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More Beautiful Goals

In anticipation of the upcoming World Cup brand CLEAR vita ABE launch the campaign “More beautiful goals,” which will be held from 10 May to 31 July 2010 * year throughout the Russian Federation (hereinafter – action). Conditions for participation in the Campaign To take part in the nationwide action “Most beautiful goals!” you need a period from May 10 through June 29, 2010 to purchase one or two packages CLEARvita ABE men ** of 200 or 400 milliliters, with special promotional sticker on the package. After filling out the questionnaire with personal Registration data and a unique bar code on the site you automatically become a member of Equity and be able to get a guaranteed prize – a soccer ball *** and access to download the movie “100 Best Goals world football “, as well as become an applicant to receive one of the main prizes: a TV set and satellite television, most importantly, one of the 40 tables in the sports bar for the final World Cup! Guaranteed prize – a real soccer ball *** You can get if you register two unique bar code. When you register a barcode you can get access to free downloads movie “100 best goals of world football “from the site. Drawing of the main prizes is held every week ****. Buy shampoo CLEAR vita ABE men ** with a special sticker on the package and a chance to win a lot of pleasant and valuable prizes! * In drawing part of the application, sent in the period from 10 May 2010 to June 29, 2010, inclusive. ** For Men *** The first 25 000 people have registered two barcode. **** In accordance with the schedule of draws, set the rules Shares..


Last week the official opening of stores of a major Russian retail chains selling electronics and appliances “M. Video”. Until that time, stores are in test mode. As shown practice, during the regime of their visitors more than 80 thousand people, which confirms the interest and confidence in residents to the products provided by these shops. And this number is growing every day. The highest demand in Irkutsk use a computer and large appliances.

The share of sales on credit in Irkutsk at the moment about 20% – this is consistent with the trends in the whole network “M. Video”. With the advent of “M. Video” a new era of civilized trade in consumer electronics sector. Although it is too early to draw conclusions on the impact of “M. Video” on the market in Irkutsk, the first results allow to say with certainty that the company has pleased customers, and not without reason: it offers customers huge range of products at affordable prices and high service level. Now buyers are hard to attract only the price – the company must also offer and the best expertise in the field of technology-confident “M. Video”.

To New Year there is not much time, and before New Year sales – even less. The period of New Year sales – one of the busiest seasons in the company. During this period, the demand for different types of technology can increase from 50% to 100% compared with previous months. Before the New Year presents many novelties company, announces the trends for the current season. Every year at this time there are special actions, but they will be advertised later. Now campaign was “200 pricing dropped into your hands” on the opening of 200 stores. For 200 products on offer reduced prices. On what, you can find themselves in the stores. Store locator: TC JamMall, st. Sergeeva, 3, and TC “Universal”, ul. October Revolution, 1.