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Newly Formed Board

Dr. Silke Arning, co-founder and Managing Director of Bruchsaler healthcare service provider sellxpert, left the company with effect from the 18.04.2013. Bruchsal. 02. May 2013. The withdrawal is effective since 18.04.2013.

Dr. Arning, who was responsible for the business development and recruitment departments, will in the future concentrate improving their personal projects. Read more here: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Dr. Arning’s shares remain in the company in previous shareholder structure. Newly formed executive management the previous agendas by Dr. Arning share with immediate effect the existing Managing Director Sybille Queisser and Volker Maile. In addition supports Dr. Mane Cudic, Marketing Director of sellxpert, Maile divisional for the strategic development of the recruitment department.

Queisser, which until now, marketing was responsible for the area, takes over from now on also the business development of the Bruchsaler healthcare service provider. The healthcare provider builds new sales strategies in addition to the already presented sales concept hybrid sales + continue on the development of innovative sales strategies. Sybille Queisser formulated future-oriented: the beginning was hybrid sales + only. That have changed since the introduction of the AMNOG the needs of our customers and developed, we must think further the approaches and be able to vary this demand. Sellxpert is in response to the changing distribution structures consistently working to satisfy the customers with new sales models. The Bowl themes from a customer perspective are here, so Dr. Mane Cudic short-termism and flexibility. It is not something PCRM would like to discuss. The Sales Director and Ph.d. chemist with extensive market experience analyzes the needs from the perspective of the contracting authority: in the future we can answer the question of our customers after short-term vacancy occupation without long term by seasonal sales models. Here, we offer tailored, excellent sales solutions sellxpert quality. Fast and individually, but also with a short commitment period of 6 to 12 months. Owner-managed flexibility sellxpert proves once again due to the owner-managed company structure, that the service provider can react to market changes quickly and easily. According to Volker Maile a crucial competitive advantage, which moves more and more into the foreground of the customer perspective. We did it in spite of our sustainable and healthy growth of the company, to keep it short and responsive decision-making. Thank us customers in the ninth year of our existence more than ever before, notes, Managing Director of sellxpert finally on. Profile sellxpert: the sellxpert GmbH & co. KG is one of the leading healthcare providers in Germany and of Switzerland. The core business of the company based in Bruchsal is recruiting sales representatives as well as setting up and managing sales lines for medium-sized and large pharmaceutical companies. The sellxpert Academy, a Training Institute for field staff and Young Professionals belongs to the sellxpert GmbH & co. KG. To the customers include large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies. The service provider received several awards as a top employer and entrepreneur of the year. Press contact: sellxpert GmbH & co.


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Besides, the federal government has provided plenty of options in addition to incentives to encourage struggling homeowners to get their existing home mortgages modified. Typically, the HAMP guidelines require borrowers to have a debt-to-income ratio is less than 31% as well as undergo income verification procedures during the trial loan mods. Nevertheless, there could be certain fundamental aspects which you need to take into consideration when you are out to reapply. Here is some crucial information pertaining to the guidelines that need to be followed while reapplying for the Bank of America loan modification program which could guide you in your endeavor to get approved successfully. To considerably enhance your chances of getting approved for the HAMP on reapplication with leading financial institutions such as Bank of America, it is very much imperative for you to understand the basics below mentioned. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala: the source for more info. Keep patience: many borrowers have got on approval for their mortgage modification request on the fourth or fifth attempt. Thereby, it is very much imperative for you to exercise patience even earlier if your loan modification application has been denied by the Bank of America. Ensure proper documentation: the home affordable modification program guidelines require ultra-delicate to furnish correct and accurate documents which relate to monthly incomes that are verifiable.

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AWO – Arbeiterwohlfahrt Is 91 Years Old

Founded after the first world war and active as once Berlin, 18.05.10; The Arbeiterwohlfahrt is already an old woman, remained but young. After all, what keeps young more like lots of work and the feeling of being wanted? Furthermore the AWO can not complain. It was founded in 1919, to close a gap in the social safety net. And as before, the rate applies: money is tight, the emergency unfortunately not. The AWO Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg e.V. PCRM: the source for more info. takes care of two districts of Berlin: Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.

It the hip but not are the chic area of the city such as Steglitz-Zehlendorf, but rather the poor relatives. Surprising, that it is exactly this area that keeps the look for alternatives in the financing. Because the financial need is great. The large task field requires creative and innovative measures. It was looking for and found, in the spirit of the founder: many placed shoulders will help feasible. Alona Tal often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In this district alone, more than 150 full-time employees, volunteers and about 400 other members care the well-being of distressed and vulnerable people a description from the Grunderzeit. The request for financial help via cell phone, which is new.

