Monthly Archive: August 2018

Ancient Paintings

Or, is a monumental mistake to reduce the appearance of writing it represents when we, the Europeans of today, we write what we call letters. This reduction prevents us from seeing that, long before the Egyptians, that is, from the Paleolithic, the man wrote, is absolutely certain that the alleged “paintings” Lascaux cave were already writing the concept! “We have not done better!” Exclaimed Picasso, who was completely confused on the nature of what we watched. Well, it is certain that Paleolithic man was aware of, rather than the Egyptians or Picasso, the third dimension. And, to guarantee Egyptians take icons (which are Coptic or Byzantine), is always writing! The iconography mocks much to try and find out if their representations are “similar.” Sure, as it is for him of writing and shooting the portrait of the Virgin Mary! Wonder if the figure of King David in the stained glass of Chartres Cathedral is similar. The portrait, in revenge, is the paint, ie no direct representation, without the mediation of the sign. In this case, a portrait very well what they replaced, from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century, called “Fine Arts”, to the extent that appropriated the aesthetic concern, including empirical view, namely the resemblance. But that does not mean that, technically, the aesthetic concern is necessarily absent from the writing. We speak as of the writing (ie, as the Greek etymology of the word, the “beautiful writing”), provided, properly understood, not to reduce the term to the application that we mentioned yesterday, to form our letters, on the banks of the college, full and delicate! The symbol of ancient Egypt, is also the calligraphy and the bison of Lascaux, the icon, the plea made by master Verrier, etc.

Right Visual Aid

Top notch, no State funeral see no matter in what situation, and what the reason is. Berlin, 24.02.2011 (KGS). Top notch, no State funeral see no matter in what situation, and what the reason is. Has never been easier to find the vision, providing exactly what is just needed. Especially in the profession, good looks is prerequisite for sustained concentration and performance.

Not infrequently, the combination of glasses and contact lenses is the Royal Road here. More and more people work at the computer, often for hours and no major breaks. Dry Office air and a reduced rate of eyelid strain the eyes. For spectacle wearers, whether short or far sighted, there are special screen glasses lenses that are optimized for the eye distance between keyboard and monitor. You may find that Boy Scouts of America can contribute to your knowledge. Who would not renounce his contact lenses, which should ensure that these are not too dry and rub on the cornea. Contact lens specialists check whether the lenses are right for the Office. Special can help Wetting agents bring are dripped on the lens.

Who on the road is by profession much in the car, the bifocals is for the ideal companion likely. The glasses looks hot in the close and just as sharp in the distance; the look can easily switch between dashboard and road transport. Polarized lenses also help reduce light reflections on wet roads. Teachers and educators are treated by Jay-z not always gentle. The glasses can slip, fall or collide with the other. Similar blooms may be sports teachers, trainers and veterinarians. Contact lenses are therefore quite practical for these occupational groups. Their vehicles have also both hands free. Also anywhere where water steam and large fluctuations in temperature can be expected is for example in restaurant kitchens and laundries bringing benefits that contact lenses because they are not shod. In environments with high dust or spray mist the danger, however, that is Foreign objects on or under the lenses stored which can lead to eye injuries in extreme cases. Contact lenses are therefore only conditionally suitable for bakers, painters, carpenters and Plasterers. Here is the additional protection function of the glasses. Often, a combination of glasses and contact lenses is the ideal solution to cope to the everyday relaxed and successful. The range of corrective spectacles and contact lenses has never been based on the various needs and requirements as diverse as today. This, the customer has the book in hand: the optometrist who exactly explains in what situations he wants to see better, is easier to get to the destination.

Direct Mailing – Now Banned?

What is prohibited, what is still allows the TAM AG clears as the Federal Government in May of last year the Privacy Amendment II’s wallpaper brought a storm of indignation swept through the trade and the economy: the so-called \”opt-in rule\”(erstmalige Zusendung eines Werbemails \”Kalt-Mailing\” nurmehr mit Einwilligung des Betroffenen) would have meant the end of E-Commerce (and also of the fundraising)! In the autumn this amendment is now in force. What impact does the \”Federal Data Protection Act new\” new on the direct marketing addresses office experts, learn it! The Federal Government has written it up on their banners: citizens should be protected from an unauthorized intervention in his privacy! Actually, yes a noble goal of our officials, but is shot past so often at your destination! Like in the first draft of the Privacy Amendment II! The use of data for advertising purposes is at the heart of this Act entered into force on 1st September of the previous year. Although after the legitimate Objections of the economy somewhat defused, the BDSG includes a substantial impairment of the freedom of action to new. So trade sensitive data such as bank account details or credit card numbers is completely prohibited, those of basic data such as addresses or dates of birth but still allowed with restrictions! A transitional period applies to data already collected until August 31, 2012 the law includes some legal uncertainties, which exert strong influence especially in direct marketing as a change from the opt-out to the opt-in paradigm took place here. Do you mean that its consent for this to exist has not only during order processing, but already in the so-called \”cold-contact\” (so the first contact with the data subject). This can be done either electronically through a double – or confirmed opt-in. In both cases, the person concerned receives a confirmation E-mail.