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-Third order recursion: when objects that have arisen have been distinguished by the observer, a third recursion distinguishes relationships between objects. Later, when the child has also the distinction of the Act of kicking as an object different from the set of possible moves in the coordinations of playing with his father, link both distinctions and points out: kick ball. -Recursion of fourth order: appears in the distinction of looking the same and, thus, observer in a recursion of fourth order, emerging awareness, in which you observer distinguishes himself. Many writers such as BSA offer more in-depth analysis. Finally, the child of our example distinguishes itself in the coordination of playing with his father and distinguishing himself and objects says: Nene kicks ball. In summary, can be said that an observer is a living being that to operate with each other in the dynamics of the language makes distinctions and specifies what distinguishes as units and different entities to He himself; and used these distinctions and specifications in their interactions with other observers in such a way that, in doing so, it can operate increasingly in distinguishing itself as distinct from what an observer that distinguishes in his remarks.

In accordance with what was said I am able to propose that we call person, personal system or personal cognitive Organization (Guidano, 1987) interchangeably throughout cognitive organization that operates in the fourth recursion, i.e., to any organization that distinguish in its observation as an observer, a relationship theory with itself. The person, then, is an organization that is displayed before us as a self-conscious organization. Let’s look at some examples and certain consequences of this definition. If I see a baby two months watching the movement of your hand and in so doing not makes no distinction between its own physicality and the world external to it, I will say that I am not having the experience of observing a person but that I am observing a system which, although it can potentially reach the condition of person, still does not operate as such.

Fressnapf Supports The Animal Table On The Brandenburgia

Photo contest on the Brandenburgia: charity for the animal table in cooperation with Fressnapf Potsdam I, held the Brandenburgia with the animal table Germany e.V. in the fair an animal photo contest for dogs and other pets. So pet owners are invited to their four or Biped to pose and to face the competition. The action serves a good purpose: for the first 200 submitted photos bought Fressnapf per a can of pet food for the animal table. All visitors who bring a photo, obtained a decree for the admission price of the fair. “Brandenburiga: riders young and show jumping Grand Prix best Lake” another focus is also on the equestrian events with a spring tournament with tests up to the highest sporting class, the class S. Also the next generation of riders can win from Berlin and Brandenburg in several competitions Golden loop. For the professionals in the jumping, there are in best Lake on the Brandenburgia about 10,000 Euro prize money to win.

And at the Grand Prix of Bestensee”are the jumping obstacles up to 1.45 m tall. To provide optimal conditions for riders and horses, over 7000 square metres of riding schools in Bestensee were renewed in recent weeks. The new floor has been extensively tested and received by all riders top marks. Learn more about the Brandenburgia under: press contact: PR agency Medienarbeiten.de Manuela Waller, online-PR Staakener str.19, 13581 Berlin Tel: + 49 30 33890488 email:, blog / since 2000 advises and serves Medienarbeiten.de as owner-operated full-service PR agency renowned organisations / companies and their products in the B2B and B2C communication. In addition to the core competencies of strategic consulting, classical press work and texts provides the entire portfolio of contemporary PR instruments Medienarbeiten.de involving external network partners. Detailed information under and blog /.


Compare money market accounts and interest rates. You are looking for a good and lucrative form of saving your hard savings to secure and increase? On the current money market, which is not so easy. The economic crisis leaves clear traces on the money market and considerably reduces the interest for the traditional forms of savings. Not everyone is prepared to risk the saved money through speculative forms such as shares or funds. And risk-free assets such as the conventional savings bond or the deposit are associated with very high some times, especially if you want a good interest rate. Check out Boy Scouts of America for additional information.

This will make you inflexible and the money for a long time not available! The day money account is different. Money market accounts are completely risk-free and also bound by any terms. The money in the account is available at all times, day money interest rates are calculated any money on that account. This means a high degree of flexibility. You can parallel as many money market accounts and operate the smart tag money hopping that allows it to the best day money interest to knock out! Here it is enough to inform, which offers to money market accounts, the market offers, what conditions and what day money rates are possible. You can so easily find the best conditions for themselves and switch from account to account. Important it is to do an exact search. The opening of the day-money account should be connected with no fees. You can get a very good and clear overview of the various accounts, on the Internet at independent comparison sites. Different banks differ namely part significantly in the conditions, especially, as regards the day money interest! On the comparison sites interest calculator be provided often free of charge, which calculate the best deals quickly and reliably and can assist with the selection. The best day money rates are quickly found and save time, nerves and primarily money!


A good eye makeup can completely change the appearance or the image that you want to represent. Click Boy Scouts of America for additional related pages. The combination of colors in the eyes creates an effect on eyes that gives an attractive look touch. However, the eye makeup is more than you shadows that they fade in the eyelids, this encompasses the mascara, eye pencil and pencil for eyebrows. Focus creativity and colors in this area is an excellent contrast, especially for the makeup at night or for parties. Generally, this saves some similarity with garments that are used in order to follow the same pattern. Eye makeup is formed by a set of products which differs by its purpose, texture and packaging, but they can be classified into three groups: those that shaded the eyelids, which are used to draw lines on the outline of the eye and products makeup eyelashes.

