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Crossword Puzzles

It turns out that there is a building-crossword! And the most interesting thing is that it is located not far from us – in the Ukrainian city of Lviv. I think this is the huge crossword puzzle in the world! Not only by the number of words, but in its size – it after nine-house height of 30 meters! Nevertheless, it is – an ordinary apartment building in Lviv, one side of which depicts a crossword puzzle. By day he is like a blank, but at night the words in the cells are visible due to a slightly glowing fluorescent light. But if there are words , then there is the job themselves, but where to look? It turns out they are scattered throughout the city: at the theater building, monuments, fountains, and various other buildings. Get more background information with materials from Boy Scouts of America. Day can be walk around the city, find, and guess them, and at night come to this home and compare the results. I think it may even become svoebraznoy game for residents and visitors, but over time it will solve all But over time, You can change the way, if not all, of the buildings? In my opinion, simply a great idea, and the world should pay attention to it. In the end, it's far more interesting than sitting at home on the couch and inscribing words in the boxes, one to solve crossword puzzle. And as you can and get to know the city, and have a great time!.