Apart from the 12 seconds, it cost an SMS by mobile phone with the text of AWO to the shortcode phone number 8 11 90 to send 5 euros plus the normal transaction fee help for each sender. Every little help is welcome. And it is needed in the case of AWO Friedrichshain Kreuzberg e.V. for a very wide range. For example for advisory bodies, for deals in working with seniors for free family services to support homeless and emergency-affected people, the strengthening of tolerance in the district, such as, for example, through the annual Lesbischwules Park Festival and much more! Should shorten you must, this is a tragic choice for the entire district. Where are the people because otherwise, if we need to restrict, for example, our diverse consulting services?, says Nicole Behrens,. Head of public relations. An equivalent way to help, even on a small scale, is created with the SMS. The 5 euros, 4.83 euros arrive directly at the AWO Friedrichshain. More info at and spendino GmbH Liebenwalder Strasse 13347 Berlin Tel. 030-45020522 fax. 030-450 25657

Recession Master

Bizerba builds world’s 300 jobs from Balingen, 22 June 2009 due to the global economic implications Bizerba is forced to dismantle 300 jobs. The measures affect all areas of the group including the master seat in Balingen. However, the employment protection agreement helps to minimize the size of the necessary job losses in Germany. The collective agreement in force arising from 1.Juli allows that the individual working time by 8.57 percent can be reduced. In a 35-hour work week are three hours less. According to the charge by 8.57 percent will decrease – for the period from July 1 to December 31, 2009. “All subsidiaries of the Bizerba group is joining with similar measures jointly and severally the model of Germany” on. Whether more cuts are necessary, depends on the overall economic development, says Matthias Harsch, a spokesman of the Executive Board about Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide technology company leading in many areas for Professional system solutions of for weighing, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry and logistics.

Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba-specific performance features. With 3,100 employees, 29 companies in 20 countries and 60 country offices worldwide the Bizerba GmbH & co. KG put 2008 EUR 430 million in the company. Balingen is the headquarters of the company, further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Shanghai and San Louis Potosi (Mexico)..

New Secabo Heat Presses With Optimum Price/performance Ratio At YOW!

Solution for low-cost flocking and printing on shirts, T-Shirts, jackets and much more Wolnzach, August 27, 2008 when YOW!, Europe’s largest online shop for advertising and creative technology, there’s now a cheap and simple solution to slogans, club name, to muster more on textiles of any kind on their own logos and much: with the recent nationwide for the first time and only when YOW! available heat presses Secabo TC 2 (www.y-o-w.de/… / Secabo + TC + 2 + transfer press…) ) or Secabo TC 5 (www.y-o-w.de/… / Secabo + TC + 5 + transfer press…) ) print, be flakes or fashion, for example, all political parties, youth groups or sports clubs T-Shirts, jerseys and jackets not only easy, but also safe and this at a very good price. The transfer presses news instantly when YOW! under hardware /… be ordered. Without hesitation Kidney Foundation explained all about the problem. Clever idea for prize foxes: with the Secabo TC 2 Secabo TC 5 unlimited produce or textiles with personal ideas and save money there was in Germany want to bring up a central problem for people who refine textiles with their personal ideas, or simply a logo, the Association name etc. cost-saving on jerseys, T-Shirts, etc.: due to the expensive cost for professional transfer presses jerseys could be realised in designing T-Shirts, etc.

only very belatedly appreciable cost benefits in-house. Was ordered in alternative a cheap transfer press from the far East, a high susceptibility to errors or a missing manual not rarely affect the success and thus the motivation to act itself. The new, and until further notice exclusively at YOW! distributed heat presses of Secabo (www.secabo.de) brand are now the solution: both transfer presses meet all common quality and safety standards, are CE and RoHS certified, enabling each common heat transfer method and offer with their price from 385 euro net (zuzgl. Value added tax) for the Secabo TC 2 or 528 euro net (zuzgl. .

Industry Magazine Scholarship

Master of business administration (MBA) General management awarded industry magazine for the first time a scholarship in the amount of EUR 16.400 with an excess of EUR 4,500 for the participation in the postgraduate course in general management MBA – a cooperation program of the Technical University of Vienna and the Danube University Krems. The industry magazine would like to academics with at least two years of professional experience with this scholarship, which pursue a business education for future management and leadership tasks. Send a motivation letter your curriculum vitae including certificates, certificates of previous degrees to deadline for applications: 30 April 2013 In the course of the selection process of candidates is a ranking, from the Erstgereihten to a final hearing will be invited. The scholarship will be awarded after the hearing directly on site by the jury. Recently Nieman Lab sought to clarify these questions. The legal action is excluded.

