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More Beautiful Goals

In anticipation of the upcoming World Cup brand CLEAR vita ABE launch the campaign “More beautiful goals,” which will be held from 10 May to 31 July 2010 * year throughout the Russian Federation (hereinafter – action). Conditions for participation in the Campaign To take part in the nationwide action “Most beautiful goals!” you need a period from May 10 through June 29, 2010 to purchase one or two packages CLEARvita ABE men ** of 200 or 400 milliliters, with special promotional sticker on the package. After filling out the questionnaire with personal Registration data and a unique bar code on the site you automatically become a member of Equity and be able to get a guaranteed prize – a soccer ball *** and access to download the movie “100 Best Goals world football “, as well as become an applicant to receive one of the main prizes: a TV set and satellite television, most importantly, one of the 40 tables in the sports bar for the final World Cup! Guaranteed prize – a real soccer ball *** You can get if you register two unique bar code. When you register a barcode you can get access to free downloads movie “100 best goals of world football “from the site. Drawing of the main prizes is held every week ****. Buy shampoo CLEAR vita ABE men ** with a special sticker on the package and a chance to win a lot of pleasant and valuable prizes! * In drawing part of the application, sent in the period from 10 May 2010 to June 29, 2010, inclusive. ** For Men *** The first 25 000 people have registered two barcode. **** In accordance with the schedule of draws, set the rules Shares..


Last week the official opening of stores of a major Russian retail chains selling electronics and appliances “M. Video”. Until that time, stores are in test mode. As shown practice, during the regime of their visitors more than 80 thousand people, which confirms the interest and confidence in residents to the products provided by these shops. And this number is growing every day. The highest demand in Irkutsk use a computer and large appliances.

The share of sales on credit in Irkutsk at the moment about 20% – this is consistent with the trends in the whole network “M. Video”. With the advent of “M. Video” a new era of civilized trade in consumer electronics sector. Although it is too early to draw conclusions on the impact of “M. Video” on the market in Irkutsk, the first results allow to say with certainty that the company has pleased customers, and not without reason: it offers customers huge range of products at affordable prices and high service level. Now buyers are hard to attract only the price – the company must also offer and the best expertise in the field of technology-confident “M. Video”.

To New Year there is not much time, and before New Year sales – even less. The period of New Year sales – one of the busiest seasons in the company. During this period, the demand for different types of technology can increase from 50% to 100% compared with previous months. Before the New Year presents many novelties company, announces the trends for the current season. Every year at this time there are special actions, but they will be advertised later. Now campaign was “200 pricing dropped into your hands” on the opening of 200 stores. For 200 products on offer reduced prices. On what, you can find themselves in the stores. Store locator: TC JamMall, st. Sergeeva, 3, and TC “Universal”, ul. October Revolution, 1.

Armed Forces

The Start Was in one day as these, sunny and pretty, where I signed up the troops of Brazilian defense, were an honor to serve there and to show capacity to remain, because at the beginning, the treinos are very difficult, tie most for the chemical preparation, my force of only made me to will to be and to fight for a place in the corporation. It ties the day where I received my first suit, a T.A.50, until then, I already had broken three times right leg and two to the left, one right arm and two the left. Therefore I had time to all analyze the project of the suit and to obtain an authorization for modifies it, by means of posterior analyzes of the technician of the base. It was there, that I started to work in the projects and construction of the suits used in the base. It was a very difficult start, after I I did not have no course, that could help me, was everything in the pure acquired knowledge, making the maintenance of the suits and repairs in the workshop of the quarter, place where I absorbed much knowledge and skill to work with this type of service. Later, I was to work in set the companies who made all the suits of the Armed Forces, where I could develop some proper projects, with I assist of technician more experienced, then I dominated the technology of the robotics, mecatrnica, development of programs and systems. Thanks to my development inside of the companies, and creation of some models of suits, then I was promoted the handle, and later the sergeant, arriving until 1 lieutenant, to put, I lost you vary promotions, due the fight constant so that certain people could be in the troop, I I was lowered for handle, patent that I kept per six years.


The association enters this model of production in series, adopted tethers industries, and the professional corporations characterize the consumption society. Thus, this term more assigns to the current modern, urban and industrial, dedicated society to the increasing production and acquisition of good of diversified consumption each time. For the survival of this society it is essential that is created necessities of use of new products, therefore, as soon as a product appears in the market, it must be consumed intensely and after that substituted for another one. However, as we do not know such product nor we are accustomed the USA-Io, and many times not even we need it, is necessary that if it makes to create in each one of us the consumiz necessity it. To acquire a good, we need to find really important to possess it. In this process, the formation of the public opinion carried through by the medias, commanded for a small number of people who decide what we go to choose, to possess and to use, collaborates of vital form for the creation of necessities of use of new products.

This process of opinion formation occurs when the opinion – that each one possesss as exclusive and genuine thing, is induced, or influenced, for periodicals, tevs and other forms of mass communication. Mandel concludes its reflections saying that in the delayed capitalism, the expansion of the sector of services is preferable to the existence of excess capitals. However, the logic of the delayed capitalism consists of converting, necessarily, the idle capital in capital of services and at the same time to substitute services for merchandises. Thus, the society produces transformations in the relation social with the merchandise, with the images and also the proper individual suffers transformations, as we will see to follow in the reflections of Braudrillard. 3) THE TRANSFORMATIONS IN THE SOCIAL RELATION WITH THE MERCHANDISE ' ' We live the time of idias' ' , in Braudrillard says to them, where the men if find encircled more for objects, for merchandises, of what for other men.

