind – and what, actually, I differ from his boss, from another person, having your own business? Business, bringing him to a stable and considerable income? He was bright and strong business idea? Yes, it is quite possible. But around us, tens, hundreds, thousands of ideas for business, thousands of opportunities to start a business Hundreds of options for not jumping into unknown business with a head, and gradually, learning and improving on the go. And we do not try to interfere with different options and ideas of business, selecting and adjusting the process trying to find something that will suit us best? Our character, our temperament, our knowledge and education. It turns out it's not that the idea for the business over, we simply have no place in business? Or is it a business There is no place in us? In other words, the argument that we love so much cause to yourself, they say, no good ideas for business and do not try to find them – this argument is correct is not.

Marketing Chinchillas

Buy products made of chinchilla can not afford to every person, for example chinchilla fur coats cost from 5 to 30 thousand dollars. In Russia, breeding chinchillas were engaged only in 1964, our country does not have high interest to this animal, so until recently no one really did not know on a surprisingly simple technology of growing chinchillas. What here to speak on the import of genetically strong individuals and the professional industrial breeding. In the same way as we do in the villages keep rabbits in the Czech Republic, many in farm contains chinchilla. But conditions in Russia are quite allow breeding these delightful little animals, the relatively greater than the price of other farm animals.

The cost of feeding a minimum – Chinchilla herbivorous, and they are happy to eat a variety of many species of grasses, shrubs and woody plant their seeds and fruits. A pair of breeding chinchillas for breeders is from 10 to 15 thousand rubles, and when Proper maintenance, the family makes an average of 5 puppies per year. So, with 10 females in the two square meters, can get about 50 individuals. Advantages content chinchillas and that they do not have a seasonal molt, and unlike other animals They have no smell. In the early 90s mini-farm began to spread, and in Russia. For example, in 1995 in Cheboksary chinchillas were brought from Germany and Ukraine, which happily settled down with his relatives, purchased in Moscow. It tells one of the first breeders Dmitri, was among livestock and case: 'While we did not have the Internet and literature, but by trial and error, still managed to get the first offspring.

At the beginning of the two thousandth years, our first shinshilyata were sold in pet stores and bird markets. Now built up a new farm on the European technology, which contains 160 pairs. Have employees all over Russia and adjusted sales, both live chinchillas and pelts. Already signed a contract with a Moscow studio, and year-end planning to make his first two coats. " According to experts, in cultivation has its own peculiarities. Chinchillas are very temperamental by nature and like any animal needs rest and care. We must not forget about the special 'bathing' chinchilla should take baths sifted river sand. In nature, these animals are bathed in volcanic ash, thus clearing his fur and protecting it from moisture. Breeding chinchillas is a promising new business in Russia. We already have factories in many cities are interested in skin chinchillas. There are several production workshops on tailoring, which directly with vydelschikami and breeders. And all this – just the beginning of a new branch of domestic shinshillovodstva. Live chinchilla in the house – it is also a new stage of fashion among pet lovers. Especially such The trend in Moscow. Chinchilla, as well as a cat can be taught to the toilet, they are perfectly manageable. Adult chinchilla farm aggressive, but small shinshilyata few days are gentle and fall in love with the owners. And can not ignore the fact that recently more and more appears specialized feeds and accessories for chinchillas pet products on the market. Create your chinchillas just a hobby or serious attention to their breeding business – everyone decides for himself. But in any case, the pleasure of communicating with these cute little animal would be guaranteed.

Video Monitoring

The restaurant – a place where you can relax, eat, drink and relax with the company! Video monitoring for the restaurant allows you to monitor the building inside the premises and the area around it. Mounting Systems carried out a number of reasons: Identifying bullies inside and outside its territory, overseeing the cooking in the kitchen; Actions waiters in the hall, dealing with customers; Accounting arriving customers with a complete inspection activities; Monitoring customer’s car in the parking lot of restaurant, observation mode of operation of all personnel, guards, waiters, bartenders, identify the perpetrators of disputes, fights fraud. Here are a few Tips to help install the equipment: – access to the entire perimeter of the restaurant must be inspected by camera – parking, parking place customers should record a surveillance camera – set the camera at the entrance to Shop, focus the lens on the passage of a man’s height for easy recognition of personality – inside the perimeter of the premises to inspect the room, action waiters, customers, set the camera! – Insurance Fund, the terminal set order, fix a high resolution camera for visibility denomination bills – in the kitchen cameras monitor the entire process of making products ranging from washing dishes ending ordering, equipment is directly in the room is not available to outsiders, or locked drawer. System based on video capture card (PC) or DVR-registrar, displaying an image on a monitor or tv. Cameras are high resolution color Day / night on the street perimert (vandal-proof), the room interior (dome). I hope his advice helped to read my article, thanks!.

Rose Business

Our Moscow farms also cultivate good and very high quality roses, but of small stature and a small glass. Willing to buy them, unfortunately, much less, although it is certainly a matter of taste, Personally, I appreciate them very much. Just need to know the mentality of our customers: As a rule, he gives the flowers on the occasion and, of course, wants it to be a huge bouquet of tall and large roses. Secondly, since the beginning of last century Dutch flower auction system is established. Its essence is that manufacturers from all over the world send back the flowers of various varieties, of varying quality, ranging from simple greens to the latest novelties selection. On any given day and hour you will be able to buy exactly the sort and that the number of colors that you need.

On the basis of an auction, there are accredited by the firm, which is exactly fulfill your order. Producers have always constrained by its own production. For example, it now grows a wave of roses – it offers you just a rose, the wave has passed – he had nothing to offer can not, however, and reduce prices is not in a hurry. Any manufacturer that specializes in one type (5-10 varieties of roses), to increase the range and rising sales of own flower purchases at the same auction a few species, and therefore very familiar with the Dutch prices. Of course, he never sells his roses are much cheaper than imported.