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More exercise for kids – the Looney Tunes sports party launched in over 60 cities in Germany! Warner Bros. Consumer products, the General German dance teacher association (ADTV), the Barmer health insurance fund and the State Institute of Fruhpadagogik.IFP organise the Looney Tunes sports party! The 24-hour cartoon channel Boomerang supports the sports party as exclusive TV partner. In September 2007, here we go: the innovative sports event will take place in approximately 500 primary schools in more than 60 cities in Germany. Aims, with the help of the popular and famous Looney Tunes the natural urge to move children between 6 and 10 years without the raised index finger\”to promote and support for health and physical development. Now come the Looney Tunes! To introduce even elementary school children with fun and game movement and sport, BARMER concept was developed by Warner Bros., the ADTV, the State Institute for Fruhpadagogik.IFP and the a motion, which will be implemented in about 500 schools in Germany. To the Days of action be directed locally by ADTV action dance school, the children complete a comprehensive course with a total of eight stations, including target assets, balance, strength, speed, agility, endurance and team spirit are needed. Among all participating classes, the fittest primary school of in Germany will eventually\”selected and awarded. Each station in the path is represented by a character of the Looney Tunes.

These belong to the most popular TV classics in the cartoon world for decades and are sympathetic to young and old. Spm Llc understood the implications. Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Tweety, Speedy Gonzales and Daffy Duck that are popular comic heroes feisty, clever, and always in action. With wit and speed fascinate and entertain the children and thus ideally suitable to her playful movement to familiarize with and to provide lots of fun. We are very pleased that we could make the Looney Tunes sports party with such dedicated and competent partners.

Side Includes

Those who have achieved success with Adsense, do have some formulas, these formulas is tested and work if applied correctly. Then give him the five main rules to achieve a good result by using Adsense. 1. The first basic rule is the format of Adsense ad. The format gives the best result in most of the pages is the 336×280 large rectangle. The reason for using this format over the other is simple and Adsense ads will look like normal links within your site, and this lead to more clicks into place. 2.

Take care to create your own color palette. With careful selection of colors, can greatly increase the number of clicks you get, is how we'll do the edges and bottoms of the Adsense ads the same color as our own background page, the main idea behind this is to Apparently the ads as much as possible to simple links within the site, with this will increase significantly the number of clicks. 3. Adsense ads not hide. This is a mistake, instead, always try to highlight them as much as possible, put them where they are easily seen, ideally at the top of the page, a high exposure of them generate a high level of clicks is what we mainly. 4.

Keep important links. If you find some links that are better than others, give and keep them, then put yours on these and will be seen first to see the page. 5. Automate the insertion of Adsense ads. I automated the insertion of Adsense code on the page using SSI (Server Side Includes). Check with the administrator of your server does support SSI. The process is simple, put the Adsense code in a text file, save it as Adsense.txt, and upload to the root of your server, then calls the code using SSI. In this way saves time, especially if you use automatic page generators. Following these simple rules, generate high traffic and high clickthrough rate. Take care to keep a theme to make it interesting, keep it updated and that this will generate more visitors and therefore more likely to click on his Adsense ads. With this system you will see that manages to generate high income from your website, try and see the results. Now discover in ours.

Buildings Reliability

In this community, construction of buildings acquires great importance. And the same is assigned to a colossal, including having a connection with the construction industry. Here, in order to prepare a basic collection of documents on a certain building under construction, will need to spend a full range of expertise in a particular locality, in order to prepare for acts of repair – should review the status of the building. In order to taking building in use – also need qualified and reliable construction expertise, which would demonstrate that the plan has been implemented in full accordance with all applicable in the present construction standards. The company, which orders the construction of houses zastroechnoy company, surely must check the quality of implementation of the work. Frequently Nieman Foundation has said that publicly.

