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Jiffle Creating Encounters

New tool aimed at productivity for professionals and businesses, but we also can take advantage, everything is said. We talked about Jiffle and is essentially a new application based on the web but also integrated within Microsoft Outlook if they so desire, and whose aim is to facilitate the creation of professional encounters with other users.

Whether through Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or directly through the web in the calendar that gives us Jiffle, we as professionals have to initially create user groups, so that the calendar selected blocks of time available to us selecting groups contacts for the time that we have available. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

If anyone wants to set up meetings with us reach our schedule, selecting within blocks of time available to those who come to them either. We receive an email where we can accept or reject the blocks of time chosen. If accept, in our own schedules, these blocks will appear as busy.

Undoubtedly a tool that joins others as ScheduleOnce or TimeTOMeet to create encuestros in those holes that allow us our daily agenda.

European Rating Agency

German Chancellor says that the problem is not in them, but in debt. For Merkel, the common mission of the eurozone is reducing debt and improving the competitiveness of the region. Continue to learn more with: Boy Scouts of America. It continues to reject the restructuring of Greek debt because it would imply negative ctos. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, spoke out Sunday in favour of the creation of a European rating agency, although he admitted that the real problem, above criticism, is not in the action of the rating, but in debt. Input, the problem are debts and not them, said Merkel, speaking to German public television ARD, then pour that in sensitive moments, they exacerbate the situation. The German Chancellor spoke out in favour of the creation of a European rating agency, as proposed by the President of the European Commission (EC), Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, among others.

Merkel also guaranteed that, despite the crisis, savings Germans are insured and he expressed his confidence in a solution to the Greek debt crisis at the upcoming summit of eurozone leaders. What I said then remains valid and there is nothing to add, said Merkel, in relation to its promise of 2008, reopen the crisis of the euro, that the savings of the Germans were insured. To deepen your understanding Spm Llc is the source. The euro is part of the European identity, added the Chancellor, the common responsibility of the involved States therefore reduce debt and improve the competitiveness of the region. Merkel reaffirmed the importance of the euro for the good performance of the German economy (we need the euro, he said), and stressed the need that each of the countries concerned carry out precise reforms. The Chancellor was optimistic about the expectations of success at the Summit of the eurozone from next Thursday, in which the leaders of the 17 countries of the Group addressed the Greek rescue. Portugal is opposed to the Portuguese President, Cavaco Silva, has become the Portuguese political leader who has more harshly criticized the functioning of risk rating, especially from the recent cuts of Moody s to the Portuguese economy (the last of them this Friday, with the lowering of the note of seven financial institutions). Rejection of the restructuring of debt has ratified, also its rejection of a restructuring of Greek debt because, he said, that involve negative ctos, among others that other countries not working more to solve their own problems.

The rejection of the restructuring of the debt is shared both by the European Central Bank (ECB) and by the German (Bundesbank). The President of the ECB, Jean-Claude Trichet, urged this on eurozone leaders to fulfill their responsibility for the rescue of Greece and reminded them that the event of total or partial non-payment, they must resort to acceptable mechanisms for the common monetary system. Governments are responsible for in the matter, says Trichet, in remarks published Monday by Financial Times Deutschland. His German counterpart of the Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann, also warned this Sunday, from the Sunday Bild am Sonntag, both against a debt restructuring and Eurobonds. Source of the news: Merkel supports the creation of a European rating agency

Employees Insurance

Health insurance contributions tax deductible In July 2009 the citizens Relief Act was passed. This applies for 2010 and will make sure that the taxpayer is able to tax deduct a larger portion of their health insurance contributions. The private krankenversicherung.de insurance Portal reported about the new features. Tax deductible, private health insurance for the self-employed was only partially before entry into force of the Civil Relief Act. Only 1,500 euro could be applied annually until 2009. Center for Responsible Business will not settle for partial explanations. Especially entrepreneurs benefit from the new law. However privately before must agree to the transmission of data.

