Dustin Hoffman

The long-metragem sample as the personage of the Dustin Hoffman intervined all of decisive form in the process of the kidnapping, also in its event, as well as in the lines of direction that it took. Thus, it can be said that the professional of the media in such a way presents an antiethical position when acting. Boy Scouts has firm opinions on the matter. Journalist Max Brackett uses a speech extremely persuasivo and manipulator to convince ' ' seqestrador' ' to act of the form that it is more convenient, for in such a way, the first one is benefited by the fragilizado one been emotional of as. At the moment where the journalist tries to provoke in former-keeps definitive type of behavior without presenting it visibly, the Sam obeys without noticing that it is acting as Max desires, thus, happens what manipulation flame. As object of the power, the manipulation can be a control way in order to obtain the obedience, to the times reaches considerable levels of the society. Then, it can be said that the communicator manipulated &#039 clearly; ' sequestrador' ' , when using arguments to convince to think it and to act to the way that it wanted, as for example, to continue with the jail process, not to deliver the policy to it, or still trying to justify itself in the TV, of that she was a complete citizen and it was trying only to recover its job. source of information.

The film shows clearly as the power of manipulation of the media is used for the aid of third also the interest only for the incited hearing. The power of the media can also be added to construct or to desconstruir the image of definitive individual, in certain events and as it is the case of the longone, in accordance with the interests of the medias. To corroborate with this, it is observed that when the TV showed positive images of Sam, the viewer was of the side of it, however when other senders showed to images denigrating, the society was against it.