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Michael Schumacher

The debate on the highest cost that has the championship of F1 for escuderas which they participate in him has been several years upon the table. Diverse changes with respect to the tires, duration of the motors and gear boxes, et cetera have taken place, that they look for to lower costs. In addition, diverse equipment shares mechanical or uses the base of others escuderas in their vehicles. One of the last chapters of this tension takes place by the intention ENTRUSTS of it to mainly limit the budgets of the equipment, that really are very lifted, and at this time of crisis. Nieman Foundation may also support this cause. The loss of sponsoring is another one of the arguments that play in favor of this cut, and has already been several equipment, among them the Renault de Fernando Alonso, who have proposed reductions of wage to their pilots. In spite of the measures of saving like the freezing of the motors, the cut of the aerodynamics, the expenses of logistic, transport and lodging of the equipment, the annual budgets continue very being elevated, varying according to the different sources, but anyway of several hundreds of million Euros in the case of the sharpshooting equipment. Budgets that were justified by the publicity which they obtained some of these marks to the benefit of the sales of its vehicles (especially, if they could shine that one of champion of the world) and because many of the technological advances that were obtained soon were applied to the street cars (paradoxicalally, with all the cuts that have had in the F1, now in certain technologies there are many equipped cars of series more than bolides, for example, with the traction control). Nevertheless, the amount of money continues being enormous that moves around this deport-spectacle, as much in the sale of entrances like in the televising rights, and in the publicity that moves around stars of this sport (it calculates that the seven times champion Michael Schumacher, already retired officer, still wins around 30 million Euros to the year by publicity). Childrens Defense Fund: the source for more info.

Peruvian Monster

Recently in Peru we have been witnesses of one murder teacher of initial education that worked in a nest in Monterrico, in Lima. woman that she was pregnant woman, she was assassinated of 3 shots. His aggressor I show no mercy with her, gave a shot him in maxilar, one in the chest and another one in belly to make sure of which boy who took in it would die along with her. woman of Alondra name she was dead to shots and his body found in corners of Av. Alfonso Ugarte with Bolivia. Day later it presses I occupy of its case and the television channels, located to their relatives and his pair to which all syndicated like the assassin. Orlando Lizano pair, I declare to a program of TV. that no longer the tapeworm with it absolutely nothing and that was consternado with the news and inclusively went to the police station in charge of investigation and showed that it wished to collaborate with this.

police to to see his tranquillity and correction to to talk, him they asked that was put under a test of atomic absorption, for thus to be it frees of everything it suspects, to which it acceded Lizano. To to finish to these tests retirement warning that on the following day it would return with his lawyer. Orlando Lizano nonreturn never, disappeared like by enchantment. In this case we can observe absence of remorse, cold blood, behavior pretend normal and stupidity. Stupidity because assassin Orlando Lizano, thought that to approach the police of way volunteer and to declare to means it would free of suspicions, but although I premeditate homicide of his embarrassed pair, care not to be used surgical gloves to do firings, like they do sicarios, which I leave in its hands powder signs.