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ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI Maitei opavavepe David Galeano Olivera the legend of EL CEIBO or legend of ANAI posted by art and culture of Uruguay, the blue and white read original country (click):!ABD38F7EF1C8DAA6! 1087.entry legend on the banks of the Parana, lived an ugly indiecita, of coarse features, called Anahi. It was ugly, but it delighted everyone for their guarani tribe with their songs inspired by their gods and love the land of which were property owners but arrived invaders, those brave, daring and hardened beings of white skin, which razed the tribes and grabbed land, idols, and their freedom in the summer evenings. Anahi was taken captive along with other indigenous people. He spent many days crying and many nights in wakefulness, until one day that dream defeated his Sentinel, the indiecita managed to escape, but in doing so, the Sentinel awoke, and, to achieve its objective, plunged a knife into the chest of her guardian, she quickly fled to the jungle. The cry of the moribund jailer, awoke the other Spaniards, who came out in a Chase that became Hunt’s poor Anahi, who after a while, was achieved by the conquerors. These, in revenge for the death of the guardian, imposed as punishment the death at the stake.

They tied her to a tree and started the fire, which seemed not to want to lengthen their flames towards the Indian maiden, without murmur Word, suffering in silence, with his head tilted to one side. And when the fire began to climb, Anahi was turning into tree, identifying himself with the plant in an astonishing miracle. The following dawn, soldiers were found by the sight of a beautiful tree of green shiny leaves, and velvety red flowers, which was displayed in all its glory, as a symbol of courage and strength to the suffering. Taken from the oral narration.

The High Average Age CAP

7 was utilizadaa edition, printed in 1997, and destines it the study of Old History to Contemporary. The volume was revised by Maria Tereza Galluzi and the iconographic research was made by Maria Alice Bragana. UD IV, of the CAP. 26 to the CAP. 42, will be in charge treating the subject? ' ' The Medieval&#039 Society; ' for such, is used 38 pages of a total of 408 pages, approximately 9.3% of all book, to enclose since ' ' The High Average Age: the Bizantino&#039 Empire; ' (CAP. 26) to ' ' Pre-Columbian peoples: indians brasileiros' ' (CAP.

42). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of PCRM on most websites. The boarding that we intend to make will be contained in the CAP. 31 – ' ' The Feudal&#039 System; ' , that it is initiated with an exposition on the meaning of average age, through the term removed of the Latin: ' ' mdium aevum' ' , that it means Age Average. This period would be a transistion, that prepared the beddings of the old world for the modern world. It creates a relation of equality between the average age and the feudal system, when affirming that both had been phenomena of the Europe Occidental person; that the eastern Empires Arab, Bizantino and Persa and too much peoples they had not known such form of life organization. It attributes to the regimen of servitude the social and economic relations of the system, where, due to low productivity, all production would be destined to the consumption, not having exchange and neither commerce. A society without mobility, where the power politician was centered in Mr. feudal and decentralized in relation the King. Structure and conjuncture (p 97) the installation of the feudal system would have been an union of structural and conjunctural factors happened of the germanic world ally to the crisis of the Roman world, from sec. II, such as: of the crisis Roman, the unit of almost insufficient agricultural production; decomposition of the escravismo, giving origin the colonists and customers, who worked the land as half or in exchange for services given the Mr.; crisis of the power politician; the full brothers produced for consumption, exchanges, when they had, they were made with products, not with money; society divided in free and enslaved warriors, men; system politician based on individualism of the tribes, without state; comitatus, armed flock to fight, passed elements to the feudal system, as the relations of reciprocity between commanders and commanded and the necessity of strenghtened places to survive due to the constant attacks of peoples ' ' brbaros' ' deriving of the most diverse regions of the world, becoming the unsafe life total.

