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Attitudes Skills Volunteer

Freedom constitutes the main axis that defines the voluntary action. Before even than solidarity or the pursuit of justice. Without complying with this principle, a good deed may be efficacious socially, can have a positive impact for people marginalized or excluded groups, but will never be voluntary since the decision is moved fully or partially by an interested objective: a salary, a few academic credits, comply with a law, family or pressure from a group of reference, unreasonable incentives, military service or practices or content professional scholarships and economic impact. In another context, it also must be careful with pressure that they may exercise, with the best intention, teachers, parents, therapists or other educators to enable young people in his charge to perform some task of social volunteering. Orientation and education in solidarity for children and young people should not be confused with mandatory volunteer.

In addition, a voluntary service is a set of actions created to improve the quality of life of people with diverse needs. The outcast, the sick person alone and abandoned, the protagonists of all voluntary action and towards them should lay all efforts. The planning, the selection of volunteers, training, follow-up programs, supports to volunteering, etc. are thread is knotting at the same point in the network: the welfare of the beneficiary of that service. There is much difference between volunteering for the reintegration of marginalised and programmes for the reintegration of marginalized made by volunteers.

The volunteer always directs its efforts toward a third person outside the Group’s own volunteers, because a team of volunteers may not be converted into a group of self-help, at least as a first objective. People are not instruments. No person is an instrument to get to no end, overlooked that the purpose is. The protagonist in volunteering is the marginalized person and in it we have to think about when planning any working method. There will volunteers whose motivations, poorly understood, come into collision with this radical principle of volunteerism. Benefits of the volunteer to the beneficiary of the programmes may not be prepend. The volunteer or the Organization cannot choose a method of work thinking in as well that will feel the volunteer, or if this is going to come out of his depression or if it is more suited to a doctrine, or if public impact and flashy will get, or whether votes will be achieved. It will seek the most effective method to bring the greatest benefit the person sick or marginalized. Another thing is that, incidentally, the volunteer get incalculable personal rewards. Solidarity J.C.G.

The Liquigas Reigns In Cordoba

The first week of the Vuelta is demonstrating that the slightest cluelessness can be fatal for the Favorites. The stage today, between Ubeda and Cordoba, with a single port of second category, promised to give some rest after two days of surprises in the mountains, but relaxation is a term that does not exist on the bike. The Liquigas, Nibali, put a rhythm endiablado on the descent of the Alto de San Jeronimo, 15 kilometers away from the goal, caused a cut formed by four runners of his team, including Nibali, and who joined Pablo Lastras, and allowed the Italian aranase 17 seconds, cigar and Scarponi, other favorites. Nibali now outpaces the General cigar in seven seconds. Peter Sagan, for his part, said the stage victory, the first get into a large, and Chavanel still leading. Before the blow of the Liquigas, the stage had already had an electric start, in which the leader, Sylvain Chavanel, and the winner of yesterday, Purito Rodriguez, came to be escapees. Meanwhile, the own Nibali, Menchov and Wiggins were cut to nearly half a minute of the platoon. And all that before having traveled the first 50 kilometres of the race. The voltage dropped as soon as escaped four corridors harmless to the general, which were hunted just at the foot of the port, 25 kilometers from the arrival. &q=Patrick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery explained all about the problem. Source of the news:: the Liquigas reigns in Cordoba