Normally, it is possible to find the eye makeup in games, in order to have a variety of colors to merge, since the most basic as white, black, pink to red, green, blue and gold tones. These colors extend even to eye pencils and mascaras. The intensity of each of those colors will depend on the occasion, if it is something casual, informal, professional or elegant. Shadows can be obtained on the market in the form of powder, in a single tone or several corresponding to the same range of colors. These compact shadows include the applicator, sponge to blend the powder.

However, the latter are impractical, and therefore, there are people who prefer to buy brushes specialized for shadows. There are also shaded pencils of colors to accentuate the lines of color on eyelid. Another important element for eyes makeup are eye pencils. These give intensity to look because they enlarge the eye, are easy to handle, and it can be found on the market in countless shades. Mask, for its part, helps to lengthen eyelashes to achieve a more subtle and sometimes look more feminine. For distributors engaged in the sale of eye make-up to the wholesale, the marketing of each of these elements represents excellent value for money since the cosmetics market is not only important for women, but also for industries that are dedicated to providing personal image.

Illegal Parking Is An Expensive Pleasure

A speeding tickets for the parking is expensive in Germany quite annoying a lot and it can be even more annoying but in other European countries. While in this country pay between five and 50 euro fine wrong parking of cars in other countries will cost a lot more. And that can spoil a strong holiday. Norway and Spain occupy the top spot here. You charge up to 90 euros for the parking. Fine close behind is Ireland with rich 80 euros. (Similarly see: Boy Scouts Of America).

Of course, you can get away in some places even cheaper and pay only 10 euros for the traffic offence, for example, in Finland and Latvia. But most European countries lie at a daily rate between 25 and 70 euro. It can tear a financial hole in the holiday Fund under certain circumstances and depending on the budget. It can get but worse: to prevent, that the Falschparker to the fine presses, the cars are paralyzed often with the claw of a park. This comes off only if the outstanding amount has been paid.

Who is not pay locally must, yet lucky and comes with his traffic offence scot-free. But that should change 2009. Since then the traffic sins of German car drivers who have committed abroad, should be punished in Germany. A retroactive enforcement should then also be possible. Who wants to avoid fines, however, should not follow the bad example of some locals and Park only there, where it is also allowed. Depending on the holiday destination, it is recommended to turn off his car only on a guarded parking lot. Also you should enquire prior to travel to the traffic regulations of the country, because that is the safest way to hold together its finances and save money. Marie of precious

Ron Hubbard

-A lot of valuable advice on this issue gives Hubbard’s technology. Many sellers make sales intuitively, and in this case there is no constant, ie that was today successfully, not a fact get tomorrow. Need to be aware. Ron Hubbard describes several types of exchanges: crime; uneven; Equal; exchange with excess. Because the exchange – it is something to replace something that is two-way flow, “criminal” – is the flow in one direction. For example you steal a purse, while not even leaving a business card with your name. In a question-answer forum American Diabetes Association was the first to reply. “Unequal exchange” – is when, for example, a customer bought a service or product, and the seller to him between times rude. “Equal Exchange” – one might say that the most straightforward.

The client paid – seller has provided. However, the latter kind of exchange, ie exchange with excess helps make clients your friends. The essence of this exchange – it is always to provide the customer more than he expects. And do it suddenly. For example, a girl in the store to buy makeup, and she presented with Probe-known spirits. Yes, it’s just a probe, but since it is a gift, and suddenly, it will create a positive. This is a sample sale with emotion – you will be very nice to get something from the top. You, therefore, not sell the goods, and emotion. People in different companies can talk about one and the properties of the product, but he will never forget how you spoke with him, what emotions you gave him.

Choosing A Perfume

When we decided to buy a perfume brand, it is necessary to consider certain factors that will influence the final quality of the product you are looking for. The final bouquet, comprising the combination of all the fragrances that are involved in product development, plus the way in which they interact with the same person’s skin is only one component that should influence a smart purchase. The concentration of the fragrance is another factor that can turn what looked like an excellent buy in a business not so good … The extract is without doubt the most powerful in terms of concentration of fragrance and durability of it. The extract was prepared in concentrations ranging from 18 to 40%, so with a minimum amount sufficient to give a very intense aroma. Do not apply directly from the bottle, or your fingers, but with a mere touch of the bottle cap is more than enough. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Spm Llc.

Otherwise, especially with floral and sweet fragrance, can be cloying. Is applied on the wrists, and part back of knees and ankles. It lasts for about 7 hours. The Eau de Parfum, perfume or water has a concentration slightly lower, between 10 and 19%. It is recommended for daily use, unlike the extract, which is recommended only for the night, heat and sunlight affect it further. The Eau de Toilette or toilet water is made based on concentrations even lower, between 5 and 10% aromatic oils, 2% of essence, and the alcohol used is usually 70 degrees, unlike the extract perfume and water for the preparation of which alcohol is used to 90 degrees. Taking Control of Your Diabetes may find this interesting as well. This product can be applied over clothing, rather than on the body, and lasts about 3-5 hours.