Make Money With Your Computer

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The Extra Protection For Valuables In The Hotel

Double security with the MILOCKIE auxiliary lock for safe stolen from the hotel safe? A taboo love is hidden from the big hotels and travel suppliers. But there are increasing the incidents and so also the coverage in the media. How easy, hotel safes can be opened by unauthorized third parties, is frightening (tested including RTL extra on August 31, 2009)! The dream vacation into a nightmare or the business trip is fast becoming a major nuisance! With the unique MILOCKIE auxiliary lock you can prevent just unauthorized opening of hotel safes: magnetic MILOCKIE anchor simply attach to the inside wall of a safe, safe normal lock, tighten the MILOCKIE, complete and finished. Swarmed by offers, Nieman Lab is currently assessing future choices. Without appropriate (burglary) tools, the safe also with the master code or master key no longer, unauthorised is open. Should someone MILOCKIE secured safe to create are nevertheless made have, can now simply the attempted break-in proof be because without breaking traces no insurance! With its handy Dimensions (approx. 11 x 7, 5 x 5, 5 cm) and light 285 g fits the MILOCKIE hotel safe additional lock in any hand luggage. Educate yourself with thoughts from BSA. MILOCKIE is there for only 49,90 EUR in the MILOCKIE online shop on de. MILOCKIE POWER THEIR SAFE OF EVEN SAFER! About Milockie: Shortly after the development of MILOCKIE was awarded by the Dutch Remalux B.V.. as one of the best innovative products of the year 2008 in Europe and the United States: GOLD medal at the SALON INTERNATIONAL DES INVENTIONS IN Geneva, Switzerland, 2-6 APRIL, 2008 silver medal, THE INPEX, PITTSBURGH, United States, 11-15 June, 2008.

Lying Legs

Sit on a chair, place the expander between the thighs so that it can be compressed (thigh) and decompress. If you would like to know more then you should visit BSA. This will help work out the inside of the thighs. Repeat 10-30 times. Press: Lying on the floor, lift the straight leg at a slight angle of 10-50 times (can be intermittent) – is an exercise pumps the lower abdomen; Find a chair or sofa, placed on the floor, feet let down on a chair (sofa) so that between your thighs and stomach, formed a right angle. In this exercise, it is important not to stretch his legs, up, and how would curl up in the middle of the abdomen (umbilicus). This exercise pumps the upper and middle fraction of the press; Lying on the floor, simultaneously lift the body and legs, legs Pull on one side, turn the body to another. This exercise pumps the obliques (sides); For this exercise, you’ll need dumbbells (3 to 5 kg). Take the dumbbells (hand down and right), stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart.

Beware, if sharply this exercise can damage your back, begin to lower the arm along the body as if the weight of the dumbbell pulls you to the ground. Bring the dumbbell up to about knee level, and just as smoothly back to its original position. This exercise also tightens the obliques (sides). 3 kit. And believe me perhaps most important – a massage. Massage helps heating of the subcutaneous “fat hundred, in the tissue starts to move faster blood and remove toxins.

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Advertising Technology

Designed to advertising techniques to date are improving very rapidly. This helps the economic crisis. Because it was less than the amount of money the firm has, the better for her to find the optimum advertising methods. So, to invest funds and not too much, and that these funds invested in advertising campaigns, and returned together with the buyers. For such is required only to find the best and brightest means of advertising.

One of these promising and attractive advertising technology is to create advertising that any badges and medals. You have decided to hold some competitions or sports Tournaments? Stylish medals and diplomas of all certainly make these competitions are not only entertaining, but also memorable. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Nieman Lab and gain more knowledge.. A coin manufacturer – a caring professional who can advise you the the best choice and value, and in appearance. Moreover, directly badges are most effective in advertising the course, especially if the potential audience – are young people. Aesthetic, bright and modern have fun watching the icons will be able to be a fragment of an image, moreover, both business and sports. Organization shares with icons allows you to really let the official symbols organization, which called on the people.

