Be optimistic will allow us to recognize the negatives of a situation without these we halt, with the confidence that we can address them, solve them and overcome them.It is easier to traverse life with a positive and confident attitude, aided by the torch of optimism, enthusiasm and hope, who live in the darkness of ignorance, fearing everything you can imagine that it can pass us so pessimistic and negative. In short, we must know that every day can be accompanied by big surprises, to the end that may be the last in the life of one, as it happened to me, when at the start of the day, after taking a bath and go to breakfast, I more never knew of me, until after 9 days pass in a coma, not knowing even as it reaches that State, and how went me into a clinic without vital signs. What was my surprise, that upon waking I met the doctors who I spoke of a craniotomy and returned me back to life, where I’m still and that increasingly presents me surprises that have helped me to grow and to be perceived in any way show step by this planet with another vision, understanding of what can happen to us every day. Hence, my learning enjoy life intensely, take advantage of the opportunities that we are given and be ready stop the surprises that may occur, which often helps clarify the because of the passage through this dimension. Original author and source of the article.