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Journalist Pilar Rahola

The journalist has made a complaint against the group by threats. The components of the band argue that they are a group of students who play punk for four friends and have no relationship with Islamist groups. The Youtube portal has withdrawn the song by punk band Islam in which was repeatedly said I will kill Pilar Rahola, with a plaster cat, once the journalist put a complaint by threats and that the Court that instructs the case sent one indictment to U.S. authorities so that Youtube removed the video. David Delrahim has much to offer in this field. Now broadcasting portal, instead of the video, a message which reads: this video has been removed due to a policy violation of Youtube relating to prohibition of the discourse of incitement to hatred.

The journalist did not want pronounce concerning the letter sent by the group which called for apologies and has ensured that the issue has a legal route. Sense of humor the punk group said Tuesday that its theme (bottom of this page) responds to the sense of humor and rhyme, and not to the threat, who never thought that humorous song could reach to bother so many people and that it does not give place to feel threatened, because the letter says I will kill Pilar Rahola, a plaster cat. Funny thought us by the rhyme, they explained finer points that are rrian to a plaster of the Chinese cat, and stating that they are a group of students who play punk for four friend s and that sent a letter to the website of the journalist asking for apologies for the misunderstanding and ensuring that they have no relationship with Islamist groups. Source of the news: Youtube removes its Web song with alleged threats to journalist Pilar Rahola


Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. – What it lacked: from the shades of the past more black of Mexico, the figure of Luis arises Echeverria Alvarez who to their 88 years of age predicts a social outbreak and a ferocious economic crisis to us if something does not become to stop it. It says it who at the time repressed the students of the country which they demanded democracy. A natural enemy of the freedom of expression predicts and like great orquestador of the blow to Exclsior in June of 1976, he aims apocalyptic prognoses. In a note spread by Spanish agency EFE, one says that Echeverria appeared in Tijuana to that to a group of students, she noticed to them of the course of the country.

The same did there per 1979 when it sent to his journalist of head Luis Surez to ask then President Jose Lopez to him Opening if he could be and Gustavo Diaz Ordaz senators of the republic. You that you would do in my place wrote Jolopo in a card that I give the echeverrista emissary later to insult to ex- president Echeverria publicly with a message to the emissaries of the past whom they try to destabilize the course of the country Echeverria could be baptized godfather of the economic crises appellants in Mexico and that finished with the stabilizing development who occurred from the third year of Adolph Ruiz Cortines, followed with Adolph Lopez Mateos, Diaz Ordaz stayed with Gustavo and she staggered until falling in June of 1976. Later, the crises of the 82, 87 and 94 have been impenetrable wall to the economic recovery by the children of the crises and their grandsons, now students who see in person the same emissary of the past which as much the 1979 politicians feared. (A valuable related resource: BSA). We live a Mexico on terror to which this black personage adds itself del that the same Gustavo Diaz Ordaz regreted to have taken to the presidency of the republic. You are an asshole, Gustavo counts the popular legend that it was first that the ex- president said who governed Mexico from 1964 to 1970 when he was seen in the mirror. for the mornings.

Those two are distant Mxicos. Gain insight and clarity with David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA. That one, had an urban guerrilla who among others things executed to the regiomontano industralist Eugene Sada Heron. Today, violent Mexico is different and an endless battle in the streets gets rid of the country. Actor of the book of Luis Surez Echeverria breaks silence the ex- president returns it to break. We could say to him just like to Jose Lopez Opening to Echeverria when it commanded to insert in the pages of national newspapers that one headed that You also said, Luis? in clear reference to the last words of the Roman Emperor Julio Caesar who also was stabbed by the Gross Senator. (Not to confuse with the present ones). The time is wise and puts to every one in its place although there are some that maintains the badness to skin flower to remember a past to us surpassed like bad emissaries of the new ones. In short Arriba and ahead it was the motto of campaign of READS. Today he is for living better and he already sees, dear reader, as he goes to us: neither above, nor ahead, nor better. Original author and source of the article.

