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Without Fleiss No Price

Or, As honestly, still the longest lasted! Many of us know it yet the old sayings such as: “without hard work no price” or “Honestly lasts the longest”, which we received at that time by parents and school as a guide on the path of life. The sayings suggest that only hardworking and honest success will have or vice versa, that lazy and dishonest, there are in life not to get far. In our society, in which nothing seems to be so steadily, as the change in value, these “nuggets of wisdom” appear almost already anachronistic. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Center For Responsible Lending. In politics, the economy and also in private we have adopted us but partly by these values. And it is easy for arguments to find, but make it “the upstairs” before, how if at all possible do not should behave in our society.

As in politics, lying that the beams bend, in the economy, deceived and ripped off, where it always goes and also in the private sector it is not exactly taken often with the truth. The company has ailing and often already unstable in the approach. Only a few institutions open dare to stand against this “trend”. uss. Sometimes there are churches or other social associations and institutions which “argue”, and to critically report to Word. But what use all these appeals, if ultimately lacks the consequences for those, which blur the boundaries between “Good” and “Evil” and the Maxime raise their self-made values their thinking and action. The partial withdrawal of the regulatory state of the interfaces with the private sector is certainly good and right – only he may not fully understand himself. State regulation is then attached to the uncompromising enforcement of the law authorities will, be where transgress norms and morals and decency injured endeavour. It should be to preserve this order goods no sufficient legal basis more give, it is important to create these promptly and strongly new.

Bank Karlsruhe

Conditions were this to educate them to socially committed and responsible citizens of their country. In the children’s village St. Helene in Haiti currently 472 children and young people include the FAMI-lie by our little brothers and sisters. Father Richard Frechette, head of this kin derdorfs, reported first-hand the damage caused by the hurricanes in the a direction of the children’s village. As roofs were torn down, shattered Windows, rooms were flooded and damaged the water and electricity system. Haiti aid could in the past few weeks already around 200.000 euros who collected-the. During the annual meeting donations amounting to over 4,000 euro came together again, that after the return of father Frechette more repairs can be carried out. For more donation account 12 000, BLZ 660 205 00 social Bank Karlsruhe, keyword: Haiti relief, is the Association is very grateful.

Father Frechette was accompanied by Augusnel OSME Jean Nebez Augustin Denise Waldner, three former home children, and Dr. Jacqueline Gautier, a doctor of the children’s Hospital St. Damien in Chateaublond. While the former pequenos reported on their experiences and their work in the children’s village, Gautier Dr. illustrated the dramatic situation in the health care in Haiti.

The St. Damien medical team treated more than 25,000 children and youth various annually, mostly free of charge, since most Haitians cannot afford any medical treatment. About 3,000 children must be stationary recorded per year and supplies. For these treatments, we need lots of power and money. I would like, that we still more professional help he-hold, concluded her remarks Dr. Gautier. The annual meeting ended with two beautiful gestures: the Berliner Erika Hoffmann asked guests not to relax their assistance. In addition to their regular contributions, she has the Club considered in her will. My kids keep me young and fit and I am happy to be able to help there, where the need is greatest, so the citizen. Finally, he attacked Haiti Ambassador’s just determined to guitar and sang a Haitian folk song together with his fellow countrymen great acclaim.

Kreissparkasse Tubingen

Parents send their offspring so that they have to know the dark side of life. Reprobates teens be fined by virtue to social services”. As Mrs. Bohlmann pointed out, they do the work particularly engaged. Students complete the teaching here. Approximately 25% of the volunteers come from the clientele.

Out of gratitude, they support the work of the association with their help. Who wants to work with determines its time usage yourself, any way he can. The food be placed free of small and large businesses. Usually, these are excess goods that can no longer be sold in stores and normally is disposed of, the expiration date is but has not progressed beyond. Seasonally the table at Easter Bunny or Santa Claus chocolate customers look forward after the Festival and even some chocolate delicacy is then located in the shopping basket. The joy and gratitude for the provision of the goods is great, a problem greatly burdened the budget of the Association: the Garbage fees in particular for bio-waste. Fruits and vegetables are not always in perfect condition, and thus not for sale. It moves naturally into the organic waste and rising customer numbers and goods need these operating expenses also increase.

Like any business, also the Tubingen Panel must generate operating costs themselves. These include the rental and entertainment premises, electricity, water, heating, repairs, garbage fees but also vehicle expenses such as fuel, insurance, road tax, etc., in figures expressed around 60,000 a year, tendency rising. The costs are covered by donations from organizations, companies and individual donations as well as through the sale. So far this financing model has worked, however, customer numbers and costs rise further and hence the money – material and time consumption. You want to support the Club and its work? On the Internet at hilfe.html you know what options are available and who you can contact. There is nothing Good, except to do it. (Erich Kastner) It must be not always the great acts, also helps work wonders and the persons in charge of the Club are grateful for any assistance. “About the request of the Tubingen Panel: help to mitigate the social situation and within your possibilities with donations, food, time, support our work.” Contact: Tubingen Panel e. V. Katharinenstrasse 29 72072 Tubingen phone and FAX: 07071 9406 94 E-Mail: Web: donation account: Kreissparkasse Tubingen account Nr. 288994 BLZ 641 500 20 hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 15:30 to 18:00 Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:00 (sylvia wollny – syw)

