College Life

It is enough to be pointing guilty. The floods have been full plate of the sensationalism, but throughout the last years, little became in the direction to educate the populations and to demand of the authorities a worthy planning for the growth of the cities and the occupation of the ground. We have only one Land and of it we must take care of. The necessary conditions for the life only exist here human being. It does not advance to be imagining that, with much money, we could run away for another planet.

Therefore, to take care of of the Land must be our priority, exactly that let us have that to modify many inadequate uses and customs for this time of restrictions created for the disrespect to the laws of the nature that support the life. How much to Haiti, the president of the Senegal, Abdoulaye Wade gave a tomoriginal: We have that to offer the possibility to them to come to Africa. They have in such a way right to Africa how much I, said it. There she looks at a well original idea and with much depth. The current situation of shortage of the people of Haiti is a consequncia of errors of the past. The nations if mobilize to give humanitarian aid. However, beyond getting the improvement of the material conditions, the new generations need burning hotly to want to reach the general improvement, as human beings of value that search the evolution integral, then only the attendance of the basic necessities, so that I and its individuality rescue interior. The rubbles of Haiti represent a call of alert for the humanity easied with the meaning of the life, and accomodated in benesses of global the financial system in ways of announced rupture. Africa also needs the aid of the developed countries, as rescue of those errors. * Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra is graduated by the College of Economy and Administration of the USP, periodical collaborating contributor important of So Paulo and carries through lectures on on subjects to the quality of life. Currently, he is one of the coordinators of, site without lucrative ends, and author of books Meeting with the Wise Man, Reencontro with the Wise Man, The Trajectory of the Human being in Terra and Nola.