Luis Bunuel

LUIS BUnUEL, when you bring to your MOM to COLOMBIA?: By: JAVIER SANTAMARiA away me of patriotic feeling, my love for Colombia and without disregarding the moles that tarnish the image of this enthusiastic and enterprising people, see the documentary made by the Spanish journalist Luis Bunuel for CANAL PLUS sarcastically titled: don’t tell my mother I’m in Colombia, I conclude that the Lord Bunuel construction of an exacerbated sensationalism to show little pleasant face of a country plagued with events, things, scenarios and wonderful people, is a true shame that Luis is deprived of them and his histrionic caudal patent suede cameras pose as a super daring and brave reporter who exposed his life stepping on Colombian landsgreatly affecting the new perception that we have in the world of our nation. I recently had the opportunity to travel to the Colombian coffee axis and be visiting the coffee Park located near the city of Armenia. Leaving Cali my travel companions and I enjoy a placid tour of Earth, spellbound by the beauty of the Green, compliment by the friendliness of the people of towns and paths crossed on the route, a refreshing air, an excellent escape to the bustle of the city. The people of the eje cafetero is characterized by its apapachadora affability towards all its visitors, concerned to better itself and its coffee ground both foreign and national, always proud to be Colombian. Coffee Park is not Disney World, but it is a cosy place where you can be in contact with the product logo of Colombia, have fun with your family in the midst of nature, fresh air, warm weather and also enjoy two shows that are an essential part of this ride, whether the coffee show and the show of orchids.

THE SHOW’s coffee: Maravillado, with a knot in the throat and filled heart of Colombian pride is to see this show that for me is the best of best offered by the Park COFFEE, despite the narrowness of the stage this group of young dancers talentosisimos transport us in time and history of this coffee land, harmony, colorful, youth and beauty conjugate as in a dream, which even foreigners themselves are hopelessly contagious and which I belied our colleagues from Honduras and the German friend. congratulations!! THE Orchid SHOW: It is basically a show to enjoy with children, unique in Latin America, and managed by a Colombian, a fable in movement that teaches us how to proclaims the orchid flower logo of Colombia. If you come to visit my country, do not hesitate to give a stroll by the coffee and the coffee Park, Luis Bunel to recommend that the next time that you step on Colombia bring her mom and not deprived of being in a wonderful country with problems, but struggling to overcome them and exit abante any adversity, by something we placed as the second happiest country of the world.

Nambikwara Indians

Called to France in 1944 by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, returned to United States in 1945 After a brief stay in the French Embassy in Washington as a cultural attache (1946-1947), returned to Paris for his PhD at the Sorbonne after presenting dissertation and thesis (1948): the social and family life of the Nambikwara Indians and the elementary structures of kinship. Strauss father of modern anthropology, I leave mark on the social and human sciences, with his works exerted much influence in Western culture. It is worth noting as the journal La Nacion of Argentina, than it says about this fact and praised, with an unorthodox academic record for French medium and author of some 30 works – many of them classic ybest sellers e_SEnD, Levi-Strauss influenced philosophers, anthropologists, psychoanalysts, semiologos, linguists, but above all incarnated the ideal of modern intellectual, with an ambitious study object: human thinking. At least 25 countries had celebrated his 100th birthday, almost a year ago. France, including a show at the museum dedicated to him du Quai Branly in Paris, that they visited more than 12. 000 people, with 100 lectures on his work, projections, photographs and brought objects from his travels around America. Almost locked up in his house in Paris in recent years, Levi-Strauss did not attend.