This is done by the signature on a sheet of information that they receive from their private health insurance. Who is critical of the publication of his data, can not benefit from the citizens Relief Act and must reckon with tax disadvantages. Professor of Internet Governance may also support this cause. The data regarding the health insurance contributions be sent in writing, but only electronically. This applies equally Employees who insure themselves privately let. Here is the transmission of data on the database of the electronic tax deduction features. The Elimination of the tax deduction card in paper form is new starting this year. The employer is supplied with the necessary data in the future about the said database and directly by the Federal Office for taxes. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Boy Scouts of America.

With this innovation, the trend towards continues to electronic means of communication at the management level. It is trying to reduce the bureaucratic hurdles. Who positively facing this development and also as an employee would like to benefit from tax advantages, should agree to data matching.

Company Kettler

Company KETTLER KETTLER History of the firm's output at market simulators KETTLER occurred simultaneously with the formation of this market. That is why the production company has acquired a KETTLER fame and popularity. The company was founded in 1949, the exact founding date is January 15, 1949. For over 55 years until early 2005. head of the firm was Heinz Kettler. Production of home fitness equipment has been initiated with 1969-70. Head office Head office is located in the City of Ense-Parsit (district of Dortmund). Factories are located in Werle, Stone, Vunstorfe and other cities.

In factories KETTLER has about 3,500 people. Assortment of products for home use, manufactured by Kettler is extremely large: different types of simulators, equipment for table tennis, children's camps, garden furniture. Used in the production as his own invention (patented in the European market) and Europe's best achievement. All fitness equipment manufactured in Germany, sports and tennis accessories, as well as bars and pancakes for strength training equipment manufactured in other countries. The motto of the firm are the words' This German quality '.

KETTLER Dealers are located in all European countries, Russia, Baltic States, the United States, Taiwan, Korea, New Zealand and Australia. The credibility of the product from the brand KETTLER KETTLER manufactures only high quality products, which is why the company gained widespread acceptance in Europe and worldwide. Products in the European market the brand KETTLER firmly holds the lead. Representation KETTLER long open in the U.S., the leading country in production of sports equipment. This proves the fact that the firm's position KETTLER very strong around the world. Incidentally, the U.S. ranks first in number of products purchased from KETTLER. High-quality products KETTLER trust people all over the world. Goods-oriented firms for people who have high demands for quality sports equipment. Price policy for products KETTLER As product prices KETTLER, then they are justified by the highest quality products.

Water Quality Control Centre

" Tank with bottled water may be labeled as "bottled" or "drinking" or "artesian" or "Mineralized, or" purified "or" key "or" Kolodeznaya "or" sparkling. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Center For Responsible Lending and gain more knowledge.. " Bottled water is also divided into water for personal and commercial use, the latter usually non-carbonated water in PET bottles (3 or more liters). Bottled water is divided into mineral and drinking. Mineral water – water properly registered groundwater sources (wells), with retain the original composition of minerals. Mineral waters, indeed, have a therapeutic effect, but under certain conditions (certain temperature regimens, and often immediate consumption at the source). Drinking liters of mineral water and take this medication – confusing, and sometimes even harmful. Center For Responsible Lendings opinions are not widely known.

Treated water is possible and necessary, but hopefully, in the resort or, if outside the resort, then under the mandatory supervision of a physician. C awareness of the problem, conducting market research, the producers of bottled water today, increases the supply of dining and drinking water in the market is absolutely harmless in terms of salinity, ie, emphasis promotion of their goods they are doing on the purity of bottled water compared to the problem with water from the tap and the best "zhazhdoutolyaemost" as opposed to fizzy drinks. The quality of drinking water must comply the requirements of GOST 2874-82 "Drinking Water. Hygiene requirements and quality control. " and secured throughout the whole water supply system and not depend on the type of water source. GOST requirements for chemical composition water include 20 indicators for substances found in natural water or added to it during processing at wastewater treatment plants.