And this does not necessarily have the staffing professionals who would have appropriate professional training and experience in all areas without exception constructional activities. Moreover, in order to produce a full inspection of buildings, must be mastered, but skills at the same time and special diagnostic equipment. Ken Cron can aid you in your search for knowledge. Professionals operating in the field of structural inspections can be done without exception, the procedure as soon as possible. While in organizations that carry out the implementation of various studies (civil engineering, construction, engineering, and besides techno-economic and legal), an exceptionally high level of responsibility. Only the best have to work in a construction consulting and expert evaluation.

It is known that in today's construction of buildings more destination receives residential mortgage. Objective assessment the actual state of a certain individual facility under construction in the role of the investment object – including the occupation of the objective of experienced experts. Resorting directly to independent experts, not the most appraisers generating construction firm, the client will always receive quality information, which provides an opportunity to minimize project risks and increase its profit potential. Moreover, because that appraisers construction in the state at the same time producing technical supervision in the organization of the contractor of construction works, such a solution provides the ability to be able to live otsmatrivat quality activities, compliance with financial estimates and construction periods. Choosing the services of professionals in the field of construction expertise and technical supervision, construction of the customer himself gets bail accurate compliance with all versions of works created and approved the project, and along with financial estimates.


Key handover by the Honorary President of the Maltese helper service, Dr. Constantin von Brandenstein-Zeppelin for the fifth time in a row was recently launched: 18 VW up! started by Wolfsburg out to a rally in 14 cities and towns in Hesse, Thuringia and Brandenburg and Berlin. The vehicles are called VRmobil and are used immediately by social and cultural institutions in the four provinces. Together with representatives of the VR Bank main Kinzig Budingen EC and the representatives of the German child protection Federation went group Scots Wolfsburg. You an Honorary President of the Maltese received in the presence of Dr. American Diabetes Association may help you with your research.

Constantin von Brandenstein-Zeppelin, helper service and President and CEO of VR profit sparvereins Hessen-Thuringen e.V., Bernd Stohr, the Autostadt Wolfsburg the key for an orange blue VRmobil, which was donated by the VR Bank main Kinzig Budingen eG. At the ceremony in Wolfsburg, Dr. Constantin von Brandenstein-Zeppelin praised the before more than 50 representatives non-profit organizations as well as representatives of the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken their commitment. Continue to learn more with: Ken Cron. This action was made possible by the prominence of the VR GewinnSparen. The Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken chose deliberately in the awarding of the donations (prominence) organizations, which contribute, in its area of activity, to carry social commitment. Mr Stohr emphasized in particular the importance of profit savings for the regions: “donations from the lottery stay namely the range of participating banks and their customers. Profit saver promote thus not anonymous purposes but specific nonprofit, social and charitable institutions in their own region. Thus winning saving directly contributing to the strengthening of the public interest in the own environment.

Hamburg Cruise Days

Grand Parade on Saturday night live in the NDR Hamburg, 10 July 2012. The town station NDR 90.3 and Hamburg journal 2012 are media partners of the Hamburg Cruise days. Within the framework of this partnership, the transmitter via the cruise event from 17 to 19 August 2012 plan a detailed reporting. The NDR presented show stage by 90.3 and Hamburg journal directly at the pier, at the level of the Rickmer Rickmers at the port gate. The hosts Tina Busch and Christian Buhk will present bands like Michael, Wayne Morris, the men’s simple and many other artists there. Highlight is the live transmission of the Hamburg Cruise days parade on Saturday night in the NDR television: five cruise ships and numerous boats of this parade (start against 21.15) exit Pirna.

The broadcast from 20:15-22 h is presented by moderator Hinnerk Baumgarten. In 2010 the live broadcast of the parade she was on Saturday night a success then of 1.8 million viewers before the televisions attracted. The Hamburg journal and NDR 90,3 be report on all three days of the Hamburg Cruise days. Go journal on Friday night in the Hamburg 18: 00″. Moderator Christian Buhk then will the Band Santiano look for this live concert (on stage 19 to 20:30) over the shoulders at the rehearsal. For NDR 90,3 reporter Karsten will capture second at all three days stories and reactions.