Director Joseph Vilsmaier

Week 28 September-04 October 2009 personalized children’s books for a good purpose in Munich, September 22, 2009 – children, a serious illness, the loss of the family home, family crises, physical or sexual violence will suffer, take refuge in the Tabaluga Kids Foundation (www.tabalugastiftung.de). Their patron is Peter Maffay. In the facilities and projects of the Foundation each year approximately 400 children and young people are looked after inpatients and outpatients individually. The Tabaluga Kids Foundation aims to give traumatized children back life in decent conditions. The Munich publishing house PersonalNOVEL, Europe’s leading provider of customizable novels and books, the commitment of this Foundation is great and important. Therefore, PersonalNOVEL will support the Foundation with a fundraiser. The Munich-based company wants to help to put a smile in the face of these kids at such a difficult time. “Sustainable support: Tabaluga-charity week” at PersonalNOVEL from 28.

September held PersonalNOVEL to 04 October 2009 therefore on its website (www.personalnovel.de) the Tabaluga charity week”. Ten children’s books and a children’s book, which are marked during this week with the small dragon Tabaluga, take part in the action. “The themes of the books are extremely varied, so, for example, the titles are the birthday box” holidays on the farm and the trip to the middle ages “can be ordered. Of each marked personalized book if ordered within this period, 1 in the Tabaluga Foundation goes. Customers who with want to support this meaningful project for children, can make your personal copy on the site and order. All books are deeply customizable products. Not only the name of the child can be personalised, but also the illustration itself is in the picture books: in addition to the gender the hairstyle, hair and eye color of the little protagonist can up to freckles individually on the recipient child be matched.

All books are very quality, lavishly illustrated and ensure many years of reading fun. Customer as an initiator for the cooperation PersonalNOVEL got the idea for the support of this foundation of an enthusiastic customer. This was the impetus for the Munich-based personalization specialist contributed last weekend as the opening action for the charity golf tournament the Eagles Golf Club tutzing (district of Starnberg) in favor of the Tabaluga Kids Foundation personalized books. To the celebrities who had arrived for this good purpose, singer Johnny Logan, as well as the former ski jumper Jens Weissflog were among others the actor Suzanne von Borsody, Elke Sommer, Herbert Knaup and Fritz Wepper, Director Joseph Vilsmaier. In total, 45,000 euros for the Foundation came together on this weekend. PersonalNOVEL initiated “Tabaluga-charity week” (28.09 04.10.2009) – surprise your son, your daughter, your godchild or grandchild with a picture book by PersonalNOVEL and prepare the same Double pleasure! During our week of Tabaluga charity of the 28.9 04.10.2009 going a whole week 1 of each ordered children or youth book from the action to the Tabaluga Foundation, whose work we have presented in our blog post of 9/11. Support this good cause and choose a children’s book during the week of our action, which you can personalize according to your wishes. Indicated by the books that have been selected by PersonalNOVEL for the fundraiser, the small logo of Tabaluga. With your book and the automatically outgoing donations amounting to 1, you can help children who have experienced much suffering in their lives, will find in the Tabaluga facilities again refuge, comfort and care. Dirk Delbrouck PersonalNOVEL E.k..

Confederations Cup

Also former player commented on the demonstrations, but especially to the criticism at the FIFA World Cup. Ronaldo, who was the 1994 and 2002 World Champion and is Ambassador of the World Cup 2014, defended the spending on the World Cup: “to not make a World Championship with hospitals”. The ex-soccer player was on the streets as well as in the social networks aim fierce criticism and satires. The appeal of triple world champion and the World Cup Pele, Ambassador also caused resentment. He asked that “this whole mess that happened in Brazil” will be forgotten. “Let us remember that the Brazilian team is our country and our blood. Mock we”not our team. The critiques of Pele were less intense in comparison with those of Ronaldo.

It is obvious the demonstrations are aimed against the Brazilian National team. But, there is a general dissatisfaction with the handling of public funds for the realization of the spectacle, which goes hand in hand with social inequality, repression of the police and corruption in politics at the same time. The most important social actor under the former footballers is Romario, who won the World Cup with Brazil in 1994. He vehemently criticized the use of public money for FIFA and, indeed, that the “World Cup is the largest theft of in history” be. According to the data of the Ministry of sport, total expenditure for the World Cup already at 9.7 billion euros.

The Brazilian Federal Government anticipates spending up to 11.5 billion euros. The matches of the Confederations Cup are marked by conflicts between demonstrators and the police, so the atmosphere in the stadiums of joy and celebration. After the victory of the Brazilian about Italy, which was held in the State of Minas Gerais, a protester from an overpass fell and succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. The most unfortunate moment in the course of the protests was the bloodshed last Monday in the slum “favela da Nova Holanda”.

