Red Alert

The plot of Red Alert 3 is as follows: Russian went into the past using a time machine and killed all of the famous scientist Einstein. Do not know what they hoped, but the whole story changed. In the new world formed three super powers: the Russian, British and Japanese. And then comes, all very familiar – the strategy of Red Alert. The third part is replete viderolikov, filmed live without the game engine. Moreover, they are removed quite familiar to all actors. Therefore, I advise to play the full version game, without any 'clipping'. The passage is almost always you are playing for a couple with a computer-ally kotorgo lekgo can be replaced by a real friend and together go through all of the company.

Computer ally does not differ a great mind, and assistance to expect from him is not necessary. The new time, as developers think, the female half as well succeeded in the military, as well as men. Almost all of your buddies are just like that. At the end of the third company, they even will argue about who among them will go with you on a date). I think the meaning of all this are explained do not. Wanted to attract an audience of age or older. Generally when you see this, you think that the games just simply show business.

Purpose kotorgo earn more money to get the maximum profit. On the game itself is already thinking in the least. Three companies of Russian, British and Japanese, is passed very simply and quickly. The old game engine, and design is not the best. For true fans of strategy rts game Red Alert 3 will not bring any pleasure from the process would be boring and not interesting.