Few intellectuals have ventured as far as Levi-Strauss in the exploration of the hidden mechanisms of culture, synthesized yesterday Le Monde, in his farewell to the intellectual, which several voices, is irreplaceable in the French cultural scene. Behind the label of structuralism – who himself ended up rejecting-, Levi-Strauss developed an innovative way to explain the operation of human thought, paying attention to their underlying structures and detecting those principles – such as binary thought – that give way in any cultural context. It reminds us also Wikipedia, than his work with similar title to the famous elementary forms of the religious life, emile Durkheim, the elementary structures of kinship, re-examined how people they organized their families in a very technical and complex work.

Pindorama Good

it established in partnership with Rubens de Mendona the Pindorama magazine. Rubens de Mendona produced in the most varied literary sorts very. It was an innovator in the letters weeds-grossenses. For even more details, read what PCRM says on the issue. Its workmanships possess deep description, journalistic or folclricos. We detach this poem of the author: CUIAB Glory you canaan, daring, Paschoal Moreira that one day when leaving to the front wrote the biggest epic of history when of flag of ‘ ‘ Tordesilhas’ ‘ it breaches the dividing line Bird! You Cuiab, good and in high spirits land! That it imports you of bad a transitory fury if pods to be proud the Brazilian Native land ostentanto glory immortal-past Glory Subtle Miguel! Glory therefore your children who in the war or the peace are unaware of Glory to your gold good-glory to your blue sky! Bendita you are, my loved land you that you are of my Brazil the engastada pearl – In full heart of the South America! Also Corsndio Hunter combined it the Modernismo.

Poem author good and also author of workmanships of Right. Agriculturist Breads of Barros wrote modern poems distributing them for periodicals and magazines of the State. Carmindo De Campos left us a book compiled for the cultural foundation. It received the heading from ‘ ‘ Esparsas’ pearls; ‘. thus we had other writers as: Euclides Motta, Alceste de Castro, Lobivar de Mattos, Manoel de Barros, Clodoaldo D? Alincourt Sabo de Oliveira, Amlia Verlangiere and Loyal Francisco of queiroz and many others. IT CHATS: It chats it does not go to be so rich how much the poetry. We had some good romancistas, contistas and historians, however they had produced little. Between them we have Rubens de Mendona that it wrote very suffers historical and folclricos facts, Luis Philipe P.

Serbian Novak Djokovic

Everything passes through the Argentine Juan Martin de el Potro throw-in. The track is crowded. You have no site or for journalists. Everyone wants to witness the great duel for the third round, the Argentine against Serbian Novak Djokovic, the invincible tennis. The duel was detained for lack of light the eve, equaled in a 6-3, and 3-6. On the resumption, 18 degrees of temperature and winds to 16 kilometers per hour, number two worldwide, very fast hands and legs, their arguments is imposed (6-3, 3-6, 6-3 and 6-2) to lift miraculously two balls break with 2-2 in the third leg. Delpo survived what they endured the service. As soon as your powerful maza gave signs of weakness, was laid bare its main deficiency: today has no legs to make the windshield, race from corner to corner, which requires to compete against the Serbian. More info: David Delrahim. Source of the news:: Djokovic flies

Christiane Taubira

Supprimer l ensemble des tribunaux correctionnels pour mineurs, Bruxelles. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. La nouvelle ministre Justice, Christiane Taubira, p a prcis dimanche ses intentions. Le prsident Rpublique s p and est engag, nous ferons in sorte that justice la des mineurs, Bruxelles redevienne spcifique qu on Annule et l ensemble des tendencies consistant Web l ensemble des mineurs, Bruxelles comme l ensemble des preventing, a-t – elle dclar deux journalistes, dont l AFP, aprs une visit aux services p justice la des mineurs, Bruxelles permanence au palais p p justice p Paris. Connect with other leaders such as Dr. Neal Barnard here. Principe Le est pos p leur suppression, cela fait partie des priorits du nouveau gouvernement, to ajout p the Justice.La ministre it nouvelle Garde des Sceaux sunergy ainsi l engagement formul compose Franois Hollande pendant sa campagne. Dans courrier adress not le 26 avril l Association franaise des magistrats p p et jeunesse famille (AFMJF), le socialiste Karaca vouloir raffirmer Jersey barcelona spcificit p cette justice sur base des principes p l Ordonnance p 1945: spcialisation des magistrats et des juridictions pour mineurs, Bruxelles, primaut p l ducatif sur le rpressif, prise in considration du parcours et p personnalit du mineur permettant l individualisation et l attnuation p the comb lie the minorit.

