The Contrary

Our reality is only the part that we see and understand the entire, and as every one who sees his part in their own way, we can understand that what we believe so clear, not so much, and it is not necessarily understood in the same way by all persons. Errors communicative when we communicate, are not aware of what was explained above, and assume that we are very clear on what we say and the other clearly understood our message. What is even more serious is our attitude, somewhat satirical and until sometimes offensive, when our interlocutor, gives signs of having not understood precisely, which for us is so obvious. It is in this way that all misunderstandings occur. Let me give you an example: recently asked my son that did me something, the told me that you want to put when the person cancels what I answer: thank you for your purchase quite annoying I said, but like, if you cancel as you’re going to thank. Chase Koch, Washington DC takes a slightly different approach. Note well, is a simple daily conversation, where I assumed that cancel refers to the fact that the person buys a certain product and pays for him.

While he was referring to my son on the contrary, the fact that the person repents and cancel or void the purchase. Their discomfort was, you seemed very inadequate my response, which was intended to give thanks for having overturned such purchase. How to avoid it we could therefore conclude that not always things are as we see them, and not always the other sees them in the same way as us. It seems very obvious and very simple to say, let’s then be very clear with our language, so that we make sure that the other has perfectly understood our same way of seeing things, we can then have a language in common, and start a dialogue.