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I failed 17-3-08 while my will undertook to write a small daily article (with the exception of weekends due to family obligations) last Friday. Errare humanum est. But today is Monday and here I am, and I need not what to talk about. For example, of the rice. It seems a trivial matter, what he says idiot, fool, idiot babeante nonsense. It is not. Demonstration.

Yesterday I went out to eat at family, like the gentlemen on Sunday. Culinary request: rice with lobster. Reflection: what thief is rice. By itself it is a tasteless. If we get together with tasty condiment, it appropriates its flavors as a small. Reminds me of those white glove rateros (economic crimes, call them) who know how to join the money to snatch them their taste and finish turned into phenomena of the economics and business. By making a simile: I have actions, artificially elevate their value and sell them at their best.

Years later I complain, I processed, I condemn, but the Justice dropped the band and I absolve by prescription of the offence. As rice. Let’s see who dares to put in jail the hundreds of granite that know as God.