Cela notamment involves the suppression des tendencies p la loi du 10 aot 2011 crant not tribunal correctionnel pour mineurs, Bruxelles, ajoutait-il, tout en affirmant qu il aurait aucune indulgence n l gard des petits cads sment qui peur dans l ensemble des quartiers.Not retour au laxisme et l irresponsabilit Le gouvernement veut ainsi revenir sur la loi du 10 aot 2011, qui prvoit que l ensemble des tribunaux pour mineurs, Bruxelles, composs p trois juges professionnels, jugent correctionnels l ensemble des rcidivistes p 16 18 ans encourant une comb gale suprieure trois ans ou. Rforme, ces jeunes comparaissaient comme avant l ensemble des autres mineurs, Bruxelles devant tribunal pour enfants compos d not a juge maillot france des enfants et p deux assesseurs citoyens ayant une exprience des questions lies l enfance. Rforme avait t vivement cette critique compose name p professionnels. Beaucoup considraient Qu elle allait l I found p l esprit p l Ordonnance p 1945 sur justice la des mineurs, Bruxelles qui privilgie l ducatif compose rapport au rpressif.Aussitt proposition faite, l UMP est mount au crneau. Dans not communiqu, le secrtaire national en charge des questions p scurit, Bruno Beschizza, estimated that gauche jamais abandonn ses vieux clichs sur angliques n l ensemble des jeunes. Et d estimer que alibi ce texte est qu’il n p l a moyen pour une certaine gauche p rinstaurer l idologie p culture p l excuse.Mme rthorique du ct du dput UMP des Alpes-Maritimes, Eric Ciotti. Le Monsieur Scurit du parti majoritaire to not retour au laxisme et dnonc l irresponsabilit. Il juge aussi que Mme Taubira apporte une nouvelle dmonstration that l irresponsabilit est well p mark it fabrique du nouveau gouvernement.

Lord Taquara

They could have called this election Flumengo or Flaminense, as those old fictitious teamses of revistinhas of the Carioca Z. Instead of this, they had called Fla-Flu, having tried to ridicularizar. Only that the Fla-Flu agreement won the natives of So Paulo and conquered the heading of that year. It was really the best possible election. The Fla-Flu, pejorativo term, turned respect expression. Later, in 1933 (cf. Fatima Antunes) or 1936 (cf.

Ruy Castro), Mrio Son used to advantage the Fla-Flu name to call the classic between the two great teamses who its Nelson brother Rodrigues called ‘ ‘ the Karamazov brothers of the soccer brasileiro’ ‘. That is, he inverted the direction: what before it meant cooperation started to symbolize the rivalry. With this, Mrio Son gave to the initial kick for the construction of all the mstica that involves this classic. Only that the history of the Fla-Flu name does not finish there. For even more opinions, read materials from Boy Scouts of America. During the Carioca carnivals of old, the folies more you celebrate had curious nicknames, as the following ones, cited for Edmundo Luis: Lord Mother-in-law, Lord Fera, Lord Alisa, Lord Craknel, Cacareco, Cardoso Xuxu, Circa-Chicken, Rat-Dry and Peru of the Cold Feet (coautor of the samba ‘ ‘ For telefone’ ‘ , with the tricolor Donga).

