Barack Obama

The program requires no prior knowledge and offers a free choice from the entire stock of 180,000 large posters in Germany. The poster sites are displayed on a map and are stored with photos, so that even without special knowledge of the place, a user-friendly selection is possible. Political campaign citizens win for their party In the political election campaign 2009 and 2010 in Germany had or have the possibility of Alliance 90 / the Green, FDP, SPD and the left through the use of a large poster at the chosen site to support the work of the parties the first time citizens. How does the principle? On the corresponding Web sites of the respective party, you choose a motif and a site and paid. In three steps can be influenced actively personally on the Perception of the preferred party. And at the selected location. The party provides the poster free of charge, the supporters rents the space and engages in election advertising thus for the first time even with a. So citizens and her poster “in the original see and have direct proof for their support.

Some parties have already set in the last state election in Bavaria and Hesse, Germany 2007/2008 and the European elections 2009 successfully on this cooperation. Inspired by the idea of the election campaign of Barack Obama through which to mobilize Internet voters and active in the campaign to involve the citizens as supporters of each party. The parties were very satisfied with the result. Election posters are striking evidence of an upcoming vote”, says Stefan Leue by the responsible service provider 1-2-3 The concept was implemented by all parties for the parties with a total of over 4,000 posted posters so successfully that the idea for the next election determined will”continue as Lam.