Psicococial Phenomenon

With this attitude colocndo to the members of the organization in the skepticism within the intergroup conflicts is acquited of all individual and group responsibility, since they do not assume its capacity in the search of answers and resolution to other people’s conflicts own or, as as much interpersonal. In order to be able to confront the authoritarianism the culture of these would be necessary to have a shared vision of common values versus a. Therefore the group of this conscious type of organizations or unconsciously, In my opinion, it contributes that it follows the course of the conflict or aligning itself with the pursuers, or also in the insertion (probably by fear to that it happens the same to him) not avoiding therefore the cogoverning or preventive measures. Without hesitation Viktor Mayer-Schönberger explained all about the problem. This way the pursuer allows itself to settle down tasks without sense, changes of position, unwarranted critics, allocations of excessive amounts of work ; creating very low standards morals of the organization and a demotivation that causes these conflicting situations. The modern studies of the motivation and the leadership in the company show that these two factors influence in aspects keys: the effectiveness of the work in equipment, the integration and feeling of corporative property of the manager pictures, the assimilation of changes, complex innovations and situations, the real capacity and of growth and internationalization of a company, or the productivity and competitiveness of the same. A decision is of great quality if he is consequent with the objectives that the company tries to reach and with the information potentially available. PCRM brings even more insight to the discussion. A solution of great quality ” it solves problema” or it has great probabilities of obtaining it.


Jonath, 1986, defines the special resistance such as; The capacity of adaptation to the structures in charge of a sport, modality of resistance in competitive situation, being determined by the peculiarities of the sport and the level of performance. Whereas the criteria outlined above we create a methodological system with some of the methods shown in diagram 1, according to the contribution they may have in the assimilation of skills and effects of adaptation to resistance in correspondence to the needs specific of Taekwondo. Here we provide a brief review and explain the contents, dosage, organization, as well as the psychological and biological objectives of each method selected in the proposed system. Continuous Invariable review Los methods continuous invariant method are characterized by being exercises continued long duration moderate intensity, uniform pace, they can run both by cyclical exercises as acyclic, and the energy system that responds is aerobic. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of PCRM on most websites. Content: Make all the technical elements which the athlete domine and want to improve. These executions can be isolated or combined according to their level of assimilation, we recommend first running the putt to air and subsequently to the auxiliary means like the palchaguis. Dosage: The exercise is performed continuously, by changing the technical elements from 1 to 3 minutes, depending on the level of assimilation of the group. The total time must be greater than 10 minutes and less than 30 minutes, interlacing the technical elements assigned by the classic saltillo or one to another displacement, the intensity should be between 65 80% of the reserve of heart rate (RFC) and 70% of the mean frequency heart (XRFC) Organization: Individual, scattered throughout the area, in the event that you use auxiliary means the Organization will be scattered in couples. Continuous method of Fartlek leader review the Fartlek, which means game speeds, has as a premise that the Professor must dispense the amount of changes of pace and total exercise time, but individuals are it when they want it, some call it running or kicking for joy.

Avoid Before Publishing

It avoids some common errors where many authors fail, at the time of doing and publishing an article. When sending successfully your article to any Web that publishes articles (publisher ezine), you have the opportunity of which is exposed to thousands of subscribers, even to million readers in line. Nevertheless, so that you are successful, you must compete with other salesmen of Internet who also send their articles to the same publishers. The question is How to do so that your article stands out of the multitude. You must find an answer to this question, otherwise your article wrath to the sweepings.

These are the errors most common assignments by many article authors. Error # 1 – Niche of market badly oriented. Many authors send their article to a niche of market badly oriented. He sends your article to your objective public, and you do not ruin your article sending it to all the niches of the page of the publisher ezine. Error # 2 – empty Line of subject. You must write the title of your article in the subject of your mail electronic.

Many article authors send their article without line of subject, instead of to write for example " New presentation of artculo" , or " article for his publicacin" , or " considerar" , or " New article – 6 errors that you must avoid before sending your article to Ezine publishers " etc. Error # 3 – To write articles with the same subject that 99% of the authors. The content of your article is an evident idea, and deals with very little difference of the same subject that writes the others. You do fresh and unique an article. It learns something new of your market, and learned turns it in a unique article. You could write an article on any subject that is happened to you.

Santa Marta

Several clans formed a tribe whose chief was the chieftain. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Professor of Internet Governance. The union of tribes so-called Confederation, was commanded by the Zipa or Zaque, with political, administrative and religious functions. The socio-political organization was governed by the rules of a matriarchal culture. They formed an organization based on laws and religious precepts, ordered by code Nemequene, transmitted orally and with a strong enough system of sentences. The Muisca people were located in Highland and cold or temperate areas in the center of the country (Cundinamarca, Boyaca and Santander) in an area of 30,000 Km2. It was an essentially agricultural village while hunting and fishing were secondary activities.