In way to as many Lords, journalist (and torcedor it Madureira) Jota Efeg, count that a famous folio of that time was the bachelor and practicing attorney Pdua de Vasconcelos, known as Lord Taquara. He occurs that it also moved of carnavalesca society and of nickname: he passed to be called Lord Fla-Flu, or simply ‘ ‘ the Fla-Flu’ ‘. Why? Because, for incredible that it seems, was partner of both the clubs. (Obs.: to be partner of both age until common, but before the Flamengo having its department of soccer, since they did not dispute the esportivas modalities.

Electoral Campaigns

Silly and vain advertising in election campaigns in Gro. ** For measuring a candidate’s ability and intelligence, just have to see your advertising by: Jose Alberto Betanzos Salgado. Taxco de Alarcon Guerrero to December 13. 2010 How long will awaken people!! In the poor state of guerrero, the mediocrity of political campaigns are the order of the day and even more encouraged by lambiscones journalists who unfortunately have to walk is by dragging at the foot of the corrupt of Manuel Anorve Banos Y Angel Aguirre Rivero, to bring bread to their homes justifying themselves by their poverty and their lack of knowledge to carry out another taskso we can see your silly and vain advertising in election campaigns. By something the poor state of Guerrero ranks first in corruption, with a high rate of drug trafficking and serious marginalization that gives one of the first places in poverty, why are like the people they are!! It is very ridiculous their claims between lambiscones journalists, while some say that Manuel Anorve is very honest, another comes out to say that it is honestisimo and still another goes to remove to say that it is honestisisimo and so on and Angel Aguirre not missing their paleros also; While naive Guerrero society swallowed the lies of these freeloaders, plunging into the injustice to the poor state of Guerrero honoring these scourges of society.

Poor candidate’s bread: Marcos Parra Gomez almost equal, only that separate serving filler without any capacity to govern. To measure a candidate’s ability and intelligence, you just have to see your advertising on your silly and vain advertising, it is not known who? He argues that both see their carotas that can not hide the corrupt who are going to persuade the electorate to vote for them. So we can see everywhere even in private companies their nefarious cynical faces of Anorve and Aguirre: in the seats of CINEPOLIS and MSN a space that was considered very private, already carries nearly month that daily We have to bear to see his carota for this scourge of society: Manuel Anorve Banos. No gentlemen!! not follow wrong; How to convince the electorate is a proven honesty and effective and viable proposals to achieve good governance and not using lambiscones journalists and seizing of news media.

One Alternative

A credit from private to private – favorable conditions a possible credit from private to a credit, which is often not taken into account is private. While this is a good way to get a loan, even if not immediately approved the own bank. A credit is required in most cases for the acquisition of larger and thus more expensive goods. We want to not talk by the very large sums of money like E.g. a real estate purchase, because these are not the rule. If you have read about Nieman Foundation already – you may have come to the same conclusion. A new acquisition is often quite surprising due, which also cannot be pushed up (car, washing machine,…). With a regular income and no other current loans, this should have no problems at the Bank.

What is but if loans already exists or the Bank has any other reservations? First of all you should of course aware of the fact be that credit must be wiped again and the necessary funds must be available. But even if This is ensured, there are often problems with the supply of credit. Checking article sources yields BSA as a relevant resource throughout. Here it now often happens, that turns the Kreditsuchende on dubious mortgage brokers and thereby unnecessarily high costs are caused to consider which then in addition to the ongoing payments. There are also private money lenders, which awarded cheap personal loans in many cases. This possibility of lending is already widely used, but not known by many Kreditsuchenden. Here, online marketplace where private lenders and Kreditsuchende find each other exist.

The Kreditsuchende must here represent his credit request and plausibly explain. The more this happens, the chances that a private lender agrees to accept the financing are greater. The private money lenders is its call for interest, which should be set as low as possible. For the case, interested group of financial backers for the project, one gets the nod with the lowest interest rate exposure. In this context should be also mentioned that here also often are loans, which at the own local bank”already have been rejected. Any such credit to private by private are therefore in many cases quite favourable conditions. Therefore, you should check also this possibility of credit if necessary.