I maintain it as candidate and I do not believe that because oral judgment is abra that or it means that a person or is condenada". Interview in the Chain To be. 4 of March of 2011: " There are cumplido" . Rajoy after becoming a photography with Camps in a convention of the PP. 2 of February of 2011: " I am not going to eliminate the race policy of anybody because it was accused of not to have paid three suits to him. I am not going it to do and thus I say it. Mr.

Camps is not a corrupt one and I have the total and absolute conviction. First, he says that he has paid his suits and I know how is Mr. Camps, is not no corrupto". Interview in I watch. 4 of June of 2010: " I will hope to see what the courts say but I believe that Camps, and I return it to say, is innocent ". Declarations to the journalists in Almeria. 6 of May of 2010: " I am going to support to Camps and is going to be the candidate of the PP to the next elections in Valencia because she will include/understand that of the three suits, I do not create it to me.

There is people to whom it likes and people to whom it does not like, but I have said what fodder to him. It says Justice which wants, that is to say, Justice is not going there to condemn to Mr. Camps the day 12". Interview in Wave Zero. 28 of September of 2009: " I have much confidence in Camps, I have supported to him and itself supporting and I hope that they deliver an attack to demonstrate I do not know exactly what, but is going to have to demonstrate his innocence without nobody demonstrates his culpabilidad".