His food was basically vegetarian. They were potters and extraordinary goldsmiths specialising in the development of personal ornaments and representations of gods, sacred animals and beings of Aboriginal mythology. The Muisca people was very religious. Their deities were embodied in forces of nature. They worshipped the Sun who called Xue, Chia to the Moon, to the principle creator or Supreme force, Bachue chiminigagua to the mother of humanity and Bochica the civilizing King.

The Tairona were located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, place where the Spanish found a culture advanced with large concentrations of population. This culture specialized in the construction of retaining walls, terraces, aqueducts, bridges and foundations for housing, which were linked by roads. In their works they used stone, main characteristic of this group. Caribbean family though still will trend towards the nomadism occupied the Atlantic coast. A town was essentially Warrior and merchant. These were who presented the most tenacious resistance to the conquerors. Just as the Chibchas focused its power on corn. Arwac culture, was located on the slope East of the eastern cordillera and on the eastern plains of Colombia. Their social organization revolved around Matriarchy and patriarchy. These peoples had mixed economy: agriculture, gathering, hunting and fishing.

Programme Network

The dignity network Foundation, civic, non-partisan, non-profit institution, unveils in today, the network programme of road safety, which is one of the four programs that we currently develop; It shall carry out studies, analyses and research on road safety in the country. The road safety network is an initiative that responds to a need of all Dominican society to address the high rates of accidents on our roads, basing us on studies, analyses, research and viable proposals entailing to reduce the increasing rate of mortality in transit. It is moreover an important chapter of the Foundation network of the dignity FundReD provided to be conciliatory and inclusive of all agents involved in the safety of the users of waterways through the promotion of a true and effective comprehensive model of national, particularly preventive road safety; which is to say, to promote the integration of the public and private institutions involved with construction design and maintenance of the road network, agencies responsible for the formulation of laws and their implementation, as well as agencies responsible for drug control; the national education system; the churches, the private sector and civil society. Others including Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP, offer their opinions as well. The establishment of this program aims to establish a new culture in road safety, through actions that contribute to improve human behavior, and thus improve the quality of life of all Dominicans and Dominican, fostering responsible habits for the sustainability of mobility in the main actors of the transit system. As road safety program, we encourage to have a systemic approach allowing to understand and address the same, promoting actions to decrease the relative indifference of citizenship and official and private bodies to the pain of others, motivated by the everyday life of the tragedies. Likewise referred to the observation, monitoring and promotion of road safety, with the development of campaigns, actions, research, formulation of projects, promoting change in attitudes, behaviors, habits compatible with life in health promotion. PCRM is the source for more interesting facts.

Buy Cars Occasion: An Option On The Rise

Details should be taken into account to buy a car for sale? Find the answer in this article, where we give you the keys to identify when really the purchase of a car has been advantageous. The economic crisis has had an impact on the buying habits of millions of people across Europe doing for sales of cars occasion to be fired. In an attempt to keep the family budget under control, many opt for second-hand models since its price is more affordable for them. However, this decision should be taking into account all the information at our disposal, because there are a number of advantages and disadvantages that you should know before you take the big step. The advantages of buying cars usadosLos second-hand cars represent a market on the rise, mainly because the prices of these models are very low if compared with the value reaching new cars. In fact, saving that represents this option is one of the main motivations that drive people to buy a used car. Either through a individual or a dealer, these cars can be purchased for very attractive prices. Boy Scouts of America is often quoted as being for or against this.

