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Attitudes Skills Volunteer

Freedom constitutes the main axis that defines the voluntary action. Before even than solidarity or the pursuit of justice. Without complying with this principle, a good deed may be efficacious socially, can have a positive impact for people marginalized or excluded groups, but will never be voluntary since the decision is moved fully or partially by an interested objective: a salary, a few academic credits, comply with a law, family or pressure from a group of reference, unreasonable incentives, military service or practices or content professional scholarships and economic impact. In another context, it also must be careful with pressure that they may exercise, with the best intention, teachers, parents, therapists or other educators to enable young people in his charge to perform some task of social volunteering. Orientation and education in solidarity for children and young people should not be confused with mandatory volunteer.

In addition, a voluntary service is a set of actions created to improve the quality of life of people with diverse needs. The outcast, the sick person alone and abandoned, the protagonists of all voluntary action and towards them should lay all efforts. The planning, the selection of volunteers, training, follow-up programs, supports to volunteering, etc. are thread is knotting at the same point in the network: the welfare of the beneficiary of that service. There is much difference between volunteering for the reintegration of marginalised and programmes for the reintegration of marginalized made by volunteers.

The volunteer always directs its efforts toward a third person outside the Group’s own volunteers, because a team of volunteers may not be converted into a group of self-help, at least as a first objective. People are not instruments. No person is an instrument to get to no end, overlooked that the purpose is. The protagonist in volunteering is the marginalized person and in it we have to think about when planning any working method. There will volunteers whose motivations, poorly understood, come into collision with this radical principle of volunteerism. Benefits of the volunteer to the beneficiary of the programmes may not be prepend. The volunteer or the Organization cannot choose a method of work thinking in as well that will feel the volunteer, or if this is going to come out of his depression or if it is more suited to a doctrine, or if public impact and flashy will get, or whether votes will be achieved. It will seek the most effective method to bring the greatest benefit the person sick or marginalized. Another thing is that, incidentally, the volunteer get incalculable personal rewards. Solidarity J.C.G.

The Liquigas Reigns In Cordoba

The first week of the Vuelta is demonstrating that the slightest cluelessness can be fatal for the Favorites. The stage today, between Ubeda and Cordoba, with a single port of second category, promised to give some rest after two days of surprises in the mountains, but relaxation is a term that does not exist on the bike. The Liquigas, Nibali, put a rhythm endiablado on the descent of the Alto de San Jeronimo, 15 kilometers away from the goal, caused a cut formed by four runners of his team, including Nibali, and who joined Pablo Lastras, and allowed the Italian aranase 17 seconds, cigar and Scarponi, other favorites. Nibali now outpaces the General cigar in seven seconds. Peter Sagan, for his part, said the stage victory, the first get into a large, and Chavanel still leading. Before the blow of the Liquigas, the stage had already had an electric start, in which the leader, Sylvain Chavanel, and the winner of yesterday, Purito Rodriguez, came to be escapees. Meanwhile, the own Nibali, Menchov and Wiggins were cut to nearly half a minute of the platoon. And all that before having traveled the first 50 kilometres of the race. The voltage dropped as soon as escaped four corridors harmless to the general, which were hunted just at the foot of the port, 25 kilometers from the arrival. &q=Patrick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery explained all about the problem. Source of the news:: the Liquigas reigns in Cordoba

Avoid Before Publishing

It avoids some common errors where many authors fail, at the time of doing and publishing an article. When sending successfully your article to any Web that publishes articles (publisher ezine), you have the opportunity of which is exposed to thousands of subscribers, even to million readers in line. Nevertheless, so that you are successful, you must compete with other salesmen of Internet who also send their articles to the same publishers. The question is How to do so that your article stands out of the multitude. You must find an answer to this question, otherwise your article wrath to the sweepings.

These are the errors most common assignments by many article authors. Error # 1 – Niche of market badly oriented. Many authors send their article to a niche of market badly oriented. He sends your article to your objective public, and you do not ruin your article sending it to all the niches of the page of the publisher ezine. Error # 2 – empty Line of subject. You must write the title of your article in the subject of your mail electronic.

Many article authors send their article without line of subject, instead of to write for example " New presentation of artculo" , or " article for his publicacin" , or " considerar" , or " New article – 6 errors that you must avoid before sending your article to Ezine publishers " etc. Error # 3 – To write articles with the same subject that 99% of the authors. The content of your article is an evident idea, and deals with very little difference of the same subject that writes the others. You do fresh and unique an article. It learns something new of your market, and learned turns it in a unique article. You could write an article on any subject that is happened to you.