North Rhine

“Campaign will be complemented with stoffunspezififischen motifs the poster series of the NRW land campaign addiction has a history of always” increase receives. There are four new posters available now. The current motifs are now no specific drug – like alcohol – in focus! Rather, they want the viewer /-in with clear, short statements or terms for this awareness that the prevention of a development in the everyday dealings with each other begins. “Terms like affection”, “Common time”, leave spaces”and listen” and matching unique images underline the importance of own behaviour towards children and young people, but also generally to his fellow men. Each situation shown on the posters is underlaid with a unique message, namely: that we all can contribute to promoting an addiction-free life in everyday life with in simple ways. The ginko are now the new posters on the site foundation for prevention to the download to the Available. Can also see all the posters in DIN sizes A2 and DIN A3 free of charge under material.aspx or directly via the order page of the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of health, emancipation, care and age (MGEPA) be ordered.