Nambikwara Indians

Called to France in 1944 by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, returned to United States in 1945 After a brief stay in the French Embassy in Washington as a cultural attache (1946-1947), returned to Paris for his PhD at the Sorbonne after presenting dissertation and thesis (1948): the social and family life of the Nambikwara Indians and the elementary structures of kinship. Strauss father of modern anthropology, I leave mark on the social and human sciences, with his works exerted much influence in Western culture. It is worth noting as the journal La Nacion of Argentina, than it says about this fact and praised, with an unorthodox academic record for French medium and author of some 30 works – many of them classic ybest sellers e_SEnD, Levi-Strauss influenced philosophers, anthropologists, psychoanalysts, semiologos, linguists, but above all incarnated the ideal of modern intellectual, with an ambitious study object: human thinking. At least 25 countries had celebrated his 100th birthday, almost a year ago. France, including a show at the museum dedicated to him du Quai Branly in Paris, that they visited more than 12. 000 people, with 100 lectures on his work, projections, photographs and brought objects from his travels around America. Almost locked up in his house in Paris in recent years, Levi-Strauss did not attend.

Few intellectuals have ventured as far as Levi-Strauss in the exploration of the hidden mechanisms of culture, synthesized yesterday Le Monde, in his farewell to the intellectual, which several voices, is irreplaceable in the French cultural scene. Behind the label of structuralism – who himself ended up rejecting-, Levi-Strauss developed an innovative way to explain the operation of human thought, paying attention to their underlying structures and detecting those principles – such as binary thought – that give way in any cultural context. It reminds us also Wikipedia, than his work with similar title to the famous elementary forms of the religious life, emile Durkheim, the elementary structures of kinship, re-examined how people they organized their families in a very technical and complex work.