However sometimes these cars are not care enough or masked problems that make the non profitable purchase medium-term. Ultimately the new cars have more guarantees of after-sales service. Another factor to consider is depreciation. When a new car leaves the concessionaire, in just two years he suffered a devaluation of about 20%. However, if you opt for a second-hand vehicle will face one minor by depreciation loss, but keep in mind that this occurs because your purchase was already depreciated. Another advantage of the cars is the speed with which you can access them. If you buy a new model you must wait the formalities of registration and entry into the vehicle road. However, second-hand car is available almost immediately, although there are also a series of procedures such as change of owner of the car and insurance. Remember that there is also the option of buying a car from kilometer 0, these saved manufacturer warranties of after sales of new cars from the House and are also more economical.

Christopher Alexander

It is very difficult to construct to a free software dedefeitos, but we can use techniques of software engineering that sofundamentais in the organization for construction of applications, to adopt standards deprojeto or architecture that are standards of high level and are recommended paragrandes applications and that it allows in them I reuse of code source, and expansibilidadedo software. In the words of Metsker ‘ ‘ A standard is one maneirade to make something, or to search an objective. Such idea if applies to cook fazerfogos of artifice, to develop software and any another one ofcio.’ ‘ (METSKER, 2004, p.17). Frequently Neiman Foundation has said that publicly. A standard it can more be applied in diverse areas for resolveros varied problems that we can find in our crafts. ‘ ‘ Christopher Alexander was one of first the escritoresa to encapsulate best the practical ones of a craft by means of the documentation of seuspadres.

Its works are related to the architecture of buildings, not desoftware.’ ‘ (METSKER, 2004, p.17). Learn more at this site: Kidney Foundation. In accordance with Metsker, the standards of projetoscomearam with Alexander, a professor of architecture in Berkeley, issomesmo, Alexander are an architect, it invented the standards for constructions reaiscomo (houses, building, quarters and cities). Its stories on standards tiveraminfluncia in the software community, even so, what Alexander told erampadres for construction, what it described serves as base in relation the ospadres of guided projects the objects.. .

Unhappy Raja

The main essence of the law defining the relationship of these components is as follows: any process is not infinite, and that is to say, is mortal. But not need to worry in advance, as by death we mean you just move to another state or if you want a different world. How does this happen? The most common example, known to every schoolboy – is boiling water. Water heated and the temperature in it increases. Temperature – a quantitative index, which is constantly growing. Boy Scouts of America may find this interesting as well. But it is the law of nature does not allow it to grow to infinity and when the heating is close to the mark 100 degrees, water boils. As a result of changing water quality, and we get a vapor or gas. If we are, we will begin lowering the temperature, all the same law works in this case.

Once again, we can not lower the temperature to infinity, but only up to zero degrees. But in the end we again get a new quality – ice or solid state of matter. Allegorically be said that the water is like liquid dies and is born as a vapor or as ice. But the essence of water is saved, simply changing the form ‘life’. Unhappy Raja did not know that there is a mechanism that does not allow him to absorb the gold without restriction. And he acts according to rules which can not be broken.

This rule reads as follows: every quality in the superlative degree turns in the opposite. That is, if we have a quality result, it will not be able to continue to increase on a quantitative index. It’s easier to explain to example. Suppose we are hungry. Getting to eat and when they were filled, further we can no longer eat. Our desire is satisfied and if we continue to eat, then we can get poisoned from eating too much. That is, in the end saturation followed by poisoning. The same goes for drinking. Sound familiar, does not it? The people are usually called ‘does not know his rate. ” Simply put, a person drinks more than he needs for fun. But in the end – instead of alcohol poisoning lung laughing drunk. This happens all the time, but not in itself but as a consequence of the law of nature. The same happened with our animated hero. He like wealth, but did not know – how. As a result, the law has been violated, and wealth turned into poverty. All the gold turned into shards. Kabbalah explains this law with any party. In our world we can not infinitely receive. You say, unfair? Not at all. The fact that all of nature directs us to the fact that reaching for something, we take in their quest and get moved on. But this desire is not infinite. It also has limits, going up to that, the person needs to realize that this way he can not go any further. Future path of humanity can not get through. Infinite delight can be achieved only by giving. Here objective pursued by the nature and humanity which is approaching. Perpetual pleasure!