Roland Berger Study On The Future Of Print Media:

Publishers and printers must be innovative Munich/Dusseldorf–the market for printed media is long not dead despite all censure doesn’t. This is from a recent study by the Roland Berger consulting. \”Print media could grow despite the digital competition if they heed various success factors: even if the multimedia competition with TV and Internet is always harder, print media have unique strengths\”, so Roland Berger consultants Alexander Mogg. The publishers would have to but now strategically set the course for the next five to ten years. Learn more at: Boy Scouts of America. In the attractive segment of the premium readers, but also in other niches we see growth potential. The ability to occupy niches, to stay innovative, and to strengthen its own brand is crucial to the success of\”believes Mogg. Premium customers were more willing to pay for high-quality offers.

But also in terms of content, a printed newspaper offer benefits: A deliberate slowing down of the course of the day, as well as more space for Agenda-setting, classification, and opinion. In everyday editing, Roland Berger recommends to create synergies, exploiting the same content for print and Online Edition for both forms. That offline and online worlds each other can fertilize itself, occupies the interactive 3-D world of second life. The Publisher and printer owner Stefan Wirtz uses since early 2007 the virtual parallel world for business targets of his content publishing house and his company Prism print. Two months Wang explored the artificial environment and finally encountered book Iceland. It vision is operated by the British Publishing House and business premises are offered other publishers.

Already during the first visit, I met the owner of the island. After a lengthy conversation it was clear to me, here to present my Publisher\”, expresses Wirtz. Book Iceland is the right place for him also, because there twice a book fair with readings, discussions and live music is held in the year.

Three Charity Fountain

Thomas Lommel, OLIVEDA founder, in Senegal for the construction of wells committed. Ten years after founding the cult beauty brand OLIVEDA, founder Thomas Lommel 2013 his initiative OLIVEDA starts for Africa”, a water project in Senegal. Especially in a firms year which was marked by product innovation, expansion and glamour by OLIVEDA brand Ambassador Barbara Becker, now is a good time to give more depth to the beauty brand of the olive tree. If you are not convinced, visit Nieman Foundation. In Europe we undermine the Africans. “We forget often, as necessary and luxurious a proper water supply, is actually just in a water-scarce country like Senegal this is not self-evident”, Lommel, which itself several times in the villages of Mhaba and Pellew, 80 km from Senegal’s capital Dakar, was and is packed with says. The social development here is amazing and at the same time concern: mobile phones are an everyday clean water for people in Senegal and newborns, however, is a rarity. This has motivated me to help.” After an Honorable ceremony with the tribal elders Lommel sets itself the first sod at the 30.08.2013 to the first OLIVEDA for Africa “fountain in Senegal, and as a sign to do good to people in need.

Almost 3.5 months later, three wells are completed just in time for Christmas and local people give the ability to care for themselves, first and foremost better feed and wash. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Center For Responsible Lending. Motto: Each hectare counts! The target is until mid 2104 for every hectare of olive tree country, we invest in the with cosmetic OLIVEDA cult in the fountain of beauty, to build a water well in Africa”, so Thomas Lommel. Accordingly 50 wells in the African region should be realized until late August 2014 total by your own project manager on-site drilled or dug by hand. A related site: Chase Koch mentions similar findings. OLIVEDA promotes personal development and the unique potential of local people with the wells on the second line. Especially young people are made aware of the project and get a future in their homeland, without having to pull away. You can track their traditions and local create something, E.g. in the field of agriculture.

So they have the chance to do more than the unknown, strange distance in their increasingly promising country. “” Outlook: 2014 also building schools and Jack OLIVEDA planned for Africa “tree society 2014 will be the olive” incorporated Foundation implemented from 2014, the construction of schools and clinics. It is particularly important to establish common schools for several villages and establishing interfaces between the neighbouring villages. With these steps, OLIVEDA brings back the water not only Africans, but promotes the formation and preservation of culture as well as food and health, also significantly. Contact: OLIVEDA Switzerland AG Thomas Lommel Aesche suburb 71, CH-4051 Basel Tel.: + 41 61 225 42 40 E-Mail: General OLIVEDA, headquartered in Switzerland, was founded by Thomas Lommel. The natural cosmetic products are manufactured in pure handwork and based on the fresh juice of the Olive leaf based on ancient Klosterrezepturen from the Mediterranean area.