KLJB Eichstatt Youth

16 MdL praise the political practice week of youth and KLJB from March 3 to 8 accompanied 16 young adults almost a week 16 Landtag of all the groups for their work and were particularly close insights into the politics. They participated with them in Committee, group and plenary sessions and experienced it firsthand how land policy. “” It was peak, super informative and great, even to get to know the personal pages of the members “, praises participant Christina Landtag Haak (22) by the KLJB Diocesan Board of Passau the project live” the youth of Bavaria and the Catholic Landjugendbewegung (KLJB). From 3 to 8 March accompanied 16 young adults almost a week 16 Landtag of all the groups for their work and were particularly close insights into the politics. They participated with them in Committee, group and plenary sessions and experienced it firsthand how land policy.

The 20-year old Nicole Fleischmann from Greding (youth, Diocesan Association Eichstatt) reported: Parliament live provides unique opportunity to see how politics practically works. Now, I also know that members basically have a 24-hour job. There is no such thing as a lunch break, worked in the”. “On the other side, the 16 members of Parliament much out of touch with young volunteers from youth and KLJB learned: I am impressed by the great interest the great openness and clear perspective on political issues by Franzi.” (MdL Annette Karl, SPD, about Franzi Bauer, KLJB Munich and Freising) to learn that the youth is very politically interested other than sometimes their reputation,. The Vroni was always interested in the subject of energy, has through her studies there insane idea and was very interested in all issues.” (MdL Tobias Reiss, CSU, about Vroni Hadley, KLJB Eichstatt) The chinesischer KLJB Diocesan President of Eichstatt, Vroni Hadley, pleased once again that she could introduce their interests: it was great that Tobias Reiss about the energy concept of KLJB Bavaria already knew and we go into the detail could continue to discuss these issues and to see what is in practice it.

Municipal Election Campaign

Bonn Bundestag delegate Stephan Eisel holds for telling it that the SPD with the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, opened their local election campaign in Bonn: “it speaks volumes that the Bonn SPD has just invited the SPD leaders, who not only constantly calls for the repeal of the Bonn-Berlin Act, but also promoted an alliance with the left party as a model for the future. There you can shake just the head.” Eisel reminded that Wowereit repeatedly call the “fair division of Labour set out in the Berlin-Bonn-law” between the two cities as “anachronistic” for about four years and call for the relocation of all ministries to Berlin: “such politician exists in all Berlin parties, but must you invite therefore the Bonner marketplace? “It would be better to remember that made commitments to comply are Mr Wowereit and it in the would be unacceptable to bleed the taxpayers for such relocation fantasies.” On the credibility of Wowereit we must therefore excited words. The question according to Eisels arises, what signal would give the Bonn SPD with the invitation of the SPD political leader. Wowereit argued aggressively for an alliance with the left party at the federal level and prefers the coalition with the SED successors in Berlin in cooperation with the democratic parties in the Berlin House of representatives: “that reminds one of the old folk wisdom: tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” “” The Bonn SPD election campaign slogan stonn Zesamme “an interesting meaning gets here.” Press contact: Dr. Stephan Eisel, MdB – constituency office – market 10-12 53111 federal city of Bonn Tel: 0228-1849 98 32 fax: 0228-1849 98 34 Dr Stephan Eisel, Member of the German Bundestag of the German Bundestag elected member of the Board of Trustees of the Center for advanced European studies and research (CAESAR) by the German Bundestag elected member of the Board of Trustees of the Deutsches Historisches Museum (DHM) from the Federal Government named member of the Board of Trustees of the European network “Remembrance and solidarity” by the Federal President on a proposal from the Federal Government designated Deputy. Member of the Board of Trustees Jewish Museum Baird

WEB Campaign

In Camden, where the Drug use is highest, the police in the area had even two displays for the truth about drugs “and helped with the distribution of the booklets. In the South of London, another drug problem area, the officials to all visitors of the area distributed drug facts”booklets. A total of 12 police stations distributed by Tottenham and Paddington to Southall and Southwark booklets in their areas. In the fourth phase, the distribution points were extended to London in over 6200 Cafes, eateries and shops. Traders and shop owners supported the campaign with great enthusiasm and exhibited materials to take for visitors. The last phase of the campaign included a global Alliance ambassadors from the drug-free World”to find.

They visited embassies and consulates in the city, and informed them about the purpose of the campaign. In this way it managed the teams, leading diplomats, including the Ambassador of Liberia and the High Commissioner of Sierra Leone, as well as the first Secretary of the Colombian Message for this Drogenaufklarungs campaign to win and sign the pledge for a drug-free world. Top athletes could be won as well for this campaign. Total athletes and coaches from over 50 countries had signed the pledge, to take the drug-free message in their home countries. Until the Olympic torch went out, the teams of volunteers and Scientologists, thanks to the support of the IAS, a million books in the public domain were distributed. This is the most significant distribution of the truth about drugs”worldwide. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion, campaigned have already in the last century, to educate people about drugs very closely.

He was of the opinion, that people take the drugs, destroy their physical and mental health, and preventing a stable progress of mental well-being with drugs. It was also demonstrated when enlightened young people with factual information about drugs, drugs are not what drugs access.