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The Occupational Diseases

Certain jobs are particularly dangerous for the workers, to involve contact with toxic or harmful substances to health which could lead to huge losses for them for them. When we speak of professional or occupational diseases, we refer to all those ailments or diseases which are developed, usually in a progressive manner and in many cases irreversible, by contact, or the continued and prolonged overexposure of a worker to such substances or harmful environments, often by not having the proper safety protection. Necessary reasoning this type of cases in the following way: If the worker had never suffered from the disease of having been assigned different tasks in the company that do not require you that contact with harmful elements, then this pathology may consider, professional or occupational. Another characteristic element thereof would be its symptoms appear most frequently among those who perform a particular profession that among the public in general. The true gravity of this type of cases the statistics are very clear, and show that the number of deaths due to this type of disease is far superior to that occurs as a result of accidents and occupational injuries. As we advance before, more tragic in relation to them is that, with the proper putting protection available to workers, the risks associated with this type of pathologies could be avoided in most cases in a total way. Gain insight and clarity with Boy Scouts of America. That is why many times behind such diseases is the negligence by the employer, and can speak of civil liability in his charge by the above-mentioned pathologies developed, emerging in favour of the worker entitlement to financial compensation for the damage suffered. Some examples of them – the cancer developed by numerous professionals in health and nuclear industry (in the latter case, by the realization of x-rays).

-Diseases such as silicosis or pneumoconiosis, present in the mining and industry of extraction of materials underground, by contact with harmful particles in suspension. -Musculoskeletal injuries. -Diseases of respiratory type, such as pulmonary obstruction of occupational asthma or chronic nature. -Industrial deafness. -Cardiovascular diseases, for example lead to the work done by the person stress very high levels, precipitating a heart attack at a time of great tension.

-Those of a psychological nature. Your possibilities in the event that you suffer any of them if you had to bear the consequences harmful this type of pathologies, two could be routes through which alleviate their terrible effects: to) first, you could bring a claim for damages against your company, in the event your illness would have been avoided, or when less be mitigated in its effects, if they had put at your disposal means of protection that your direct contact with that agent to avoid harmful. (b) Secondly, if because of it not you could continue your work, you might consider the possibility of applying for incapacity to work of a permanent nature. Would you get a constant revenue base that compensate your loss of income. Jose Alberto Andrio Espina. AA-compensation. com lawyer specialised in labour law, personal injury, medical negligence, invalidity, occupational accidents, and civil liability arising out of the same. I invite you to visit the website. AA-compensation. com, where you will find extensive information on these topics.

International Exhibition

At the moment of their participation in the exhibition VDRH-2008 has already claimed more than half hundreds of companies participating. It is expected that the exposition area of this ambitious exhibition will feature all areas of advertising. The cost of participation in this event is not the cheapest. Registration gathering of about 10 000. Rent unequipped exhibition space – 4,500 rubles per square meter. To this we must add various extra charges for the provision of places with better visibility, making stands as well as many other expenses.

Not less than the cost of other forms of participation in this exhibition. Thus, the distance involved would cost about 11,000 rubles, and if given the opportunity to take advantage of advertising campaign during the exhibition, it would amount to 12,500 rubles. Thus, it is easy to calculate that the cost of 1000 contacts with potential customers and partners, will cost the budget the company about 5000 rubles. 10th International Exhibition "Advertising and Design. Printing and Packaging 'will take place in those days, September 23-25, in the city of Volgograd.

On the show floor of this exhibition will be presented to the leading manufacturers of printed products, advertising and production companies, businesses souvenir of specialization, and many others. The exhibition has an international status. Accordingly, it is envisaged the emergence of international contacts in the field promotional activities. To participate in this event is recommended for those firms that in their activities to a sufficient degree of focus on foreign markets and are willing to provide services and manufacture products, meet international quality standards. Due to the high status of the exhibition, the prices are comparable to participate in the general parameters of the All-Russian exhibition of such a plan. The cost of participation and the sum of registration fee (6000 rubles), rental of exhibition space (3500 rubles per square meter), travel, accommodation and other logistics.