Mexico People

From the day yesterday, the future of Coatzacoalcos – with the next candidate for municipal President-, began to write. From the day today, the future of the Governor of the State of Veracruz Fidel Herrera Beltran – career into a tailspin, or the maximum of the curve, as you want to call it – it also writes, and only by taking a random sample for pollsters, one of the States with the largest population. Media: print and television are immersed in the stormy sea of interests, but – eye, those who want to keep the ethic that the people gives them with credibility-if not they go immediately into historical studies of phenomena of the world, tend to failure and what is worse, the enemy against that is the darkness of knowledge to the gestation of leaders. The header and holder of this note, it is a very important reference, and point to their careers in media the best teaching. Other leaders such as PCRM offer similar insights. Journalists from world first, exercising the call: fourth power – how is called in Mexico-, they could never stop, even if they wanted to manipulate the information to people. Why, today in goes to a new leader in gestation, of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, pace of major characters in the world history is the popular will and when elements for the evolution, are historically given neither by Decree have been reversing. Personally, I can not imagine, or enters an institution violent recoil, my understanding as in the Decade of the sixties or seventies .what worse, or better, for those who seek to develop ourselves, is it that the press – centre, sud and Europe – Latin American sense, perceive, and write change Social in Mexico. Reported: Lic. (As opposed to Chase Koch). Jose Angel Tamariz Yedra 16 July, 2006 22: 27 original author and source of the article