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Tour Tecnologica

The union of interests of young people for sustainable construction and women by the cultivation of organic seeds was the original engine of technological tour and training a couple of weeks ago were 14 people in the Argentine town of El Bolson. The initiative was promoted within the framework of the Aysen Reserva of life program that drives the private corporation for the development of Aysen (Codesa) with support of the Avina Foundation, and which seeks the construction of a sustainable economic, social and cultural model for the region. The promoters of the initiative explained that the diversity of the delegation had a specific goal: unite knowledge of adults who work the Earth with new people who want to start this process. Share experiences, and learn new skills and reevaluate the ancients noted Veronica Venegas, Coordinator sociologist of the tour. not as a source, but as a related topic. The Trade Union Association of rural women sought among its members to a representative group of stakeholders, who participated from 17 to 22 February in the course of Autoproduction of seeds.

In this way contributed to work that long time comes performing grouping with the support of the Instituto de Desarrollo Agropecuario and Prodemu Foundation, under the prism of food sovereignty which is the ability of the peoples and communities of their agrarian self-sufficiency, respecting ecosystems, the peasant culture and taking the food as a right and not a commodity. Meanwhile, the Aysen Region Permaculture group, composed of young ayseninos, from 15 to 20 February took the course of natural building called Bioconstruyendo Patagonia. In both cases the training was carried out at the farm of the center of research, development and education in Permaculture (CIDEP) of El Bolson. The tour included visit various workshops and local artisans and producers of this town.;Partition break in to Munoz (Cerro La Virgen) delegacionidia Flor Troroncoso alle SiSimon), N Noelia Ovando (Cerro La Virgen), Josefina OvandoAG), EdEvina Trorooso (Manihihues), OcOidia Sanandoval (port Ingiero I Ibanez), Marta Silva (erto or Aysen peace Hernrndez (Coyhyhaique), Venica I Ieta (Coyhyhaue), MMarcela Carsco (Coyhyhaue), EuEufemia Godoy (Cerro the Vien), M CuCurinao (erto or Aysen) riam, rtin Hararann (Coyhyhaie) and exis ElEleta (Coyhyhaique).

Looking For Happiness

The benefits of happiness: even in times of crisis, one can be happy, anyone who gets happiness can live up to 10 years more than average, they suffer much less stress and your health is much better than those who say not to be. The State of complete happiness, is the absence of fear. In Spain, 44% of men and 48% of women claim to be happy. The psychologists say that happiness should not be a goal, but the right direction of our lives. Today we bring you a few tips to bring you more and more happiness, some small habits very easy to get and may be to relocate a much better life. 1. Do not miss the good humor. or you debilitaras you mentally and physically 2.

Joy is within you. It does not depend on others and you can provide you it every day. 3. Don’t you regret, live the present, today, here and now every day. Boy Scouts of America may also support this cause. You not enclosures you in the past or worry too much about the future. 4 Having more stuff isn’t being more. Material possessions do not guarantee happiness.

5 Dar es better than receiving. If you are trying to make happy the people who surrounds you, will be your also. 6 Lives as you think. You have to live in peace with oneself and being consistent with what you think. 7. You forget the negative. Make an inventory of the good things that happened and forget the bad from time to time. 8 He leads a healthy life. If you’re healthy, it will be easier to be happy. 9 Get tributes occasionally. Not pass anything to pamper yourself, but it is something very healthy. 10. The crises are part of life. You just have to accept them and use them to become stronger. Original author and source of the article

Director Present

Ladislao Azcona exerted as Journalist from 1969 to 1983 and was Editor, Editor Head and Director of Agencies of the News, News in National Radio and Spanish Television. Ladislao Azcona, also I emphasize like, columnista in newspapers and weekly reviews, leaving in 1983 the professional media. Since then Ladislao Azcona has centered its activity in the enterprise scope holding numerous positions in companies deprived until the present time in which presides over Study of communication, communications company and Public Relations that operates with own offices in Spain, Argentina, Portugal and Chile, and has presence in Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, EE.UU, France. The United Kingdom, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. In addition and like outstanding position but, Ladislao Azcona is President de Tecnocom, company of technologies of the Information and the Communications, present in six countries and that quote in stock-market Spanish. Position that makes compatible being Advisor of INYPSA, company of present engineering in ten countries and that quote in stock-market Spanish, Vice-president of Group F. Mud walls and all the companies of the Group (Transport of petroleum and gas, brokerage, logistic, etc.). And finally, Ladislao Azcona (the president of Tecnocom and all mentioned ) is Advisor of several societies related to the new technologies..