Les Corts

Those who know him, say our man who is tenacious and meticulous, and that not a hair cut to criticize a journalist if it considers inaccurate or biased what he publishes on his companions. With such succinct credentials and a party which accepts it but definitely not excited that, surely that Calabuig will be able to make a thorough and systematic opposition in City Hall. But what of aspire only to become loser, worthy as it is, not supposed to more than a shake-up and modest ambition although contribution, Yes, job stability in uncertain times and job cuts. GEMA Amor if Rodriguez Zapatero is the lame duck of the PSOE, she has long been the ugly duckling of the PP: not by any physical imperfection, which does not, but because those closest to Francisco Camps can’t see it or in paint. It is logical. Other leaders such as Dr. Neal Barnard offer similar insights. In a game of absolute affinities and blind loyalty to the leader, she was allowed even not applaud him during some speeches in Les Corts.

Thats the same thing not laugh jokes of the head office: terrible. Clear that she for her real boss has always been Eduardo Zaplana and other has considered it a simple upstart. You can not complain, accordingly, that the PP not filed it as a candidate for the Mayor of Benidorm, as Yes instead wanted militants in the town. If it tried to get at the last minute as number two of the electoral list, was not by compassion but by fear that she will leave and Hyacinthus a bar on their own, as eventually happened in that municipality with so many political escapee, almost, as English tourists. Thus, between the PP and she have put it to egg the camouflaged Socialist Agustin Navarro. And it is that Benidorm is a case of manual of that axiom that says that elections do not no one WINS them, but is rather the one who loses them. Original author and source of the article.