However impediments appear barriers/how much it is about innovations, mainly when it involves the financial part of the organization For Chiavenato (1998), the compensation is the area that it deals with rewards that the individual receives as return for the execution from organizacionais tasks. It is basically a relation of interchange between the people and the organization. Each employee does business with its work with its work to get rewards not financial financiers and. The financial compensation can be direct or indirect. (CHIAVENATO, 1998, p.369) the Plan of positions and wages must be implanted with the director or controlling support, even though, therefore they are responsible bigger them for making to happen in the company.

The responsible ones for the implantation of the plan will have that to break barriers of that the change will bring benefits to the company. For Bridges (1998), in the implantation of program of Administration of Positions and Wages in an organization, it is necessary to follow the stages of planning and spreading of the plan, analysis and evaluation of the positions, wage research, wage structure and definition of the wage politics. Finished the last stage the politics of remuneration must be defined and be implanted the professional careers. (BRIDGES, 1998, p.30) the plan of positions and wages alone will have acceptance on the part of the administrators of a company will be successful, that is, the more criteria better, so that both the parts, that is, as much the organization how much used they earn in the process. All the process of implantation of the Plan must carefully be studied and be analyzed of minute form, also carrying through the evaluation of performance of the employees, so that no employee