Legal Consultations In Moscow

Legal issues – it is always in demand topic for entrepreneurs. A high-quality legal services in Moscow are needed at any time. Quite often in law firms get on the registration Of a key in Moscow. As a form of device companies has its own characteristics: the losses are limited to the price of shares, shareholders have limited liability, there is an opportunity to sell shares without the consent of other parties; may enter into any of the legal and physical person of any nationality, payment for shares may be made in cash and property and the possibility of attracting external finance, the number of shareholders infinite, and so on. Registration of a key post in Moscow requires an accurate inventory data, the most important of which are: information about the founders, contact the organization, short and full name of legal entity type Tax photocopies of the order of the authorized capital market officers persons.

If the founder of a natural person, the registration of a turnkey basis in Moscow, you must pass the TIN, passport copy, phone number and address. For a legal entity binding data of paper: Paper registration, codes of statistics; statutes; INN; extract from the register, the protocol of general meeting, bank account number, an extract from the register of shareholders. Law firms have a list of basic and additional services that are included in the price for legal services. Usually the price for legal services firms include: collecting all the documents in client representation instances; acquisition of securities registration, legal advice on the registration of a key in Moscow, the acquisition of Certificate of Incorporation, a seal, work with tax authorities; assignment of codes SSC. Prices for legal services and includes additional service at the request of the client. Legal consultations in Moscow are many firms, but the primary purpose is to find a responsible and experienced, so before going to the experts, detailed view their range of services, works and customer testimonials.

Milton Saints

The workmanship of Milton Saints presents an important contribution in the studies of the Brazilian social reality, when analyzing the challenges of the citizenship ahead of the organization and production of the Brazilian space in the capitalist molds. Soon at the beginning, the author standes out that the material progress reached by the society established a economic rationality, being this rationality taken root in the culture modern and repassed to the countries for the market and the speech and state action, responsible for the creation and maintenance of an ideology of ' ' progresso' '. Ahead of this reality, Saints (1998) make a provoking questioning: ' ' It has citizens in this country? ' ' How it is the situation of the rights social politicians and in Brazil, under a economic model that becomes poor persons millions of people in favor of a presumption collective progress, but that it is in the hand of few? The said economy the rules and if becomes reference for the poor countries, that enter in the game in subordinate position. Such progress legitimated and is incorporated as ideology and modifies the citizenship meaning. More ahead, it affirms that the citizenship was and is a social learning, having passed for a process of construction throughout history. Taking in consideration the reality occidental person, everything initiated with the acquisition of the quality of citizen, as member of a State-Nation, occurred in the Europe in century XVII; after that, it came in century XIX the conquest of collective rights, as the right of the diligent classrooms to form association. In third place, they had no longer come the social rights conquered century XX, having as example the system of the Social welfare. Of this form, the meaning of citizen for the citizens and the society were not produizido in linear abrupt way and nor, but they had been gone and comings, slowly formed by means of history, of the social relations and if they give as conquests, as stages to be vanquished.

Notary Public

In the U.S. (and possibly also in other countries), the latter usually certified by a notary signature certification. Signature of Notary Public shall be certified by the Apostille. Signing authority for the submission of the founder may be witnessed as a conclusion about this law firm, and with recent evidence of suitable public authority which granted the authority to sign. While waiting for issuance of a certificate of approval, a company which is under establishment can be registered as such in the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce. For such registration, the following information: company name (with added notes 'ie', pointing to the fact that the company is under establishment); certificate of registration of the founder, a brief description activities undertaken by the company, the number of people working for the company, to locate and address of the office, personal information such as name, address and nationality of directors, a letter from the notary who assigned registration agency company stating that the company is under establishment, the personal data of all persons (or any) other than directors who are given the authority to represent the company.

To agency partnership, any person of the entity may enter into a contract on behalf of ZKOO, located at the stage of establishment, which had been registered as such. After incorporation, the board of executing Directors may approve all legal actions carried out on behalf of the company prior to its establishment. After this statement the company is linked retroactive effect. Prior to this approval, any person to act on behalf of the company is personally liable for those actions. Following the adoption of such personal liability ceases to exist. ZKOO, which is under establishment, can not include in the legal face.

Installation Wizard

The developers have used a number of progressive developments, which are absent in the products of competitors. First is the concept of universal modules with which you can create a separate partition site. For example, the 'Directory of materials' – it's a parent to the news stream, a directory of articles and blog. Such opportunities have appeared thanks to a very flexible system configuration of each module. The blocks are responsible for the visual display Information section of the site. With the help of the administrative interface, you can customize the layout of blocks and get access to templates with HTML-markup. To create a template using template Smarty, which allowed make all the code in the script modules and templates, leaving only the markup.

We also liked the tools to import / export settings and partition blocks. The site is also available ready-made configuration (online store Blog and corporate site). According to the developers if there is a ready-made design, the integration of a typical configuration has a maximum of 1-2 hours. Very impressed with the special Windows-client, which serves as the control center groups of sites! Installation Wizard takes all the work on the pumping system for hosting and import settings. It is only necessary to set FTP-access database and MySQL. You can even choose one of the suggested configurations and ready to proceed immediately to filling of the site. Conclusions We have tested a number of interesting CMS-solutions and concluded that our best match the requirements of two products – 1C-Bitrix Site Manager and A-CMS. The first CMS – very powerful, flexible in configuration, but has a high price and system requirements. A-CMS – very flexible in the use of a product that fits us all for the price. Shelf configurations and support for Smarty – is another plus of this CMS.