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Armed Forces

The Start Was in one day as these, sunny and pretty, where I signed up the troops of Brazilian defense, were an honor to serve there and to show capacity to remain, because at the beginning, the treinos are very difficult, tie most for the chemical preparation, my force of only made me to will to be and to fight for a place in the corporation. It ties the day where I received my first suit, a T.A.50, until then, I already had broken three times right leg and two to the left, one right arm and two the left. Therefore I had time to all analyze the project of the suit and to obtain an authorization for modifies it, by means of posterior analyzes of the technician of the base. It was there, that I started to work in the projects and construction of the suits used in the base. It was a very difficult start, after I I did not have no course, that could help me, was everything in the pure acquired knowledge, making the maintenance of the suits and repairs in the workshop of the quarter, place where I absorbed much knowledge and skill to work with this type of service. Later, I was to work in set the companies who made all the suits of the Armed Forces, where I could develop some proper projects, with I assist of technician more experienced, then I dominated the technology of the robotics, mecatrnica, development of programs and systems. Thanks to my development inside of the companies, and creation of some models of suits, then I was promoted the handle, and later the sergeant, arriving until 1 lieutenant, to put, I lost you vary promotions, due the fight constant so that certain people could be in the troop, I I was lowered for handle, patent that I kept per six years.