Monthly Archive: December 2013

Spanish Association

With these words, he wanted to calm to the bank before the increasing social demand of which the delivery of the building settles the debt. The employer’s association of the sector, the Spanish Association of Bank, even got to go to economic vice-president Elena Salgado in a letter (PDF) in which noticed to him that a measurement of this type would entail a restriction of the credit. But while they follow movement in favor of this measurement with supports like the one of the judges of mercantile right. In the pre-campaign and the electoral campaign also it has left the question: lehendakari Basque Patxi Lopez (PSOE) has spoken of the possibility of limiting the responsibility of the indebted one, although also rrido to the risks of these measures is had; on the other hand, the Madrilenian president Esperanza Aguirre (PP) has gone being further on in favor of dacin in payment for new mortgages. But the organizations follow closed in band to tackle the question, as it recently showed the Caixa, whose president, Isidro Fain, said that the banks and boxes always reach agreements with the clients who cannot pay their mortgage. It is what, according to it has published Five Days, would be making the banks when allowing to the foreigners who cancel the debt with the delivery of the house. That is to say: allowing dacin them in payment. It is not to be strange: many directors of office already have been to the other side of their table a person who gives the keys to him of her house immediately before taking of an airplane towards its country and they prefer to accept that before to maintain a debt of almost impossible collection and to extend the procedure. And it is that beyond the recent sentences that are affecting the clauses ground – that determine a minimum interest to the loans to variable interest, is the survival of the debt the central axis of the hypothecating debate: that if the proprietor cannot pay, the building is obstructed and the pending debt of payment survives. In order to settle it, the house with a price of exit inferior to the one is auctioned of the appraisal.

Tennis Tournaments

What is a tennis tournament? Tennis tournaments – a form of competition, in which tennis players are fighting in teams or individual competition for prize money, which is usually not small, because the tennis itself – is expensive. Dunlop tennis balls or other sports clothing tennis are very expensive, but their quality is high as usual, so the prize funds grow from year to year. In order to organize a big tennis tournament before just want to invite him to play the players who have a certain reputation in these circles. Just ask them to lure a big prize, and the next thing is, the standard procedure. Any investor owns priperetsya advantage in at least some competition, in which he wishes to take part. Perhaps the state is considered fundamental principle in the organization of at least some competition. As I recall, in the Russian era, widely practiced that way referred calls to the tournament.

With this specific number of investors invited from secondary schools. Often densely probably led to a situation if formed according to the category interest who were able to ignore the followers of unnecessary secondary schools, eliminating unsafe according to the view of investors, and unnatural to form a part of a conspiracy charge. Professor and junior tennis tournaments held before the auspices of the ITF, guarantee equal rights for all investors. Withdrawal writes only the men of tennis, in which the investor has no points in the ATP rankings in no way has the ability to priperetsya. But he has the advantage to enroll in the day before the tournament and take the source in the role, if seats become unsubstituted in qualifying. Perhaps the role of state certifies to the tournament as the highest permitted number of powerful investors, but does not eliminate the ability for the debut of all others. In different contests deadlines orders have a good chance there different, but they are manifest beforehand for any kind of tournaments, and all investors have the probability of find out in advance.

Ukrainian Recruiting

Recruiters – the same people and nothing human is alien to them. Including human vices … During the recruiting agency choice for our company, I had to carefully review and analyze information on sites recruiting several dozen Ukrainian companies. Some of my unpleasant surprise. Clearly, advertising – it is always a bit of a lie. If you do not have a unique selling proposition, invent it! Die Another Day, but they differ – write classical marketing. Navri, but select, – believe neklassiki Ukrainian recruiting .. A positioning service – it is generally a huge field to manipulate the minds of consumers.

And often, just fiction founders of the company. But not to that degree! As I understand, this is what most affects the brains of a potential customer when choosing a recruitment agency: 1. Belonging "to foreign countries," some "global" network agencies (albeit fictional). 2. High positions in any of the ratings (albeit fictional). 3. Duration of work experience in the market (even invented). All these attributes are used by most mercilessly agencies to sell themselves.

As it turned out, on closer analysis of information – sometimes wrongly … The first example. Operation of "internationalism" brand. World Staff infamous agency calls itself anywhere except as "International recruiting company WORLD STAFF , adding 25 years in Europe, sales offices in several countries, etc. But a closer look reveals: – Ukrainian web site works only 1 page. (Though it was the same a year ago …) – contact offices in other countries not listed – in English, (as I understand, "International") version of the site is also not listed contact offices in other countries, but the main thing in Sweden, do not work any links except a reference to the Ukrainian office – phones allegedly the "primary" office in Stockholm to multiple calls – no answer – the existence of the main office in Stockholm, at the site at Klarabergsgatan 33, SE-111 21 Stocholm, Sweden, is now easy to check through GoogleMaps and other tools that I did.