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National Foundation

In the census of 2.000 it registered 43 basic educational establishment and 5 of average education, being 29 municipal theatres, 9 state and 5 particular ones. To read more click here: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The data of the pertaining to school census of 2000 disclose an increase significant of offer, but the time of permanence in the system continues steady regarding to the year of 1991. 1.4.4 In agreement health information raised and presented for CAR, 2002, in the document Regional Profile? Irec, population of the region is taken care of by two basic, hospital and ambulatoriais services, distributed in 23 hospital units with 944 stream beds, being 14 under the responsibility of the city, private eight and one tied with the Federal Government. The ambulatorial service is structuralized in a net of 108 units, distributed in all the cities, as ranks of health, centers of health and polyclinics. 1.4.5 Infrastructure the region of Irec as a whole not yet makes use of an adequate infrastructure of support for the economic activities, being distinguished limitations in basic availability of hdricos resources and other services that make possible the overcoming of the natural restrictions that affect the productive process. The supply of electric energy is tied with state concessionaire CHESF, being that some localities longnquas appeal to the use of small electric generators that function the combustible oil. The current average consumption of energy is of the order of 149.147 a thousand kWh, being 20% demanded by the farming activities, being distinguished it irrigation.

They is esteem that 65% of the population have access to the systems of water supply. The region makes use of services of supplying d? water of the Bahian Water Company and Sanitation? IT BASES, of the Autonomous work of Water and Sanitation? SAAE, of the National Foundation of Health? FNS, Agency of the Health department and diverse simplified systems (chafarizes fed for tubular well), kept in the agricultural areas for the city halls, of isolated or participativa form in partnership with associations of small producers or agricultural workers, the system of ambient sanitation involving effluent collection and disposal of and solid residues is precarious, being able itself to conclude that it does not exist, practically, pluvial exhaustion in the urban headquarters of the cities nor systems of cleanness and destination of the urban garbage, of standard technical adjusted. As alternative of sanitary exhaustion, predominant, the majority of the cities makes use of a composed set for fossa connected the sumidouro (fossa septic), being distinguished it known modality as fossa common or black. In all the cities, the service of urban public cleanness if characterizes for the varrio, collects and use of diverse types of transport: dump-cart, truck, wagon or tractor. The destination of the residues, in the great majority of the cities, is in deposit the open sky. Four aterros exist, tam

Day of the Tree

In day 21 of September we will go to commemorate the day of the tree, then it is the opportune moment for we speak of this so precious good that it assists in them of the birth until the death. Perhaps if the trees could pronounce themselves, said more or less thus: – ' ' I was created by God before the human being came to the world, so that when it arrived, could find a shade friend in which it could rest and if to remake of the fatigue of its tasks. More unhappyly, many times I am ignored and disrespected for the man. They, without none escrpulo, on behalf of the progress, destroy my life. With axes, scythes or motosserras, cut my trunk making me to fall in the soil. They say that I make much dirt and I give work very, I knock down many leves. They forget that the leves that fall if become precious seasoning and that in its place other new leves are born that renew my beauty.

Beyond the shade, also I produce fruits that feed the birds and the proper man. Of my flowers the bees suck the nectar to produce the candy honey. In my twigs the birds make its nests and if they shelter from the sun, of rain or of the cold. Of my wood it is that the houses are made to shelter the people during its lives, the bed where the man rests during the night, the door that of the security to its homes, the cradle where innocent child sleeps, still, of my wood are made the coffin in which will go to rest the body without life after the death. Therefore, when to pass for me it contemplates me and it is thankful the good God for my existence. It does not make me none badly. Before breaking my twigs pulling out or me of the soil when still I am teeny, one remembers of that I am part of its vida' '.

My friends, if the nature makes in them so well, then we go to live in peace with it. Because not to plant plus a tree instead of destroying it? Because to maltreat a so precious good as this? Let us make our part, therefore the tree that we plant today produces the shade for our rest in tomorrow. Tree is life and life is not come to ruin. Let us reflect on this! Jair Garci’a Martins Ura – Paran

The Researchers

The ice that burns. This would be the first description of ' ' combinao' ' crystallized between methane molecules and molecules degua, found in deep regions of the oceans. The soconsiderados methane hydrates already, for the researchers, the main power plant for sculoXXI. However, the exploration of this power plant can provoke maiordesastre ecological of all the times due to release of the pelarpida gas methane dehydration of the same. The calls abissais regions oceanic detmcinqenta and five percent of all present carbon in the planet Land. From there idea comes them it: ) If the oceanic abissais regions are the depsitosnaturais of carbon, can use to advantage these gigantic and aindadisponveis spaces for ' ' aprisionarmos' ' the carbonic gas, the principalcausador of the effect greenhouse, indirect form.

b) We will use, for this end, the solar energy, afotossntese and the water to cultivate gigantic forests, biomassaabundante that would be enfardada in containers of armed concrete, plastic to ouqualquer another resistant material to the corrosion and, I assist with it of grandesembarcaes, would be carried to those submerged places and for action dagravidade. Containers or packs of the biomass will have to possess orifciospara entered of the water and balance of the chamber pressures and external to paraprevenir possible dosmesmos crushings of containers and to facilitate the submersion. c) The great advantage of if using biomass to paracapturar the carbonic gas are the fact of that the carbon will only be captured, leaving themselves exempt the oxygen. d) For each 12 (twelve) captured tons of carbon, saw biomass, they will be set free 32 (thirty and two) tons of paraatmosfera oxygen, and, very important, 44 (forty and four) tons of Co2, gscarbnico, main .causing gas of the effect greenhouse, would leave to exist naatmosfera that we breathe. e) They will be, to certain form, true depsitosgeolgicos, are about fossas geologic that to be come close to suffer to abalosssmicos or room from layers, would go to soterrar these containers, becoming-osainda safe more with regard to the environment.