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Set the color logo. The composition of the color logo. Color logo consists of either tempdecal.wad and pldecal.wad or only tempdecal.wad or pldecal.wad. Install the files color logo. If you have both files, then just throw them in the folder cstrike. If you have only one file, then do copy and rename in one of which is not present, ie a copy of the call tempdecal.wad pldecal.wad and vice versa, if you pldecal.wad. So, throw both files in the folder cstrike (no logos!) With the replacement of the previous ones. Customizable.

Put both files in the ‘Read Only’ and delete custom.hpk and files in the folder cstrike custom2.hpk if any. Test. We go in the CS, or anything in the Options do not change, go to the server and paint. Button – Logo (Read, if you do not know what button to draw.) Logo is according to the standard by pressing T (eng), if not done, then perhaps you have a logo on the other button. If you do not know, what button you can open the file in the folder cstrike config.cfg (Open With … Notepad), then hold two buttons Ctrl and F, will come out the search box, write on a blank line impulse 201, if the inscription There he will find and highlight it. You should see something like this inscription bind t ‘impulse 201’ for a place t can be any letter and it is what makes the logo in the game.

If you do not want to look for or you do not have that line is just bind a new key. To do this, go to the CS, open console ( key), think about which key to bind the logo, after this check is busy or not this key: bind ‘your key’ Example: bind t and press Enter. Where ‘your key’ – any Latin letter, that you feel comfortable drawing the logo, I recommend the key ‘t’. You can box. In the console should look like the following: bind t ‘t’ is not bound This means that the key is free and can be bind anything. Next bindi logo for key: bind ‘key’ ‘impulse 201’ where ‘key’ – any Latin letter, which you feel comfortable to draw a logo, I recommend the key ‘t’. You can box. The console will be written only your action. Value. cstrike – Counter-Strike folder mode for Half-Life. The path to her about this: C: GamesCounter-Strikecstrike. Options – Setup menu Playing CS. If you access this menu in the CS standard should be the second from the bottom. tempdecal.wad – The main file of color logo. No it will not show off your color logo. pldecal.wad – need to at change the settings in the Options remain colored logo. You can draw and without this file. custom (2). hpk – Looking for a swap. wad files. Sometimes the logo is drawn for these files. After removing the entry in the CS will create a new custom.hpk, already working with your logo. Problems. If the place draws a small color logo karyavy HL logo is: 1) Perhaps you have auto exec of your config, and in the config prescribed standard logo. Need to change the config (config.