Kreissparkasse Tubingen

Parents send their offspring so that they have to know the dark side of life. Reprobates teens be fined by virtue to social services”. As Mrs. Bohlmann pointed out, they do the work particularly engaged. Students complete the teaching here. Approximately 25% of the volunteers come from the clientele.

Out of gratitude, they support the work of the association with their help. Who wants to work with determines its time usage yourself, any way he can. The food be placed free of small and large businesses. Usually, these are excess goods that can no longer be sold in stores and normally is disposed of, the expiration date is but has not progressed beyond. Seasonally the table at Easter Bunny or Santa Claus chocolate customers look forward after the Festival and even some chocolate delicacy is then located in the shopping basket. The joy and gratitude for the provision of the goods is great, a problem greatly burdened the budget of the Association: the Garbage fees in particular for bio-waste. Fruits and vegetables are not always in perfect condition, and thus not for sale. It moves naturally into the organic waste and rising customer numbers and goods need these operating expenses also increase.

Like any business, also the Tubingen Panel must generate operating costs themselves. These include the rental and entertainment premises, electricity, water, heating, repairs, garbage fees but also vehicle expenses such as fuel, insurance, road tax, etc., in figures expressed around 60,000 a year, tendency rising. The costs are covered by donations from organizations, companies and individual donations as well as through the sale. So far this financing model has worked, however, customer numbers and costs rise further and hence the money – material and time consumption. You want to support the Club and its work? On the Internet at hilfe.html you know what options are available and who you can contact. There is nothing Good, except to do it. (Erich Kastner) It must be not always the great acts, also helps work wonders and the persons in charge of the Club are grateful for any assistance. “About the request of the Tubingen Panel: help to mitigate the social situation and within your possibilities with donations, food, time, support our work.” Contact: Tubingen Panel e. V. Katharinenstrasse 29 72072 Tubingen phone and FAX: 07071 9406 94 E-Mail: Web: donation account: Kreissparkasse Tubingen account Nr. 288994 BLZ 641 500 20 hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 15:30 to 18:00 Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:00 (sylvia wollny – syw)