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Environmental Crisis

It's 7 pm on a Wednesday, and suddenly the sky starts to turn white in the vicinity of the University of La Guajira in Maicao. Someone surprised me question what it is and before I answer I forward one of the neighbors: "this is not a passing cloud or fog. They are salt particles that come flying through the air. They come from a nearby mill. All houses in the neighborhood are being damaged because of salt. " Without that we had summoned for that purpose, we have set to talk about one of the many facets of environmental pollution.

For several decades, experts in environmental issues have been doing an insistent warning: the world is reaching its limits and, sooner or later, nature will invoice and then pay dearly for the impudence to abuse it has been so noble and generous and has given us everything that the species is needed to live. However, life is not all that be enough according to the religion of misers. Therefore, the planet has been plundered, beaten, victimized, battered … and the consequences are obvious. Today there is talk of the environmental crisis as a future event, but as a fact imminent, devastating and in some cases, irreversible. The question is no longer a distant tomorrow, ethereal hypothetical and probably never will. It is a phenomenon of our time whose evidence is manifest as part of normal everyday life.

For those who live in the hot TV is generous in showing the images of other regions and therefore we have witnessed the melting of glaciers that were considered eternal. The announcement was made in the past that the poles would melt has begun, and its consequences will be felt slowly in the coastal regions of the world. But that's not all. Global warming not only feels and the thermometers. The soil, oceans and the skin suffer from the excessive heat. And, as we announce the experts, the temperature will continue rising. What will the planet when the temperature reaches the maximum? What how we will survive the inhabitants of areas where temperatures without global warming, are 37 on average? And there's more: heavy rains in normally dry and semi-desert areas such as the Guajira. Downpours that come from time to time, without prior notice the gray sky, thunder and lightning. And the subsequent flooding in neighborhoods where poverty is usually permanent companion of the settlers. And further: banks deforested by human action, rivers that carry waste and chemical waste (also harmful and irrational actions of human beings) and finally the gruesome spectacle of our times: the rivers are dying of thirst and only give signs of life during the rainy season. And more much more: noise pollution, depletion of air, progressive destruction of the ozone layer … anyway. Near the cemetery, in Maicao, several indigenous Wayuu sell oil packaged in reusable bottles. The cost is smaller $ 1,000. Behind, in a shop selling the same merchants paisas bottle filled with purified water and the cost is $ 1,200. Good God! Today water is more expensive than fuel. It is a fact, not a story that the world is reaching its limits. Rutto Alejandro Martinez is a renowned writer and Italian-Colombian journalist who also teaches at several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is included in three anthologies of Colombian authors. Contact him at cel. 300 8055526 or email. Read his writings, a page where you will find writings, stories and beautiful pieces of Colombian literature.

Alfredo Armando Aguirre

Today the isolation and loneliness, feel more in megacities. Some might remember it from "small town, big hell" of Payro, or that Peyton Place (The Caldera of the devil). More those are possibilities latent in all human relationships. I'm finishing. I reiterate that most solutions glimpse the side of improving the quality of life of small towns, which by the side of the megalopolis. This is not to idealize or small towns, nor demonize the big cities, but one, emp.

Anyway I repeat, that the constraints to "shrink" megacities, are very difficult to remove and who feel harassed by the deteriorating quality of life for them, can begin to ponder the decision, always hard, partying to some of these small communities, where opportunities, we have tried to suggest in this development. (May 13, 1996) Note: Published in "La Reforma", General Pico, La Pampa Province, on 27, 28 and May 29, 1996, Nrs. 23 434, 23 435 and 23 436. "I KNOW ANOTHER COUNTRY …" (For the "reinvention" of Argentina) by Mr. Alfredo Armando Aguirre If I share with the readers of this page friend, the following considerations, it is because I know that there is another Argentina. A to Argentina is closer to our everyday practical lives, that what we radiate journalistic cliques, academics and politicians from the city of Buenos Aires, often becoming echoes of what radiates from the cliques of large cities on the planet. I thank whoever it was, which prompted me to physically visit the country for about forty years.

Eye Responders

An easy way to find ezines is to go to Google and add "+ ezines" to the keyword you're looking for. Thousands classifieds sites to advertise your car responders. Classifieds found in newspapers, magazines, websites, ezines, etc. Classifieds vary in terms of size and length, depending on where they are published. Online, most are 65 characters in length and up to 5 lines.

You can promote your auto responders in a top-ranked. What happens is that often your ad will show many ads. So, let's be clear, it is essential to be extremely visible and attractive. It's pretty hard to realize your ad in a sea of falling, so you better make sure your ad is distinguished from others and stick to the eye. Otherwise never be read.

Having a very good announcement is an important step. Your ad should make people feel like clicking. The choice of words can cause the crucial difference between a winner and a complete disaster. Then it will be very important for you to adequately monitor your ads, because otherwise it is waste of money and effort. First find electronic journals and lists that fit with your audience. You can find them through search engines and directories whose topics interest your market. Before announcing his car responders in an electronic journal should subscribe to find out if it really worth spending money on advertising in it. Do your homework before spending money. Read the magazine, look how many ads has made, and whether the items are useful.

Government Disability

What to look for in disability insurance. At a young age the least worry to your workforce. Many people assume that we live in a welfare state that will compensate for this form of discrimination. But here, the devil is in the detail. The Government services has been shortened in recent years more and more, and therefore no longer sufficient. Approximately 25% of employees are unable to work in the course of your professional life.

The number of unreported cases is likely higher. The case of incapacity for work occurs, most with State support can expect. Ideally the person concerned up to 30% can get his gross income, which is however enough under normal circumstances not to life. Disability insurance or disability insurance In the vernacular is often talk of a disability insurance, which doesn’t exist. Disability insurance or disability benefits are usually meant. Especially the disability insurance has enjoyed in the last Years of increasing popularity, as the population has become more sensitive the subject unable to work towards. What must be observed? If you are interested in disability insurance, there are a few points that must be followed prior to the conclusion of a relevant police there are insurance providers that explicitly exclude certain diseases. Here you should read fine print with a professional so that you are actually insured in the case.

With the insurance of inability to work, set also an expiration date of the policy. Since most people only after the 55th year of life are unable to work, should attach higher age of the process. Tip: Minimum until the age of 60. The contributions you pay monthly for your insurance, calculated as a part of the retirement you want, that you would receive in the event of occupational disability. The higher the desired bond, the higher the monthly premiums. Tip: Your pension should be about 75% of the Net salary amount. Ensure prior to the conclusion that no abstract reference “is listed in the contract. This States that you need to exert a new occupation in the event of work disability in the worst case and despite insurance of inability to work receive no pension. How much does disability insurance cost? The costs are mainly dependent on three factors: desired amount of pension age kind of employment this is cheaper, the sooner you secure a possible disability. Also, the type of employment plays an important role. Employment is a psychologically stressful or physically hard work, the contributions are correspondingly higher. As mentioned also the desired occupational disability pension is a cost factor. If you need a disability insurance or not, you need to decide.