“The broadcast of Hamburg harbour concert” is 6:05 on NDR report on Sunday morning two hours 90.3 on the Hamburg Cruise days. And the Hamburg shows every evening journal (19:30) the most beautiful pictures of the events. The new Hamburg Cruise days with the comprehensive country programme are event highlights in North Germany. Who cannot be locally it is still very close to the action with our reporting”, so Ole Adams, head of central programme tasks of the NDR country Funkhaus Hamburg. The NDR is the ideal partner for Thorsten Kausch, Managing Director of Hamburg Tourismus GmbH (HHT): for the success of the Hamburg Cruise days plays in addition to the visible cross-regional marketing the regional perception a major role. With the NDR we reach people in our region and thus have the opportunity to experience the enthusiasm of the event.” Press contact: Katja Derow Schramm trail 11 20249 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 46 96 770 11 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 46 96 770 99 E-mail: about the Hamburg Cruise days 2012 find Hamburg Cruise days held from the 17th to the 19th of August. At the stylish event, seven cruise ships will be launched the port of Hamburg. Theme Islands at the edge of the Harbour to experience the cruise feeling for the visitors ashore. The blue port directed by light artist Michael Batz forms the backdrop. These are the third Hamburg Cruise days 2008 and 2010. Organizers are the Hamburg agencies of uba gmbh and red roses communications GmbH; Moreover, there is the Hamburg Marketing GmbH.


Harmony – the second component. Harmony has its own laws, including the functional relations (T, S, D), the logic of harmonic motion and development of voice. You will not "ship" harmonic detail, except to say that knowledge, though most common ground of harmony, it is desirable. Educate yourself with thoughts from American Diabetes Association. In order to make an interesting, fresh harmony, we must know the basic, standard harmonic methods. It was only after You can then look for something trivial. On harmonic voice-I will not say – that science is well described in the "Talmud".

Here we must mention such a moment – the melody and harmony are always interrelated, they interdependent and work together. " They can emphasize the dignity of each other (as well as and level). And it is not always one component without the other can be sufficiently original. Say, the harmony alone, alone currently can not shine with novelty and originality, and in combination with the melody, it is able to "tune up". On the contrary happens rarely, but it occurs, and sometimes deliberately used.

Bass – the third component. Often, he said, and sometimes more important than the chord accompaniment melody. Bass is the harmonic foundation (not to be confused with a frequency basis) and must be properly registered, is built. It has two basic types of movement – this quarto-quint and smooth, often postupennoe. When quarto-quint presentation on the strengths and relative strengths share tact must accept or fifth of the current chord. When sliding motion postupennom bass often "fall", except for primo and quints and another chord harmony sound – third, and in seventh chord and the Septim. Thus, the bass harmony involves the presentation of appeals to the chord that is considerably enlivened and diversified by the harmonic motion. Spend little research of your (or someone else) of the material songs – play just the melody and bass, to estimate the measure of expression only in their basis. And once you hear how good / not good, logical / illogical your bass. Two words will add about ornamentation of the bass line. With its ornamentation should always remember that the strong share of the bar should be taken the basic sounds (note) chord. After all, the bass is the foundation of harmony and "freedom" it is not permissible. In otherwise lost functional definition .O interaction of all three components. If the melody of "fresh", the harmony of interest, and the bass is right and logical, the result, you may qualify for some level of "art" of your song. Aspect of the instrumentation and arrangements (different things), I is not touching. And if all three ingredients are well described, even if unfinished, or arrangement of the song rather weak would be "sound", anyway, its brightness and melody find themselves. Conversely, if the source material is weak and inexpressive, the most fancy arrangements and various "chips" will not save the situation – the product of will bleklym.Gennady , composer.