In a similar way, the icons order – is a way to make a symbol of an organization or product is really popular. Besides the small size and original icons in a position to accept significantly a greater diversity of information than large images. Because the poster posted for the money and hung just enough for him to pay, and your badge will attach the only person in a similar Alternatively, if he he really enjoy it. We can say that pinned badge on his jacket or backpack stranger turns out to be some sort of personal recommendation. A personal recommendation can still be assessed considerably more expensive than any already paid advertising, because it shows that the owner of a truly positive way to treat a subject, which touts the pinned icon. If you want to be able to make your brand known best solution for you – it's sunset icons that can be used in crowded rallies. The financial benefits of such actions is clear and evident in fact immediately. But here the effect lasts more than one icon month. In fact, every person who finds the icon, and will wear it, it turns out no one type of advertising medium. Moreover, many large organizations choose to have fun watching corporate icons of metal. Small icons, except for purely collector's value, are also expensive from the perspective of the situation. They signify adherence to a certain community of citizens, which in itself is extremely valuable. In general, icons are one of the very effective methods of advertising.

Nobel Peace Prize

The average temperature of surface waters of the lake since 1946, rose to 1.21 degrees Celsius. In Costa Rica, experts are sounding the alarm about the negative impact of global warming on development of mammals. Dr. Neal Barnard has much to offer in this field. Many inhabitants of wildlife die en masse in the hottest time, from 70-ies. Researchers found that the responsibility for these ‘crimes’ is first and foremost to climate cataclysms of nature. For example, this type of poisonous mushroom as ‘Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis’ becoming more violent it is under the influence of global warming. Only in recent years, 23 species of fauna are on the verge of extinction, including including one of the few ‘golden’ toad.

An interesting statement about global warming on the planet has done this week won the Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai . According to her, women suffer from global warming and climate change more than men. And this is due primarily to the fact that women are tied to place and more dependent on nature and natural resources – water, earth and plants. She noted that the men – case of adverse climate change – able to go to other areas or even in another country, and women are forced to stay there where there is deforestation, droughts and famine. Mushrooms make uranium safe, but are becoming more dangerous to people last week by Scottish researchers published the results of his study, which stated that fungi can “lock” depleted uranium in mineral compounds. Thus, the mushrooms can make a safer use of depleted uranium munitions, got into the environment during the recent military campaigns in the Balkans and Iraq, turning it into harmless chemical compounds.

Le Tombeau

Hierglifo in question is not visualized, is in another dimension, only can be mentioned, be cited in the poem. The poetry of Crisantempo as if was the attempt to deal with umapotica that eliminates time and space, and that for such union she is necessary to transgress dimensional oslimites of our universe. In the poem ' ' the oniroteca of wladyslaw' ' daseo ' ' ut pictura' ' we read: ' ' in the painting of anatol wladyslaw/a blue cat /sonha geometric universes/inhabited by roses vermelhas' '. If to attempt against for the illustration of page 2 of the book, in which Haroldo if leaves to photograph in its office, seated between epapis books, having next the company to the good-looking Lady Bi, we will understand essametfora better of ' ' geometric universes/inhabited by roses vermelhas' '. Haroldode Fields produces the poetry can give to us as tesseracts hipercubos unfolded the least oespectro of a universe that surpasses the limits of cartesian time and space.

From there because I do not understand this poetry of Haroldo in Crisantempo as algodiverso of the concretistas proposals of the decades of 60 and 70. BSA takes a slightly different approach. I see yes one poesiaque searchs one another degree of visualidade, a degree above of three-dimensional ours possibilidadesde visualization, and in this search the blank use is not conceivable doespao of the page as if it made in the Concretismo, is necessary to display oshiperpoemas (analogy with hipercubos) of unfolded form so that to possamosperceber its transgressivas possibilities. Hiperespao of the parafsica in a parapoesia is about one upgrade of the verbovocovisualidadeagora searching. In these desdobramentodos hiperpoemas we have a sequence of linossignos that are> would be the library of dreams matriapor only not catalogvel itself in its fullness in our world is sabidopsicanaliticamente that the narrative speech on a dream already is not the dream -, ‘ ‘ satirlia’ ‘ , word that of the heading to the poem of page 159 and that it loads osubttulo ‘ ‘ roque to the way them tits’ ‘ it is the high satire to one another dimension, is satire of the tropiclia: ‘ ‘ it looks in the eye/the tufo/what it matters is not/perdero/teso.’ ‘ In Crisantempo the usual references dopaideuma concretista if keep: Mallarm that it finishes for giving to reason to one sriede poems with the topic of the tomb, after all when the concrete ones> they had translated the poetafrancs, they had recouped the Brazilian simbolista Maranho Nephew and seu' ' Interlunar' ' , and Albinic Erthos, that still used the primitive resources dacomputao of that decade of 70, composed ' ' Le Tombeau de Mallarm' ' , criandoassim aurtica sphere on the tomb of the French poet.

