Game Counterstrike

Fast-zoom can be deciphered from the name, it means shooting without a sight. In principle, you can shoot without any zoom, but in cs firing of avp without zoom is not exactly in the center and slightly Levey right or if I'm not mistaken, this bug has been removed after the release of counter-strike 1.3. Well perhaps you can begin to describe the simple and very easy way to shoot from the awp in Counter-strike 1.6 no zoom: 1) You can feel the middle of the screen out of habit, so you should just be zadrotom awp, this method is probably the most true test, and this method would only if it had not come up with the second and third item =). 2) You can put on the screen sereline point = marker, this method is the easiest and most uncommon, but point on the screen neduobno play because that is far from where you're shooting with an ordinary weapon you will not have seen the enemy, and if you do it more and put a crooked so it's just awful to be =). For more information see this site: Boy Scouts of America. 3) The most effective in my opinion convenient and the best way is to download the models of weapons to awp, in the capture of awp in the middle you have a sight as on conventional weapons, which is very convenient and the Scout you will also have a sight in the middle! For greater certainty here is a screen