Finally, the Eau Fraiche, or cooling water, is considered the ideal complement for those who are active outdoors. Contains only a 1 to 3% of essence, and usually do not contain alcohol, to avoid stains on the skin. It can be applied several times a day. Knowing this, before buying a product should advice what kind of perfume is, given that its composition will directly influence their performance and application.


What the dog is the best friend of the man! I gave, it announces and it spreads everything and each one of the images of which you have been witnesses. Everything is so wonderful that, of course, it does not have to be been silent. BSA has plenty of information regarding this issue. But hazlo as if one was a game, that is to say, nor you lie, not even you describe the truth, nor you explain, not even you engage in a dialog You will have to serve you as this stratagem that never fails. ran the year, what gives more. It can today be, it could yesterday be, and it will be able to be tomorrow. The children always are young, and we must want them and respect them, then they are matchless harvest.

Oiluj- left of 14 years of age to take a walk by the environs of the field small house where it passed the ends week, in company of its ancestors. He walked escorted by his faithful dog " Naybet" , that it licked to him in his cheeks, like when kisses of charity between brothers occur. I tripped over him, and I said to him: " Where you go with as much haste, boy? Perhaps, to enjoy the field in this day off, so beautiful, so glad ". " Of course, Mr. Zepol. You already know how I enjoy the nature in company of chucho " , I affirm. They had not happened more than two hours, when the likeable one of the boy returned at the speed that their legs gave him, and, apparently, its fears, dice the semblante of scare that presented/displayed its face. " What succeeds youngster to you? " , I asked to him. " You will see, I have drunk water in the source of Nas Odnesor, and, next, I heard a voice like coming of the sky " , it answered to me.


Both new campaign – "Defender of the Crown" and "Champion of the arena – with ease traversed in one night. And what about the "Hike of orcs, the main item in the list of advantages of the" Crossroads "? This is the same footworn along and across the campaign of the Princess in the Shell "from 2009, having undergone a slight change. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nieman Foundation offers on the topic.. Unfortunately, all new items have to look with a microscope – they are easily lost among the "starinok" with whom we have already found earlier. Lower rate – a short list of innovations. First, near the starting point of increased Tower, representing a five-story arena with nontrivial rivals. One of them, for example, makes all of its troops in the same type of fighters that are fighting on your side. Come to him with a dozen dragons – he currently nakolduyet hundred the same, and all you can safely restart.

Fun place, but it passes quickly enough. Secondly, the campaign got one (a whole one!) A new quest that is associated with the orcs and their ideological differences. Renegade like you guess will have to calm down by spirit out of them, and on this trip ends with the orcs. The only change in game mechanics affected only race of orcs, they now use their most powerful special ability is not God when toad-per put, but only after accumulating a certain level of "adrenaline" coming into the orc blood solely as a reward for destroying enemies. Other additions to the campaign and the smaller: 13 Spell, 12 of which are borrowed from the spirits of caskets from the first part, 9 types of armies are already familiar with an alternate war paint, yes, 70 new subjects, by which to collect the full "name" was a set of artifacts times difficult – because of the good for nothing allocation algorithm belongings all over the world playing some of them exist in two copies, and some, on the contrary, in the afternoon with fire not find.

That's all. If you forgot to remove from the ears PR-noodles, waiting for something more substantial, unfortunately you: a large-scale additions do not exist, and new "bun" is too small to significantly change the feel of another passing campaign. Nevertheless, at every turn as King's Bounty is incredibly prekrastna. Cheerful, colorful, attractive – quite unearthly quality of the game. If, for some ridiculous reason, a year ago you left the Princess in the Shell "without due attention – run to the store for the" Crossroads of the Worlds ".

Technical Documentation

Clinical data the evaluation of clinical data is required for all medical devices. Clinical experience with are these data from reports on medical product related, must prove that it is the product in question or a similar product, which is similar to the concerned product. Also experience or clinical data to the product of the phase must be checked after its placing on the market on their clinical relevance. A revision of the existing technical documentation technical documentation that can change the requirements require . Declaration of conformity are true to the changes of the basic requirements for your product and these are not through the existing Technical documentation satisfies, since March 21, require a new declaration of conformity. In the other case you can demonstrate that your product has previously met the new requirements.

Notified bodies recommend a new declaration of conformity to exhibit, to avoid misunderstandings in the end anyway. Implement the changes document have exactly, what differences you noticed you and what measures they corrected you. The notified bodies expect a detailed verification in relation to the implementation of the requirements of the new directive. Under most conditions Dale Atkins, Ph.D. would agree. This includes a review of your QM-system. If you have any questions or need assistance in the implementation of EC Directive 2007/47/EC or their review, you can reach us at any time at. We offer also a guideline for the monitoring of the update of the EC directive for medical devices 93/45/EEC for this purpose, with which you step by step which can check relevant amendments to the medical devices directive and fill existing gaps in the documentation for you.