While in Chile there are no official figures have risen whether or not the auction or trials, lawyers and experts say, it’s likely that foreclosures soar later this year and early 2010. Moreover, there are banks that trial and say that they have increased by 15 . B. And MJ SERRANO GUTIERREZ The crisis erupted in the real estate and is in the same area where today is still causing problems. In Catalonia, Spain, last year the trials to finish properties increased by 148 and the U.S. 9.59 today indebted people are under the threat of being expelled from their viviendas.Pese to that in Chile there are no official figures, law firms, working on all cylinders.The economic difficulties that many are spending, have forced people and businesses to stop paying dividends on their mortgages and their homes are now in the midst of legal proceedings that could end up at auction. What most debtors are able to ask to stop the processes and gain time to find a solution. “Customers who have assumed the representation, the banks have closed the door. There was no possibility of renegotiation,” says Ricardo Ib ez , general manager of Defense Debtor entity that will have increased by 50 the number of prosecutions in this sentido.Sin But since the banks say that the last thing you want is to round off the properties to them either because that for them. Moreover, they say working with the criterion of “tailored suit” to renegotiate and seek the best option for debtors. “The banks have tripled their holdings of bad debt.But more than being in an aggressive policy of enforcement, are in a renegotiation policy, “says Stephen Garcia, Garcia’s law partner Maglione Co., who works with eight banks in execution of credit agreements. That yes, while from some banks say that enforcement proceedings will have increased by 15 compared to same period last year, since others say it is not yet a problem, but that does not mean they do not I will be in a futuro.Es that rising unemployment (9.8 in the quarter February to April) and taking into account that people stop paying their mortgages because they are sick or become unemployed, it Most likely, the increase in arrears and therefore also the executions.And that is what is said in the industry. Moreover, considering that a trial takes about a year, experts say the amount of auctions would increase the second half of this year or first of 2010.Y to that date and we should have official figures to corroborate an increase as from June, the banks give up their balance sheets following the IFRS accounting standards and that data will be public. I defaulter: What You Need to Know How many unpaid dividends must I have to auction my property Foreclosure can start the day after the due date. But that usually is not done. Most banks expect 90 days.Some even reach 180. How are the banks with bad payers When a customer stops paying dividends, the record is sent to the department of standardization of the bank.