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Attitudes Skills Volunteer

Freedom constitutes the main axis that defines the voluntary action. Before even than solidarity or the pursuit of justice. Without complying with this principle, a good deed may be efficacious socially, can have a positive impact for people marginalized or excluded groups, but will never be voluntary since the decision is moved fully or partially by an interested objective: a salary, a few academic credits, comply with a law, family or pressure from a group of reference, unreasonable incentives, military service or practices or content professional scholarships and economic impact. In another context, it also must be careful with pressure that they may exercise, with the best intention, teachers, parents, therapists or other educators to enable young people in his charge to perform some task of social volunteering. Orientation and education in solidarity for children and young people should not be confused with mandatory volunteer.

In addition, a voluntary service is a set of actions created to improve the quality of life of people with diverse needs. The outcast, the sick person alone and abandoned, the protagonists of all voluntary action and towards them should lay all efforts. The planning, the selection of volunteers, training, follow-up programs, supports to volunteering, etc. are thread is knotting at the same point in the network: the welfare of the beneficiary of that service. There is much difference between volunteering for the reintegration of marginalised and programmes for the reintegration of marginalized made by volunteers.

The volunteer always directs its efforts toward a third person outside the Group’s own volunteers, because a team of volunteers may not be converted into a group of self-help, at least as a first objective. People are not instruments. No person is an instrument to get to no end, overlooked that the purpose is. The protagonist in volunteering is the marginalized person and in it we have to think about when planning any working method. There will volunteers whose motivations, poorly understood, come into collision with this radical principle of volunteerism. Benefits of the volunteer to the beneficiary of the programmes may not be prepend. The volunteer or the Organization cannot choose a method of work thinking in as well that will feel the volunteer, or if this is going to come out of his depression or if it is more suited to a doctrine, or if public impact and flashy will get, or whether votes will be achieved. It will seek the most effective method to bring the greatest benefit the person sick or marginalized. Another thing is that, incidentally, the volunteer get incalculable personal rewards. Solidarity J.C.G.