Procurement Marketing

Fundraising a documentation of selected instruments of the term fundraising has very extensive literature on various forms of definition. While some only from one instrument to the procurement speak of money, others are already much further. See fundraising as part of procurement marketing an NPO, which procured in addition to financial resources, also technical resources, personnel and technical Know-How, as well as services”. Further details can be found at Nieman Foundation, an internet resource. In contrast to other services on the financial market, these resources without a market-adequate consideration be procured and made available. It also includes the planning, implementation, and control of so-called non-profit organization. Not the money but the Central Holy purpose! It is therefore by no means a high capital to knock out the target using the donations and to earn more and more money, but, depending on which is the objective of the Organization to ensure all goods to meet together. What should you know about non-profit organization to fundraising to understand? Non-profits are sponsorships that free non-profit or private commercial run to the addition of the market or of the State. They are used exclusively to carry out certain purposes of needs, self-help, promotion and/or the interests of their members or third parties. Such an organization is not bound by the interests of the State, E.g. Go to Spm Llc for more information. for economic income, but it serves only the needs and desires of its members. Non-profit organisations are financed mainly by donations or membership dues. This is mainly because that the State has continually scaled back its financial support for social, cultural and charitable projects in recent years. To the most interesting and erfolgversprechenderen fundraising form include SMS and online fundraising. Although here too, much like the definition, different opinions prevail. SMS fundraising and online fundraising! SMS fundraising focuses on its activities mainly on the means of communication mobile. A donation via SMS is a, from the donor with a password text message which will be sent to the shortcode in an organization. The corresponding amount of money is then debited from the prepaid credit balance or the mobile phone bill. It is the same as subscribing to mobile phone software or the debit of an amount for a website via a mobile phone! Online fundraising is the hopeful donations variant of non-profit organizations. It is hoped, in addition to donations to new young members who are convinced by surfing on the Internet by the idea of the organization. Traditionally found on promotional website donation forms to the fill and send. But even online communities have formed that have collected online for specific purposes, private money and gGmbH to the Association, the Foundation or the. However, this technology involves only a small portion of the total donations. Susanne Muller

Looking For Liquidity – Factoring Is The Solution

Many companies try since the outbreak of the financial crisis to ensure the liquidity and want to get back into the handle. Many companies try to guarantee the liquidity since the outbreak of the financial crisis and get back on the handle to. Also struggling businesses, both small and medium-sized, with loss of revenue. Due to the ever-worsening payment of customers. Credit: Ken Cron-2011. How can but now companies secure the liquidity and at the same time protect themselves against losses? The answer is clearly obvious. With factoring! Factoring means that companies sell daily recurring receivables of commodities or services to a factoring company. The factoring company pays the purchased receivables immediately to the account of the seller.

A further advantage is that the seller, in case of the factoring holders against losses is protected. This means that the provisions for doubtful debts (credit risk) goes with the sale of the claim on the factoring provider. The Connecting customer (factoring employee) receives the money in any case. No matter from the customer should or not be insolvent. This kind of purchase offers small and medium-sized businesses an immediate increase in liquidity and 100% protection against losses. Additional benefits resulting from the use of factoring: relaxation of the financial situation in the company discharge of the company through the outsourcing of customer management reducing balance and improve the ratings where you can breakdown of financial liabilities (such as permanent debt) factoring requests organizations? Also here a clear answer: the “German factoring Portal”! There, interested parties will find plenty of information about sale of claims. Another highlight on the portal is the default calculator.

Companies can figure out there at once how much % or EUR of sales at a loss of receivables must increase to compensate for the loss. Also interested are there free and non-binding requests. Currently 11 excellent factoring provider present on the portal. These have become specialised in small and medium-sized companies a year gross sales of 250 T EUR or 500 T EUR. The past has shown that factoring is a quite economic aspect for company. Now put your request on deutsches-factoring-portal.de and take a step towards your liquidity. Not asking, not WINS.