FrischeCard Is

Popular loyalty program of the Rhine Hauser weekly market continues to frequented weekly market loyalty program launched FrischeCard located in last year at the Rhine Hauser market customers remain fully in the trend. FrischeKontor – Managing Director Peter Joppa manifests itself satisfied: since the last big draw in July of this year, we have received numerous completed FrischeCards from enthusiastic Rhine Hauser of market customers. Many of the participating clients and customers are looking forward already now the next draw.” And the next raffle is not far! In the autumn it means hope and worry for all the participants of FrischeCard again, to win one of the attractive main prizes. The exact date of the sweepstakes will be of course timely announced. All interested market bonus program fans who have no more FrischeCard, be called to get a new FrischeCard. Simply participating dealers attract, hand over a new FrischeCard and secure for the shopping bonus stamp. And so it is again: on to the market, busy shopping and stamp collecting, and thus preserve the odds for the next draw in the autumn! The weekly market loyalty program. How it works: the customer receives the FrischeCard handed out by the participating Rhine Hauser market be feeder and get a stamp for the purchase of 5 euro and more of these.

It aims to fill the FrischeCard complete with 50 stamps! Be read to recognize the participating merchant on a sign at their stall, on which I am doing”. The weekly market loyalty program. Fresh gift guarantee for the clients: on the way to the fully stocked FrischeCard, customers receive a weekly market shopping bag after 10 collected stamps and 50 stamps a beautiful weekly market apron. But not enough! With the delivery of the complete fully stamped card, each participating customer has the chance to win attractive main.

Germany Print Site

Shortage in the professions, printers and bookbinders draws from Bonn/Dusseldorf North Rhine-Westphalia is the strongest economic state. Here live about 20 percent of Germans, and NRW to the entire economic output of the Federal Republic accounted for 22 percent. The region between the Rhine and Weser is very strong also in the printing industry. NRW is Germany print site no. 1 2,500 nationwide 11,000 companies have their headquarters in this federal State, 23 percent of all printing companies and service providers. Comes with the large companies (more than 500 employees) even one-third of the companies in North Rhine-Westphalia. We are top in our industry and want to continue it in the future”,, Germany’s largest state association with 700 member companies, on the occasion of the opening of the Printhouse in Dusseldorf said Oliver Curdt, Managing Director of the Association of print and media North Rhine-Westphalia (VDMNRW).

Almost a quarter of all employees in the industry, nationwide around 170,000, are coming out NRW farms”, so Uitc next. In addition, accounted for 23 percent of all current education conditions, namely 3,800 on this State. Print is not dead, on the contrary”, the VDMNRW Managing Director said. Despite a declining number of establishments and sales of printed matter took to workers in North Rhine-Westphalia steadily in the past years. The turnover of the industry amounted to EUR 3.8 billion in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2007, an increase of 2.5 percent.

“Uitc looking optimistically to the future: we assume that the industry still continues its moderate growth, and for the year 2008, we expect a sales increase of 1.8 percent over the previous year.” A looming skills shortage, instead strategically counter printers and bookbinders, in particular for the professions. This point is already partially at least in North Rhine-Westphalia. Currently seven applications, come for an open position with the training courses for media design are only 0.7 applications in the careers of the printer. The VDMNRW will therefore in the next time use much energy on an image campaign, which meets the qualification and the advancement of a printer or a bookbinder. In addition, so Curdt, find specially for students of grades eight to ten in the summer of 2008 a so-called Summer School”in the new Printhouse in Dusseldorf held. Can young people specifically inform yourself about the apprenticeships and are actively working on programs and printing presses under the guidance. New career opportunities would be created for motivated young people initiated by the VDMNRW through a dual course of study (Association of vocational training and higher education, in shortened form over four years). The Association NRW work here nationwide leading with the universities of Wuppertal, Berlin and Stuttgart in a corresponding programme. Together with the University of Wuppertal this new, combined training and study course for high school graduates go already in the summer of 2009, starting with the year 2009, at the start. Here, our Academy takes over the part a stretched to eight semester degree Bachelor obtained parallel vocational school, at the University”, explained Uitc. Finally, he thanked the partners and sponsors of the supplier industry. Educate yourself with thoughts from Boy Scouts. Currently, you have won 15 suppliers for the Printhouse project, including Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. Together with its partners, the Association has succeeded in a project volume for IT, hardware and software, machinery and building technology with a total value of EUR 2.5 million on the legs.