In any case, to evaluate the water quality is only possible with the help of chemical and microbiological analysis. Artesian drinking water 'NordAkva' refers to the category of 'dining room' – this means that you can drink every day in unlimited quantities, as in cheese and in boiled form, prepare her meals, drinks, etc. The composition of water not subject to seasonal fluctuations, as well protected by a layer of clay, impervious to sewage and meltwater. This water not only has good performance, but also very useful for the organism. It is not subject to artificial saturation of minerals and preservatives, and unlike most of the waters of the North-West region has the optimal number of trace elements and minerals balanced by nature. At the same time all useful minerals. Certified Water Quality Control Centre for the goods (products) and services (SPX GU TSKKTRU) continuously pass quality control and all indicators correspond sanitary requirements. Firm 'Europe' offers: delivery of drinking water in office (the conditions noted) and delivery of drinking water at home to St. Petersburg for FREE. For easy pouring water company 'Europe' offers pumps and coolers of different designs. delivery of drinking water: water is delivered in bottles of 6.0 liters. as well as 5-halon (18.9 liters) bottles made of polycarbonate Lexan – material specifically designed for Water storage and sending her a taste or smell.


A after-test was answered by the pupils after the presentation of the lesson, having been the same test with the same questions, with the objective to evaluate with exactness the success of the proposal of intervention pointed for the academic necessity of this school. After all the theoretical process of learning and I practise, was opened the questions, that had been varied possible, that after answered, another one equal questionnaire to the first one was applied successfully, therefore the pupils had answered all the questions correctly, confirming the absorption of the content on the part of the pupils, since in the first questionnaire the answers pointed the existence of problems in the assimilation and interpretation of the pupils. Daily pay-test A questionnaire I contend 04 (four) questions on the material used in the laboratory lesson, of easy agreement and understanding, on cell and structure of the onion, was delivers to the pupils after to know the laboratory, place this who many at least knew, had answered the knowledge in accordance with that they would get. Graph 01: Questionnaire applied to the all the pupils previous to the intervention project Source: research carried through in a municipal public school in the city of Una/MG, December of 2010. In question 01 (one) it was asked of clear form what it was cellular wall, 90% of the pupils had answered that it was cytoplasm, being that the correct one would be the letter, Cell or cellular wall. Question 2 (two) varied a little of opinion, inside of the question on the constitution of the onion, the pupils had thought with total unfamiliarity on what they were answering, following to answer the questionnaire for insistence of the part of the palestrante therefore alleged not to have studied on this subject, asks this that would be the same one of the first one modifying only the formularization But in question 04 (four) the great majority correctly answered the question without not even knowing, factor this proven later, to the open being the questions, this was the first question made for them and if extending to all the same doubt.

Blake Sacrament

For the negritadas dates, the Revenge of Macedo is subsequent to of Constantino (while the blind person of Macedo is previous to the blind person of Constantino), by the way, subsequent to the proper death of the sergipano. Israel Souza Rasp (P. 480-2) brings data, more very important to try to unmask the mystery. Boy Scouts of America is a great source of information. It says who the Illustrated Magazine (n 94, Rio De Janeiro, 15 ten 1877, P. 2), by the way of event of 15.12.1873, published the following one: ‘ ‘ Our colleague A.A., author of the part Nh Quim, to avenge itself of the public who did not applaud its part, treated in another part, Revenge of Nh Quim, to avenge its hero. The public for its side, wanting to avenge itself of the vingativo, pateou vaiou the new part that Mr. Neiman Foundation spoke with conviction.

Lus Incio ordered to remove of scene. It was Revenge for Revenge! , drama in four acts of Mr. dr. Macedo.

Technological Development

In accordance with the Civil Code copyrights belong to the organization, unless otherwise approved in contract, but if you create a copyrighted work organization within three years is not patent-pending technology, the author has every right to patent it himself. In such situations, intellectual property owners not stick spanner in the authors because kommertsializovyvat the product they can not. That's kind of a brain drain. They are followed by the patent holders, these are people who have received a patent, it need not necessarily be the author, because he may assign his right to obtain a patent. Further there are patent attorneys who on the basis of a patent attorney.

