Monthly Archive: May 2016

The Jibreel

Within its main features that your partner has to contend, are a feeling of greatness – he is good, she is the best-, an exaggerated egocentrism my things, my interests, not renounce anything-, as well as a total lack of empathy in their relations. They are not able to put on the side of the other. They are struggling to respond to the emotional demands of others, of course your partner less. Yes soon feel that your partner like that don’t listen, that does not take into account your needs, that his dialogue is better than yours, and that surrounds you with its surprisingly seductive labia. In addition to not being able to give with the point of your dissatisfaction. Surely you’re linking you with a person very narcissistic. Shown impenetrable with its feelings and is not capable of a certain emotional commitment.

His commitment and intimacy, terror lead him to throw overboard the good moments. Charm shown in society, at times becomes a detachment isolated from intimacy. Assault and separated by the passivity and hostility. Although they yearn for a couple, feel drowned in the relationship. As its name suggests Narcissus, in the famous fable is in love with his own reflection, therefore, the narcissistic feels very fond of himself, but in the background, refuses to experiment with your own internal vacuum. The narcissistic represents characters: the lover, the Jibreel, the expert, the more delicate and fine, but also in the intimate, the most destructive and devastating, when it proposes. Against any criticism he jumps because does not reflect you what you expect. And then, he lashes out with blind fury against the couple, punishing her in all possible ways, given your inability to comprehend and understand the other. Persons who establish relationships of narcissistic love feel that you deserve everything, know everything, understood everything, valued everything according to its scale, there is no entry for nothing, rather than for him.