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Dustin Hoffman

The long-metragem sample as the personage of the Dustin Hoffman intervined all of decisive form in the process of the kidnapping, also in its event, as well as in the lines of direction that it took. Thus, it can be said that the professional of the media in such a way presents an antiethical position when acting. Boy Scouts has firm opinions on the matter. Journalist Max Brackett uses a speech extremely persuasivo and manipulator to convince ' ' seqestrador' ' to act of the form that it is more convenient, for in such a way, the first one is benefited by the fragilizado one been emotional of as. At the moment where the journalist tries to provoke in former-keeps definitive type of behavior without presenting it visibly, the Sam obeys without noticing that it is acting as Max desires, thus, happens what manipulation flame. As object of the power, the manipulation can be a control way in order to obtain the obedience, to the times reaches considerable levels of the society. Then, it can be said that the communicator manipulated &#039 clearly; ' sequestrador' ' , when using arguments to convince to think it and to act to the way that it wanted, as for example, to continue with the jail process, not to deliver the policy to it, or still trying to justify itself in the TV, of that she was a complete citizen and it was trying only to recover its job. source of information.

The film shows clearly as the power of manipulation of the media is used for the aid of third also the interest only for the incited hearing. The power of the media can also be added to construct or to desconstruir the image of definitive individual, in certain events and as it is the case of the longone, in accordance with the interests of the medias. To corroborate with this, it is observed that when the TV showed positive images of Sam, the viewer was of the side of it, however when other senders showed to images denigrating, the society was against it.

World United

Between the 2002 and 2008 JN it was four times finalista of the Emmy International, Caravan JN and the accident in the airport of Congonhas in July of 2007 had been some of the editions that had led to this prize. One of the chapters most emotive is Good bye of Great Personalities. In six Bonner pages it counts the trajectory of the journalistic covering made for the Pope Joo Pablo II that it starts in October of 1996 and after having received aid from Brazilian nuns to obtain to carry through its news article, it locks up, to the living creature in the Vatican, with good bye of the esteem Pope more than the world already had. The tenth second chapter in the sample as the journalist profession can be challenging. Histories on the Pantry that had made William Bonner to repeat innumerable times the phrase: ' ' Where he is voc' ' , the covering of the elections presidencies of the United States and the coincidences that left the reporters and the transmissions with a determination climate are examples of challenges faced for the reporters of the periodical.

Great Events and the Objective of the JN. In this chapter they appear some critical common, done for the viewers, placed for the writer in relation to the programming of the National Periodical at times of Pantry of the World and Elections, for example. The aspect of that the viewing wait that the National Periodical is a species of daily of certain event also is shown, making with that let us see the positive side of if giving to greater importance and covering to the events that involve other places beyond Brazil. To present the periodical, to the living creature, of another place of the world left of being newness at least since 1992? during the Conference of United Nations on the Environment and the Development.

The Defense

While the good if must grant to the few better to be appreciated. More violent valley to be that cautious. It is more easy to keep domain of the richness thus, what acting with sensitivity. In this aspect the richness is more friend of the young, therefore these are more multicriteria, daring when commanding it. Therefore the prince must use its peculiarity of man and animal.

Taking as model the fox and the lion. As fox the man acquires astuteness to know the traps and as lion frightens the enemies. For the prince still he remains to know to choose its ministers. The best ones will be those that think, over all in the prince, without looking to advantages for itself in all the aspects. Nieman Foundation has many thoughts on the issue. The aduladores also exist and to defend of these she is necessary to acquire knowledge them in always saying the truth regarding what it was asked to them and that this is not an offence to the prince. In the Maquiavel end from that it was argued in its book it deduces because the princes of Italy had lost its States. It makes an exhortation to the taking of Italy and its release of the Barbarians. ' ' Prncipe' ' politics of today translates ours clearly.

At some moments we can in to come across with facts, phenomena and even though involved people in the way politician with the same boarded characteristics for the author. For example, when the author says that the prince must attempt against itself for the defense of weakkest, can see what he happens today with politicians whom they use of this artifice in its campaigns. They always appear hugging poor people, deficient physicists, children, etc. They want in them to exactly pass this image of protection and security. when it is mentioned to the religiosidade also we come across with the opportunism of the politicians in the Churches with intention to obtain electoral prestige. It is not of if finding odd that this book is criticized and at the same time followed to the scratch for almost the totality of the politicians, being considered bedside book for many.