For foreign nationals involved patent attorneys need to Russian own citizens at will. Patent attorneys – it's often former employees of Rospatent, they know all the rules and methods of filing patents and work with them makes life easier . Next come the heirs to whom move on the basis of contracts of donation, and so on right to ownership of the right patents. State in certain situations, yet can not afford to patent its technology by the authors. This happens in cases when the very patent technology has information vital importance to national security. Further, society itself, upon the expiry of the possession of a patent becomes the owner of this technology, which contributes Scientific and . A patent is valid for twenty years from the date of filing, in some cases its effect can be prolonged for another five years, and then patent the technology is given to the public for consideration. It turns out that the patenting of the technology, there are four members – the society, state, author, patent holder. The author, a man invented a new technology, the new method has honor and respect, and the main cash flow from intellectual property flows into the pockets of the patent. Rightly or wrongly, I think rightly, because often the author does not know what the market, marketing, production, how to get the product where to get the money, without a good manager can not do.

Bradford Hill

Polls have shown repeatedly, in several countries, in a large proportion of smokers (50% in the Uruguay), want to stop smoking, but that a very significant percentage of them, is unable to do so by itself, although some may succeed, if they receive adequate care, in services organized to stop smoking. Learn the advantages of quitting smoking stop smoking inform you multiple advantages: extends the life, prevents illnesses and hospitalizations, prevents cardiac and respiratory disability, reduces sick in bed, eliminates multiple disorders, decreases labor downtime days, represents a saving of money and is a good example for others. The smoker not only damage himself, but it indirectly makes it to his family. Harms it your bad example, their illnesses, labor reduction and the premature physical disappearance. Quitting smoking, in addition to be suitable for the health is good business. Indeed, found through various surveys, that the frequency of lung cancer and overall mortality decrease among smokers who have fought to stop smoking and have it abandon the habit, and so much more, how many more years ago they stopped smoking. This was demonstrated, among others, with the work of E.C. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Neeman Foundation. Hammond in United States and r.

Doli and j. a. Bradford Hill. of the United Kingdom. Similar observations have been made in relation to other conditions. To quit smoking, chronic smokers immediately improve cough, the espectoracion, fatigue, bad breath and lack of taste. In addition, they move away the possibility of a disability is prolonged by respiratory or cardiac failure or a premature death by esa and other causal. Throughout comprehensive smoking cessation tobacco control programme, you must pay attention to the functioning of services which help smokers to quit or reduce smoking. Is done through of them important educational work to smokers and be alert to the general population. In them, among other things, the reasons why smokers were initiated are appreciated in the habit and the reasons which now want to quit smoking and also study and apply the best methods for quitting smoking and achieving those goals.

Auction Condor

Case auction proceeds flows into projects ConTribute Frankfurt am Main, 14 January 2014 the holiday flight Condor auctioned on 17 January 2014 at the Town Hall in Langen stray pieces of luggage for a good cause. All proceeds of the auction will be donated to social projects in the framework of the initiative ConTribute in which Condor concentrates her charitable commitment. Finds such as suitcase, travel bags, strollers and beach equipment and mobile phones, game consoles, cameras, tablets and MP3 player can 12:00 will be visited by interested off and come from 14:00 onwards under the hammer. Who want to be surprised, can bid again surprise packages and cases this year, were packed into the single finds. The luggage auction for a good cause with the auction house Wendt is tradition with Condor,”said Christiane Schneider, project manager ConTribute with Condor. We are fully the proceeds our aid initiative ConTribute to provide, with the in the context of aid projects in our target areas helping above all children and young people.” In the Fund of the baggage is case, which were left behind in the period from February to September 2013. In the meantime, baggage in the Customs baggage internment camps in-bond were stored.

If the rightful owner of the baggage does not pick up his suitcase, luggage for auction will be released. Condor carried out in recent years auctions left pieces of luggage each year. Last year the auction obtained proceeds of nearly 15,000 euros, within the framework of the initiative ConTribute for example in a children’s village in Guarabira, Brazil, and the Blue Bell kindergarten”in Mtwapa, Kenya, fins. ConTribute focuses on support in the Condor target areas and main focuses on help for children and young people. More projects are in the areas of sustainability and cultural exchanges, as well as quick and uncomplicated assistance in natural disasters supports.

The Condor Flugdienst GmbH flies its guests since 1956 on the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Every year fly 6.7 million passengers with Condor in around 75 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. “Condor is the most popular airline of the Germans: in a survey to the satisfaction of the German Institute for service quality (DISQ) in December 2012, Condor was test winner and very good as the only airline with the seal” rated.