Journal Day

This diet is ideal for those who want to change the regime dietary, because they feel that they are with some extra kilos, recalls that it is necessary that you don’t leave the regime, to make the results look really. First tranche of 10 days per day you can eat:-meats of all kinds, sausages etc. (not breaded fillets bread) 1 or 2 tomato chico lowfat yogurt cheese of all kinds gluten cookie dietary gelatin eggs, chard, spinach, lettuce, Escarole use golf sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, salt, oil, vinegar, pepper, lemon – minimum 2 litres of water per day allowed drinks are water, soda, mate, you unlimited and aerated a cup per day the amount of food per day is unlimited allowed a spoonful of cream in coffee or tea if they tolerate oils or fats, such as pancetta, there is no problem in consumption. FATS ARE ELIMINATED THROUGH THE URINE. You pee more than NORMAL – make three meals main, but, if you are hungry, an hour before lunch, can chop: salami, cheese, peanuts, olives do not prove nothing of forbidden: do not test nor milk or fruit, although it is so skimmed the menu Journal of this first tranche can be: breakfast: coffee, mate or tea with sweetener and one tablespoon of cream of milk (cream) three biscuits gluten cheese and cold meats or eggs scrambled to mean tomorrow: nonfat yogurt food: meat without limits, agreement to appetite, grilled, baked or the iron eggs one permitted vegetable gelatin diet dinner: food like eye: the third or fourth day, desesperara for something sweet. do not give in! the regime begins to be effective. You is burning calories, and begins to use the reserves, metabolizing his adiposity. CEDA IS NOT THE MOST DIFFICULT PERIOD. Contrary to what you might think, it will not increase cholesterol, but it will lower it whenever you try not forbidden.