San Sebastian

For cities, the best were the visited in Bilbao, they receive a fine, followed by A Coruna, Barcelona, Cordoba, Granada, Madrid, Murcia, San Sebastian and Vitoria, with a well. Acceptable are the libraries discussed in Cadiz, Malaga, Oviedo, Seville, Valencia and Valladolid. The dropout, although with a regular, went to the examined in Alicante, Pamplona and Zaragoza. Traditional places of consultation and loan of books have evolved to become modern information, culture and education centers with points of auto-prestamo, exhibition halls and consultation of Internet, but deficiencies persist in their staffing that justify the acceptable poor who have retrieved from note average 100 libraries studied. No personal study rooms were found in one of every four and only three out of ten offered group study rooms. In addition, 27% of libraries lacked wifi zone, 17 per cent did not have computer rooms with Internet access and only 22% of them had points of auto-prestamo, as well as complimentary tickets to the users.

In addition, another very useful service, the fotocopisteria, found only in two of every three libraries. 40% Jobs not found for viewing video or audio files. However, eight out of ten had Yes video library, fonoteca or newspaper. Regarding the processing of the meat of user libraries, it was found that 99 of the 100 centres compared the identification card was free. However, only in the half of the centres the meat was delivered at the time.

In two of every three libraries don’t need to renew that document (including Yes so request, the most common is that the period of validity is five years). Already with the meat in your hand, the user can, among other possibilities, reserve a few minutes to surf the Internet at the points provided for this purpose. So almost half of the libraries that had this option. You can reserve rooms for group work, although it was happening only in four of the 30 that had this service.