Hospice Balthasar

A decisive criterion for the Grand Prix of medium-sized enterprises is the responsibility that socially and environmentally is a company in its region. In this area, there was a clear “like” the jurors: certified eco profit is respected in the Bonn Agency actively, to preserve the environment through sustainable resource savings, and also social engagement is all employees a literal affair of the heart. That is why the Meavision media supports charities such as the self-help or the CJD Bonn, is engaged in the field of education and education and promotes a wide variety of projects in arts and culture. Material donations and employee involvement always go hand in hand here in the sign of corporate volunteering. For example, has volunteer for the children’s and youth Hospice Balthasar in Olpe a broad, cross-media Public Relations Campaign made the team and mobilized other media partners, so that at the end of an advertising budget of four million euros together. Often, it is also quite small initiatives that are perhaps more in the hidden, but no less important.

With jumping on the podium of the Grand Prix of medium-sized enterprises, the diverse dedicated 360 hopes Agency, also their charity projects, and of course their home, the attractive business location Bonn, to move into the spotlight. Profile the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation awards annually the nationwide prestigious economic Prize “Grand Prix of medium-sized” to three winner and five finalists from each State to honor the outstanding achievements of medium-sized companies. Meavision media GmbH is a 360 agency that covers the entire spectrum of media services with its four business units (film production, Internet services, print services, and translation), from the storyboard conception and realisation of film print template creation and multimedia InternetServices up to translations into over 40 different languages. The strategic headquarters in the federal city of Bonn and the Office in Berlin serve companies with a global network of more than 1,000 freelancers as a starting point to coordinate world-wide.

Participativa School

Each one with its distinct responsibilities, what it causes isolated works. If of a side the managers complain of not the participation of the professors, of the other side to the claim she is the same one and he will not be of the day for the night that this will go to move. When this occurs is evident that the understanding of the participation meaning is not clear not even for the controller. According to Luck (2000, cap.1e2), a culture is not changed only by desire: ' ' it makes if necessary the widening of the conscience and of ability tcnica' '. It fits to the responsible ones for the pertaining to school management, to promote the creation and sustentation of a propitious environment to the full participation, in the pertaining to school social process, of its professionals, d pupils and of its parents, a time that if understands that it is this participation that the same ones develop social and sensible critical conscience of citizenship. Some actions special can be elaborated to stimulate the participation of all, such as: & bull; Creation of a vision of set associated with the cooperation. & bull; Promotion of a reliable climate.

& bull; Valuation of the capacities and aptitudes of the participants. & bull; Association of efforts, edge in addition, elimination of divisions and integration of efforts. & bull; establishment of demand of work centered in the ideas and not in the people. & bull; To assume responsibilities in set. 3.

Conclusion Ahead of the cited data is verified that the pertaining to school manager develops one function of ' ' lder' ' administrative and pedagogical of the school, that is, it is the articulador, the propeller agent of the organization process and pertaining to school transformation. It is important to detach, the paper and the strategical vision that the manager must play in the pertaining to school administration, beyond the ethical sense, politician and of the agreement of the autonomy centered in the diversity and the different cultures, in the search of the overcoming and the reduction of the social inaqualities. Thus the necessary pertaining to school administration to search a new profile, running away from the old paradigms, considering a decentralized, independent and democratic performance, where the work in set is a referencial in the search of the quality of the learning and in the reach of the goals, of participativa form and involving the pertaining to school community. 4. Bibliographical references MARANALDO, D. Strategy for the competitiveness. So Paulo: Produtivismo, 1989. MAXIMIANO, Antonio Cesar Amaru. Beyond the Hierarchy & ndash; As to implant participativas strategies it stops to manage the company enxuta. So Paulo: Atlases, 1995. Available in: . Access: 11 seven 2011 LUCK, Heloisa, FREITAS, Katia Siqueira. The Participativa School. The Work of the Pertaining to school Manager, 4e. DP& , Rio De Janeiro, 2000. Secretariat of education. The school that makes the difference, So Paulo: IF, 1997. Available in: #ixzz1XfsScwiuidade. Access: 11sete 2011 LUCK, Helosa. Perspectives of the Pertaining to school Management and Implications how much the Formation of its Managers. In: In Opened, Brasilia, v. 17, n 72, February-June 2000.