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Almost everyone can give intelligent advice, if it affects us personally do not. When Life Turns into a dead end just us, we tend to breed your hands and say to ourselves: "Clearly this can not cope", "This is not to me ", etc. Further details can be found at Kidney Foundation, an internet resource. In such cases, when it comes to something personal, ask advice from a loved one is simply inconvenient. If we are talking about very personal issues, it is to help the anonymous social network. Where can in no way not afraid and do not hesitate to ask any question and get an enormous number of different responses from people who were in a similar situation or can give useful advice. Why is it that they are called "anonymous social networks'? Because people here actually find new friends, friends, very similar in spirit, therefore it happens that people, when reading other people's testimony, a priori set to converge and to ensure that open.

We believe that this is the future of any dating website. And on the opposite side of this is the web-site of acquaintances. The only way to get an unbiased opinion of himself. Understand, the people evaluating you will analyze your profile and do not you, but it also makes sense. Since your profile VKontakte now viewed not only friends but also by other people. And if you are with someone met, and added to the friends, the bad form here – worst assistant, better not added at all. One guy recently asked: "How can I be like my favorite, so I asked her to marry me, and when I suggested – it was cool to me." It's pretty popular question often faced with the guys that do not see anything around except for his first girlfriend.


As the saying goes, virtuality is a slice of reality. How can you disagree? We are rapidly mastering the internet-space. We begin with the registration of its first e-mail box. Then we have wandered aimlessly through the expanses of the Internet and read by vzapoy different information. Further, very often we get into the chat rooms or forums. Here begins our first online communication, here we get the first lessons virtual life.

Well, after that, more. Recently, a great popularity in the Internet environment have begun to use blogs. Oh, this blogosphere. Do you remember how to create your first blog? Or you do not have a blog? Different Free blogoservisov that allow the blog to find yourself a lot. What to choose? For example, you can start with the blogs on Ya.ru or find yourself a blog on Li.ru, well, or start with the popular LiveJournal. The possibilities are just a mass.

But what write in my blog? And what's this all about? Treat the blog as a diary I can not because you write a diary for myself yet, and the blog is behaving in order to read it more. Blogging is an opportunity to express their thoughts, their life position to be heard and hear others. First, begin to comment on your posts, you comment on that, and then begins to resemble a communion fellowship of old and familiar friends. ICQ Starts exchange, mail-agents, Skype. So there are your first friends on the Internet. The blogosphere is addictive. There is a kind of excitement, I want to try other blogoservisy, get to know other people. You begin to create and learn at the same time. That study, the Internet, I think the greatest teacher. You can find answers almost on all the issues, gain new skills, gain real friends. Virtuality becomes an integral part of our lives. Good or OK? This question is nobody will give you an exact answer, an answer one chooses for himself …