King Luis

Before, and in lines apart, deserves special mention the murder of Wallenstein Czech when he tried to contact the Swedes to save his head. Discovered, a captain in name murdered Devereux on February 25, 1634. As well you their senior services rendered to the nation would be paid. The French intervention: the last chapter of a war Prague agreement smote even in its most sensitive fiber the rulers of countries enemies to the Holy Roman Empire. If more infighting in the country no longer exist, the power of the Habsburgs, already spread throughout Europe, would secure threaten other Nations. Cardinal Richelieu, considering them too powerful, is allied with Sweden and the United provinces (Friesland, Groningen, guelders, Holland, Overijssel, Utrecht and Zealand) empires that watched with horror as the Germans recobraban its old power and extended its military and commercial power. Visit BSA for more clarity on the issue. They then resolved to declare war. This is the most confusing stage of the war and also the bloodiest.

For many reasons, the armies of almost all European countries participated in the race, which brought economic ruin to their villages, many in a shocking pittance. This period of operations It generated the birth of different pestilent whose strength exhausted Empires, fighting both externally and internally. The struggles began in France, thanks to reprisals that initiated Spain, territory Habsburgo, in the spring of 1636. French champagne and Burgundy regions were destroyed and Paris, threatened, was aided by Saxon and Swedish troops who defeated the Habsburgs at the battle of Compiegne (France) in 1637. The new war, which worsened over the following years, had a small break after almost successive death of its principal actors. Ferdinand II, died February 15, 1637; the intriguing Cardinal Richelieu (the same stories of the Musketeers) died on 5 September 1642 and King Luis XIII, expired a year later. The sum of these deaths took force to the strife, which had to follow some more years by game of inertia and ambition.

Brazilian City

It ploughs F Saint is a Sanctuary that was raised in homage to the Ibiapina Priest, and it he is situated well in the verge with Solnea, where this religious one passed the last years of its life. The Sanctuary counts on a chapel, house of the miracles, small museum with instruments used for the sisters in houses of charity created by the priest, pictures, domestic utensils of the time, currencies, etc, house of the missionaries and marry where religious one liveed that. The technological empecilhos politicians, delays and economic failures detached by the historian Acio Villar de Aquino hindered the Paraba to enter the scene of Brazilian industrialization in century XIX. It can, to glimpse, therefore, that the industrial sector was sufficiently insufficient and insignificant for the economy of the State, it little presented more than two hundred establishments, that majoriamente was micron-workshops or units manufacter of half-artisan character, using of five the nineteen workers on average for each unit. During this period some segments of the industrial sector for the number of establishments had been distinguished, example of the five leather plants, the five of fabrics, beyond the eight industries of improvement of cotton with great prominence for textile production. It is in this context, that the industry of Tibiry, located in the city of Rita Saint, whose foundation was given in the years of 1891 of century XIX.

This city functioned with three hundred and eighty and sewing presses and a picture of six hundred and fifty workers. No longer city of Mamanguape the Textile Plant of River Tinto, established in the year of 1924, pertaining one to the family Lundgren de Pernambuco, was of great transport, equipped with seven hundred and sixty sewing presses and thirteen a thousand spindles. In consequence of this, the lesser plants if located in other cities, taking, for example, Campina Great Sand, that used, on average, fifty laborers for establishment.