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Installation Wizard

The developers have used a number of progressive developments, which are absent in the products of competitors. First is the concept of universal modules with which you can create a separate partition site. For example, the 'Directory of materials' – it's a parent to the news stream, a directory of articles and blog. Such opportunities have appeared thanks to a very flexible system configuration of each module. The blocks are responsible for the visual display Information section of the site. With the help of the administrative interface, you can customize the layout of blocks and get access to templates with HTML-markup. To create a template using template Smarty, which allowed make all the code in the script modules and templates, leaving only the markup.

We also liked the tools to import / export settings and partition blocks. The site is also available ready-made configuration (online store Blog and corporate site). According to the developers if there is a ready-made design, the integration of a typical configuration has a maximum of 1-2 hours. Very impressed with the special Windows-client, which serves as the control center groups of sites! Installation Wizard takes all the work on the pumping system for hosting and import settings. It is only necessary to set FTP-access database and MySQL. You can even choose one of the suggested configurations and ready to proceed immediately to filling of the site. Conclusions We have tested a number of interesting CMS-solutions and concluded that our best match the requirements of two products – 1C-Bitrix Site Manager and A-CMS. The first CMS – very powerful, flexible in configuration, but has a high price and system requirements. A-CMS – very flexible in the use of a product that fits us all for the price. Shelf configurations and support for Smarty – is another plus of this CMS.

Enterprise Internet

creation of sites with each year of the Internet as a worldwide global network, becoming wider and wider, increasing the number of users increases, the amount of information posted on the web. First, the Internet was a network for communication scholars from universities of different countries, then, with the global proliferation of personal computers, it has become a tool for communication and exchange of information for millions of ordinary townsfolk, but now the Internet active entrepreneurs trying to build your business. In the current situation every self-respecting company is committed to create at least a page on the Internet, the so-called online business card. In this case, by publishing this "Masterpiece" for free or paid hosting, forget about it for years, despite the fact that the design phase in portions of the site got addresses and phone companies, and possibly even a price list. And that final you receive as a result? Find specific and relevant information (what actually is intended to Internet), it gets outdated price lists non-existent or had moved the company, which has long since forgotten about the existence own site. The truth is not all that bad.

Through the efforts of the developers of search engines such sites are filtered and fall into the lower rows in search results, but they also are not omnipotent, and there is such a thing as "Information noise" – a lot of useless information, in fact, among which the end user to have to find that grain of truth that it requires. The situation takes on an entirely different tone, if the company plans to offer not just a site-representation, but actually selling the site. Never mind that it will sell – some goods or services, as long as he brought the company new customers and new orders. And here "Information noise" is absolutely not relevant, if only because the site is invested real money and sometimes quite substantial. Many companies involved in creating and promoting web-projects will ensure the increase Enterprise resource, and some actually do it. But tell me, what site sells accessories for the car, the visitor who was looking for a bike rack? Companies who choose to place the site on the Internet it must be remembered that the site – it is not just a picture that can hang on the wall. A good web design can be compared to a car, it is regularly necessary to "fill" new information "to change the oil, filters and brake pads.

" Otherwise, the site and "rots" on the side, regardless of how much money it will vlozheno.Tak how is should look like the site so as not to make the company the information collection? The first site should be of interest to the end user, and of course it must be profitable to the owner. For the user on the site must be located an interesting, useful and relevant to current information. For owner of the resource requires that the site came to new customers or make purchases online. Hence the conclusion – you need to do a site to satisfy the user and bring benefit to the owner. This can be achieved through creative website design and deployment of effective and interesting content. In conjunction with the marketing of the target audience, literate advance for your desired keywords and constant updating, such resource subsequently will untwist itself, bringing the owner of all the big profits. Let's not turn the Internet into a giant cesspool comprehensive information! Advertising agency 'ABC-Media'